Friday, May 10, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (A Ghoul's Best Friend)

After the defeat of the ghouls Gaven prays to the Light in thanks.

Oloc smiles. "Nice work, Gaven!" The Mage then begins to search the room, spending some time looking for any secret doors.

Duran also searches the room for anything of note or value.  Despite their initial ragged appearance, the ghouls are not without possessions of worth. Each wears a thin necklace, bearing a tiny diamond pendant. Once Duran wipes the ghoulish filth from the necklaces, he estimates each one to be worth about 250 gp.

The abbess' skull also wears a gold circlet with the symbol of the light on the front, unsullied as yet by the hands of the ghouls. It would no doubt be worth some 400 gp, but it clearly belongs back in the tomb with the abbess.*

Gaven replaces the bones in the sepulcher in their proper place, and Duran assists him in properly dealing with the abbess' remains. After this, Gaven and Duran replace the lid.

Gaven then kneels and prays for the abbess.

Oloc, after a thorough search, finds no secret door.

So Gaven, ready to head up the northern corridor, suggests that the party move on in that direction, and everyone moves out.

Blue arrow indicates party's approximate location (exploring that length of corridor).

After several dozen feet, the way north branches to the east, and some forty feet beyond that the main way itself also turns east.

The air in the lower, branching eastern passage is again cool, like the air you felt earlier. The air farther north where the passage turns east is downright cold, and there is a very strong, foul stench of decaying flesh from that direction.

OOC: Actions?

*I have added the ghouls' necklaces on the monster and treasure page. I assumed Gaven would object to taking the abbess' circlet and did not add that to your plunder; but let me know if that is not the case, and I will amend.

Time: 14:35
Current Torch Expires:15:10

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Calling on the Light)

Oloc shouts: "Foul undead! Gaven, can you use the power of the Light to repel these ghouls?"

At the sight of the ghouls, Gaven grabs hold of his holy symbol, thrusts it forward and standing steadfast commands, "Foul fiends, succumb to the Power of the Light!"

The ghouls suddenly drop the remains of the abbess, and cower against the sepulcher in dismay.

Duran fires at the nearest ghoul as he yells for the other fighters to charge.

Oloc begins to call forth the words to his magic missile spell as he moves back allowing the men-at-arms easier access.

The mage quickly realizes his spell is not needed, and holds it back for a later occasion, as Duran's arrows, along with the hirelings' and halflings' blades make quick work of the cowering undead.

In a matter of mere seconds the undead lie in unmoving pieces on the floor.

OOC: Actions?

Combat Details:

Gaven's Turn Roll: 3d6 = 10 (success); as the ghouls had nowhere to flee, they cower in place, helpless.

Duration of ghouls' helpless cowering: 3d6 = 9 rounds.

I didn't bother rolling blow-by-blow for the rest, since 9 rounds of completely unopposed attacks by your group seemed a foregone conclusion (I doubt it would have taken more than half that time).

Time: 14:25
Current Torch Expires:15:10

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (A Grisly Sight)

"I think I prefer the other door," Oloc whispers. Looking to Gaven he adds, "it sounds as if something is being eaten...rather messily. If we open this door we need to be ready to fight."

"Perhaps we open with bows at the ready. Then we can let fly quickly."

"Hopefully whatever it is in there is distracted by what it is doing so we can get a drop on it," Duran says quietly.

Gaven readies himself to charge in to the room, if necessary.

When the party is ready, Duran has Almo open the door, while he himself keeps his bow at the ready.

The halfling gives the door a good pull and it swings open.

Within the room you see a grisly sight.

Against the west well of the 20' x 30' space you see a raised sepulcher resembling that of abbot James. This one bears an inscription reading:

However, the lid of her tomb has been raised and cast aside, and the remains of her skeleton hang draped over the edge. Some of her bones lie on the floor.

Blue arrow indicates party location; red dots represent ghouls.

Three ghouls, barely clothed in tattered rags, and reeking of death, hover over the abbess' skeleton, each gnawing and sucking the marrow from old bones they hold in their hands, and slavering and slobbering onto her remains.

The ghouls spin around, surprised by your entry into the room.


OOC: Actions?  You do have a surprise round (you had a bonus of 1 to the roll since the ghoul was preoccupied with chowing down on Abbess Edith, and just made surprise with a "3").

I have "readied" actions from Duran (shoot) and Gaven (charge), but of course with the length of rounds here you are not locked into those. I will still need an action from Oloc (and a confirmation or change from Duran and Gaven).

A few notes:

1. You are permitted to shout orders to hirelings/halflings before executing your own actions.

2. Missile-armed characters jumping into the room first can get off their shots before melee fighters engage.


Time: 14:20
Current Torch Expires:15:10

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Snarl, Slurp, Rip)

Gaven examines the door for any markings or inscriptions before deciding whether to open it or move on. He sees none.

Oloc listens at the door and hears the faint sound of muffled snarling and slurping, punctuated occasionally by a sort of ripping sound.

Duran makes ready to open the door, waiting for a nod from Gaven and Oloc.


OOC: Actions?

I apologize for the delay; been grading finals, going to graduation ceremonies, etc. On the plus side, I got to dress up all Harry-Potter-ish.  :)

Now all that's done I should be able to get another quick post up as soon as I have two votes on which way to go (through the door, continue north, back east, other).

Time: 14:15*
Current Torch Expires:15:10

*I've started using "half-turns" for actions that I don't think would really take you a full 10 minutes to complete.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Backtrack)

Gaven relays what he smells to the other. At the door he remarks, "I have an ill feeling about what lies behind this door. If we plan on opening, be prepared for the worst."

Oloc frowns at the smell and the inscription. "I have a bad feeling about this," he says. I think I would prefer to head back to the other passage and see what lies in that direction. What say you?"

Duran feels uneasy as well and nods in agreement with Oloc.

After a brief discussion, the decision is made to explore the other northward hallway further west of the one in which the party is located.

Blue arrow indicates party location.

You return past Abbot James' tomb and turn north. After about forty feet, you spot a door on your left. Just ahead of you to the north is a corner turning west. Peeking around the corner, you see the passage way swings north again after a short distance.

Your torch begins to splutter, on the verge of going out. You light a new one from the last flickering flames of the old one.*


OOC: Actions?

*I took the liberty on the torch, assuming you would automatically do this. Please mark off one torch used.

Time: 14:10
Current Torch Expires:15:10

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Scratches)

Oloc scans the room for anything other items or objects of note. The mage doesn't dare suggest disturbing the sepulcher.

Duran watches the door while the others search the room. As he waits he feeds Karnak a bit to eat as the bird rest on his shoulder. .

Looking closely at the tomb, Oloc notes scratch marks along the edge of the lid, as if someone or something tried to lift the lid off an failed. Judging from the size and spread of the marks, they were made by hands (four fingers and opposing thumb) of roughly human size.

Apart from this there is nothing to be seen in the room. The lid of the sepulcher is tightly sealed and the seal – which appears to be made of lead – is entirely intact.

Oloc allows Gaven to pay respect to the Abbot before suggesting heading back to the north.

Gaven quickly pays his respects to the Abbot and motions everyone to leave. Once they are all out, he closes the door.

Gaven sniffs at the cool air to try to determine if it smells like the surface or something else. The air has a very faintly unpleasant smell, almost imperceptible, but reminiscent of an open grave. Slight as it is, Gaven is certain the odor is not suggestive of the surface. The cleric therefore suggests the party follow the cool air.

Blue arrow indicates party location.

Following the cool air, the party marches east, then north, joining up with the hallway leading north from the earlier mass burial chamber. The way north extends some thirty feet, then ends in a closed door.

The door bears an inscription carved in the wood: "May Those Who Lie Here Know Peace."

OOC: Actions?
Time:  Time: 14:00
Current Torch Expires: 14:10

Note that your current torch will splutter out at the end of next turn.