Saturday, August 11, 2012

Wednesday 11 July, Slightly Past Noon (Big Time)

Duran instinctively reaches for his bow as he hears the sound. Unsure of what it is he asks if anyone else knows what it might be. 

Tempted to look Duran says "I don't know what that is but I am curious. However, if we want to get to the bottom of this bandit problem we may not want to investigate this sound."

"Whatever it is sounds huge," exclaims Oloc. "How about one of us edges up to the lip of that rise to see what it is, and more importantly what direction it's heading?"

While the others hold back with weapons at the ready, Varros volunteers to creep up to the top of the rise and take a look. Karnak flies up to the top of the slope and lands beside him.

Carefully peering over the top, Varros see another very broad, gentle slope, mostly wooded, about a quarter mile distant, again probably no more than ten to fifteen feet high above the surrounding plain, much like the one he just climbed. 

In a clearing in the trees atop the opposite hill, a very large humanoid, who must be about ten feet tall, is constructing a log cabin. The house looks half completed, and the giant builder is using a hefty axe to chop freshly cut tree trunks into useable logs to finish his home.

He is completely absorbed in his work, though at this distance, it's unlikely he would notice Varros'  discreet presence even if he looked straight at him anyway.

OOC:  Actions?


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    1. OOC: The S&W WB rulebook actually doesn't specify alignments for monsters. But let's say the general stereotypical tendencies of common old school monsters will usually apply.

      The majority of any monster will follow the stereotype; a small minority might be one alignment away from that stereotype (e.g., chaos to neutral, or neutral to law), and only an insanely small number might shift two alignments away (e.g., chaos to law; a very improbable thing I toss in just because I don't ever want to say "never").

      So in the case of giants, most will be chaotic, some could be neutral, and only in an extremely rare case would you find one that is lawful.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    "I feared as much," Oloc says. "Odd that the giant would come so close to Fairbrook. Perhaps it is an exile from its clan? In any event, we should steer clear."

    He scratches his head before continuing. "Shouldn't we send a message back with Karnak to warn Belloc of the giant's proximity?"

    ooc: Post assumes Varros returns and informs the rest of us. If the party is in agreement, Oloc will draft a short note from his parchment.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    "I think sending a note back to Captain Belloc would be wise. Then we should move along before the giant has a chance to spot us."

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "I hate to see an agent of chaos set up a home so close to civilization. But I am unsure we have the manpower to overcome a giant. Would strafing arrow attacks from 5 of you with bows be insufficient? If so, then Karnak must be sent to warn Belloc."

    1. OOC: You guys are a quarter of a mile (over 400 yards) from the giant, so he is well out of range.

  5. OOC: Also, just for clarification, you guys are located right on the line between the Fairbrook hex and the Ham's Fork hex on the hex gridded maps over on the West Kingdom page:

    1. Varros - Fighter

      Varros creeps carefully black to the party and informs them of what he discovered. He agrees with the others and calls Karnak down, feeds him a bit of meat and writes a note with a map showing the giants location. Varros thinks the giant will leave well enough alone unless he is antagonized but he is not anxious to find out. He suggests that they move on and let Belloc decide the best course of action.