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Wednesday-Thursday 11-12 July 1280 (Intelligence)

Feeling rather pleased with himself at the success of his spell, Oloc decides to try and get a bit more information out of the prisoner: "What do you know of the Grey Foxes? How many are they and who is their leader? Do they make their base in the ruins of Blackwell Keep? What do you or any of the other Red Serpents know of the ruins, its layout and denizens?" Gaven and Varros, and Duran also ask questions.

When you ask his name, the bandit tells you he is called Zander.

When you pose your questions about the Grey Foxes and Blackwell, you find out the following:

  • Zander thinks the Grey Foxes are a bunch of "stinking, mangy dogs."
  • Whatever their numbers, Mackey always says there aren't enough Grey Foxes to challenge the Red Serpent.
  • The Grey Fox leader is "a worthless no-good" named Messer.
  • He doesn't know anything about Grey Fox territory.
  • Mackey always tells them there's nothing worth stealing in Grey Fox territory, and that's why the Red Serpent doesn't bother moving north.

When you inquire about the layout of the Red Serpents' cave you get enough of a description that you are able to draw this:

Zander also tells you:

  • Most of the tunnels are about 20 feet wide give or take.
  • The caverns within are easily 60-70 feet across in most places.
  • He doesn't know anything about any secret doors or hiding places.
  • The main entrance is the only way in he knows of.

On the subject of werewolves, he says:

  • The bandits are not werewolves.
  • He hasn't seen any werewolves.
  • He has heard wolves howling in the distance at night.

At the end of the interrogation, Gaven pushs wolfsbane into the bandit's face to make sure he isn't a werewolf. The bandit exhibits no reaction to the plant whatsoever.

Gaven then asks if anyone has a plan, suggesting perhaps the party use oil to try to smoke the bandits out.

Duran and Varros agree with Gaven about smoking the bandits out, or burning them out. Varros suggests stealthily taking out the guards on watch, possibly charming one or perhaps even "borrowing" this one from Allana and then burning out the rest and hopefully cutting them down with arrows. Maybe this bandit could be our next Dirtbag. The fighter teases the cleric by adding: "Try not to smash his skull in until we're done with him, Gaven."

Alanna interjects stating: "You're welcome to take him with you, but his leg is pretty badly broken. We set it as best we could, but he'll probably slow you down to a crawl."

Varros states that he will keep a watchful eye out for Karnak as well. He thinks that Karnak might be useful in finding the bandit guards in the trees. When Varros thinks back to the battle and the blood on Karnak he starts to wonder if he could possibly catch a guard unaware and cause him to fall from height.

Allanna believes that's a wise use for Karnak, adding that the raven is likely to return around sunrise with whatever messages Belloc might have for her. "If you'd like," she says, "I can teach you the command to have him attack. Just point to your target, and make this sound."

The lieutenant demonstrates the call, which seems to be in the raven's own "language," along with calls for "come," "return home," and "scout," mostly to be sure Varros gets the differences in inflection right as she has him repeat them. "All the ravens understand many of these in the common tongue," she says, "but using his language will help bond a raven to you."

Duran and Gaven propose that the party sleep and head out in the morning.

Before turning in, Varros begins to spend a bit of time trying to get to know the new hirelings in order to learn their strengths and weaknesses, with the intent of continuing to do so during travel and down time. The hirelings are pleased to get a bit of attention from their employers.

Varros in his brief conversation with them before going to bed, finds out that Jack is an ex-member of Stag Hollow guard, with a little fighting experience (though he never actually killed anyone). Gweneth, the daughter of a woodcutter in North Stagwood, pitched in as part of a makeshift militia in Woodfield to help fend off a small goblin raid (where she did score a kill). And Bill, a dwarf who lacks skill with stone, came to Fairbrook looking for the best-paying work he could find as a manual laborer.


The night passes uneventfully, in Alanna's well-guarded camp. At sunrise you share in her troops' morning meal, and as predicted Karnak arrives before you are ready to leave. As you are getting your gear together, Alanna approaches you. "I hope you've slept and eaten well. No messages from Belloc other than the go-ahead for me and my men to take out the fences while you go after Mackey. My men and I will soon be departing and splitting up to strike all the fences simultaneously tonight. And you now know the way to the bandits' lair, of course. Do you intend to still take the prisoner with you? Or shall I take him back to town?"


OOC:  Actions?

Basically, let me know if any of the info you've gained in this post changes your plan to head out now (and of course feel free to discuss as needed), or if you're ready to go ahead and make the short march to the bandit lair.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc prepares his charm spell before joining the others for breakfast. Afterwards he packs up and gets ready to depart.

    ooc: Does anyone have a healing potion? If we wanted to take the charmed prisoner, my guess is we will need to heal him up first. Otherwise i suppose we have enough info to go with a back-up plan, maybe trying to charm one of the outside guards after some type of ruse? What do you all think?

  2. Gaven - cleric

    During interrogation: "What can you tell us of the pool?"

    Following interrogation: "I'm not sure if smoking them out is an option, the cavern is large and we aren't sure if there is another exit. We may want to handle this like we did the goblins (charm and lure). I will meditate on this tonight and allow the Light to guide me. Good night, fellows."

    Morning: "I do not think the bandit is worth healing or bringing along. He is too famished to be much use and will just slow us down. Should we send Karnak to inform Filbert that we have intel on the Grey Foxes and that he should wait for us? Do we want to proceed with smoking out the bandits? If so, we likely need more oil."

    Ooc: Oloc chipped in 15 gp for the hirelings gear. Will Varros and Duran? I don't care either way, but I need to update my char sheet.

    1. Ooc: when will Filbert leave, Fri or Sat? if we send Karnak with a note, how long will it take for Filbert to receive it?

    2. OOC: Filbert plans to post his "help wanted" adds Saturday. So depending on how many people apply and how fast, he would leave shortly after that. But you estimate given the time to pick up hirelings that he wouldn't actually leave for at least a couple of days after that.

      If Karnak left with a note now, he would easily get to Filbert today. Flying quickly, it would only take him an hour or so to get to Fairbrook. If Filbert hasn't wandered off away from the inn, he could easily be back to you in 2 hours, 3 tops.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    As Duran gathers with the others for breakfast he says "I agree with Gaven I don't think this bandit is worth healing. While I do like the idea of smoking the bandits out I fear this may not work and only alert them to our presence. I think we can try to charm them like Gaven suggested but it might also come down to brute strength and the accuracy of our bows.

    OOC: I chipped in for the hirelings and already deducted it from my sheet.

  4. Varros - Fighter

    OOC: Varros will chop in the 15 gp. Sending Karnak is fine but we will definitely need him to scout out the bandits in the trees. I suggest finishing up the day and sending him after the raid on the bandits. That way we can also send word of our success or failure. I also agree with Gaven that the best approach may be the same one that we used on the goblins. Perhaps luring them into oil and then setting it ablaze may work better than trying to smoke them out. Having to go in after them will somewhat negate the advantage our bows give us.

  5. Apologies guys, but I may be a little behind with the post I'm supposed to put up today. First day of the new academic year, and I'm fried. I may try to post if I get a second wind later tonight; more likely to be tomorrow though.

    1. I have all the sympathy in the world for work-related exhaustion!