Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday 11 July 1280, Night (A Charming Conversation)

Varros pulls Alanna aside and fills her in on what the party knows about the bandits, specifically the runes and the robbery of the halflings.

"Interesting she says. We've seen runes on a number of trees on the edge of Blackleaf – but only the ones we sent to Fairbrook that translate as R.S. We assume they're some sort of territorial marking belonging to the bandits." Alanna nods when she hears of the halflings. "An all too common occurrence these days. But if you've found the markings G.F. north of Fairbrook, I'd say you've got a separate group of bandits working up there."

As Varros pulls Alanna to the side, Duran makes a show of pulling his water skin from his belt and takes a nice long drink from it in front of the prisoner. The bandit glares at Duran with a burning resentment. But the captive says nothing.

Gaven nudges Oloc and waves his fingers like he's casting a spell.

Oloc offers to Alanna his services to try and charm the prisoner.

Alanna gladly accepts Oloc's offer. "If it works, I can actually get some sleep tonight," she says.

Oloc steps up to the bandit, makes the gestures and speaks the words of his charm spell. The bandit's eyes glaze and his jaw goes slack.

Oloc then relays questions from Alanna. The ensuing interrogation is more profitable than the Lieutenant could have hoped. Her questions yield the following information:

  • The troop of robbers is called The Band of the Red Serpent. 
  • They have a lair in a cave a little more than a mile inside Blackleaf.
  • He gives a clear set of directions on where to find the cave.
  • There is only one entrance to the cave.
  • The criminels keep at least two sentries on guard at the front at all times, hidden in the trees.
  • There is a falling rock trap set at the entrance, but it's easy to find and avoid the trip wire (he tells you exactly how).
  • There are about 35 bandits in the group; at any given time about half are off robbing or meeting with fences in Ham's Fork, Brewer's Mill, or Fairbrook.
  • He provides the names and addresses of about a half-dozen fences the Red Serpent uses.
  • The leader's name is Mackey and he coordinates operations from the cave most of the time.

Alanna also asks about the G.F. rune, that Varros mentioned to her. At this the bandit declares that the Band of the Grey Fox are no-talent hacks, undeserving of the name bandit, and that the Grey Fox band is wise to keep clear of Red Serpent territory.

Getting more information in a few moments than she had obtained in a whole day of questioning, Alanna is both impressed with Oloc, and pleased with the results of his spell. "Well," she says. "I assume you fellows will want to go after the bounty on Mackey. I propose that you take your company to the lair and bring back his head, while my men and I split up and take down the fences. That should neutralize this band pretty well. You have my permission to ask the prisoner any other questions you may have, and you are welcome to spend the night here in camp, if you don't want to make the walk back to town."


OOC: Actions?

Go ahead and give me a list of any additional specific questions you may have for the prisoner or for Alanna, along with your next course of action.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Feeling rather pleased with himself at the success of his spell, Oloc decides to try and get a bit more information out of the prisoner.

    "What do you know of the Grey Foxes? How many are they and who is their leader? Do they make their base in the ruins of Blackwell Keep? What do you or any of the other Red Serpents know of the ruins, its layout and denizens?

    ooc: I know it is a real laundry list, but what the heck!

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will ask

    -For layout of cave
    -for secret doors, hiding places in cave
    -what he knows of the werewolves of Blackleaf, if the bandits are werewolves
    -if the Grey Fox group isn't in Blackwell, can he map where they are

    When the group is about to leave, Gaven will push wolfsbane into the bandit's face to make sure he isn't a werewolf.

    Gaven suggests they sleep and head out in the morning and asks if anyone had a plan?

    OOC: perhaps use oil to try to smoke the bandits out?

  3. Varros - Fighter

    Varros agrees with Gaven about smoking the bandits out, or burning them out. Varros will suggest stealthily taking out the guards on watch, possibly charming one or perhaps even "borrowing" this one from Allana and then burning out the rest and hopefully cutting them down with arrows. Maybe this bandit could be our next Dirtbag (try not to smash his skull in until we're done with him Gaven. Lol). What is the bandit's name? Varros will spend a bit of time trying to get to know the new hirelings in order to learn their strengths and weaknesses during travel and down time. In addition, Varros will keep a watchful eye out for Karnak as well, he thinks that Karnak might be useful in finding the bandit guards in the trees, when Varros thinks back to the battle and the blood on Karnak he starts to wonder if he could possibly catch a guard unaware and cause him to fall from height.

  4. Duran - Fighter

    Duran likes the plan to smoke the bandits out. However, he thinks the prisoner should be questioned about a possible second way out to make sure that the cave entrance is the only way in and out. He also agrees they should sleep the night and leave in the morning.