Thursday, August 2, 2012

Friday 6 July 1280, Evening (Conversing with Cosmo)

Oloc examines all of the treasures in Cosmo's room with great interest. He asks questions about various items and listens intently to Cosmo. Finally he settles on two scrolls (Read Magic and Magic Missile) for purchase.

Duran thanks Cosmo for the information and says "I'll keep the arrows in mind when I have some extra coin." Duran says he may save up for it but now needs to use his money for training.

Varros too is ready to accompany Duran to check into training. Varros thanks Cosmo and asks about the symbols the party found carved into the tree.

Cosmo looks at the symbols and says: "Hmm...simply a pair of runes...G and F. I really couldn't say what they mean. Perhaps G is in love with F. Or perhaps someone with the initials G.F. was marking his property. Who knows?"

Cosmo carefully drops Oloc's money into a small box, closes it, and taps on the lid, muttering something under his breath. The lock on the box glows briefly, then the faint light fades. He places the scrolls into a fitted leather pouch and hands them over to the magic-user.

"The pouch is quite waterproof," he says, "– no extra charge. Is there anything else I can help you gentlemen with?"


OOC: Other questions for Cosmo?

If you have any other questions for Cosmo, go ahead and ask; if not just put "no questions" or something like that in the comments. Once everyone's done with Cosmo, I'll have you guys head back to the inn, where you can plan your next move.

I'll include in that "return-to-the-inn" post a number of things that you've already indicated you want to do:

-- the training for Duran and Varros (this would take two weeks, if we're looking at the "martial training of the XP rules);
-- picking up your new hirelings (that will take a total of three days)
-- scroll copying for Oloc (I assume? – that will take two days)

All times will be concurrent, so doing all of this will take two weeks of game time (the time of Duran and Varros' training). After all your PCs have been through in 72 hours, they can probably use a two-week rest!

Also begin thinking about where you want to go next. The majority seem to want to wait to tackle the ruins once you hit level 2. But there are threads that can still be tugged on some more, and you can of course also come up with other ideas of your own, just looking at the map (e.g. plan a trip to X just to see what adventure comes up, etc.). Or you can even choose to wait and see if anything pops up while the two weeks of Duran's and Varros' training goes by. I'm always rolling for encounters, so something may simply pop up that way... :)


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc thanks Cosmo for allowing the group to examine his 'back room' and the magical treasures therein. "I definitely plan on returning in the future," he adds with a smile.

    ooc: Oloc would for sure like to spend the two days to transcribe the spells if the party is up for it. And since the party consensus is to hold off on the ruins for now, Oloc will follow along with whatever they want to do in the meantime.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: Duran is ready to leave.

    I would like to take the time and train and I definitely agree we need some time to rest up. However, if we wait two weeks the trail may be cold on the bandits. If we inturrpt the training can we come back and pick it up or how would that work?

    1. If we interrupt the training can we come back and pick it up or how would that work?

      The easiest way to do this is to simply arrange for your trainer now (during the three-day lull while hiring and copying spells), and then actually do the training when you return from your next adventure, since it avoids book keeping, and there is no game-mechanical advantage to starting the training right now. The 1 hp bonus for leveling only kicks in once you have enough XP to level up, and if I read Duran's and Varros' character sheets correctly, even if you spent all you could and got all the XP possible at the moment, both fighters would be about 700 xp away from leveling. It's very possible that one more "excursion" would push those two characters up to level 2.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; If I'm right Duran and I are better saving up and spending all at once to get the most out of training/leveling, right? If so I suggest resting up, interviewing potential hirelings and gathering info on the local hotspots and goings on for a week and then going after the bandits. Maybe Belloc will give us aid in a few men or Karnak. Any other suggestions additions?

    1. OOC: If I'm right Duran and I are better saving up and spending all at once to get the most out of training/leveling, right?

      I'd actually allow you guys to split it up, if you wanted to (no advantage or penalty either way), but mechanically it's easier to do as you suggest, and wait and do it all at once when you have enough gp to push you over the top xp wise (see my comment above).

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven waits for the others to leave to speak with Cosmo privately.

    Gaven holds up the ribbon and says, "Whenever I hold this ribbon, I feel ...warmth... but when others hold it or even look at it, they feel repulsed. Why would that happen?"

    Gaven then asks, "What do you know of Blackwell Keep and have you heard of Dagmar?"

    Finally, "What do you know of the bandit problem? Has anyone tried to fence stolen goods?"

    Gaven will thank Cosmo for his help before leaving.

    OOC: I agree about not waiting two weeks at this point. Best not to lose the trail.