NPC Information

Below you can find information on NPCs encountered or mentioned in conversation or rumor.


Big Sadie: (human female) owner of the Red Tankard and master brewer; creator of the Red Tankard's unequalled Crimson Ale.

Sal: (human male) Sadie's husband, and the Red Tankard's cook; works miracles with the local mutton.

Mayor Adsul: (human male) the king's appointee in Fairbrook, responsible for administering the town and environs.

Dagwood: (human male) Mayor Adsul's secretary.

Abbot Cuthbert: (human male) the elderly, white-haired cleric who heads the Church of the Light in Fairbrook.

Captain Belloc: (human male) commander of the town guard of Fairbrook.

Mrs. Miggins: (human female) pie shop owner; mother of Elsie Miggins.

Elsie Miggins: (human female) a teenage girl; reported missing at campaign start.

Bob Barley: (human male) the stable master.

Karnak: (raven) messenger raven of the Fairbrook Guard. Can fly quite swiftly when necessary (up to 60 mph).

Cosmo (human male): owner of "Cosmo's Curiosities" in Fairbrook, purveyor of antiques and a variety of "special" items for the discriminating adventurer. An acquaintance of Harlon Blocker. Cosmo charges 50 g.p. to identify a magic item (based on a battery of identifying spells and research). If the item is not magical, he charges only 10 g.p. (since his battery of identifying spells begins with "detect magic" – if the item is not magical, he simply stops with that spell and doesn't perform the whole battery of tests).

Morpheus (parrot): Cosmo's pet. Keeps an eye on the store when Cosmo's out.

Berthold (human male): Blacksmith of Fairbrook.


Harlon Blocker: (dwarven male) owner of the Northstar Inn on the Fairbrook-Woodfield road.

Ned Willis (human male): owns the Willis farm north of Fairbrook; grows potatoes and herds sheep.

Tom Willis (human male): Ned Willis' son.

Filbert (halfling male): A gem merchant met at the Northstar (on his way from Woodfield to Fairbrook).

Hazel (halfling female): Philbert's wife.

Eric Fallow (elven male): the quiet, thin, silver-haired leader of the farmers gathered at the Northstar to face the goblin onslaught.

Maggie (female elf): reputed Moon-Witch spotted one hour north of the Northstar.

Bede (human male): Grumpy sage rumored to live in a tower north of the Coldstream bridge, and  several miles to the west.


Brother Abraham (human male): cleric of the light in Ham's Fork, hunter of werewolves.

Raglin (male elf): Blacksmith of Ham's Fork, makes traps and silvered weapons for Brother Abraham.

Alanna (female, human): Once a lieutenant in charge of the Ham's Fork guard; later discovered to be in league with Mackey, leader of the Red Serpent Bandits; now a wanted criminal, whereabouts unknown.


Bill Barley: (human male) the stable master's son, a young "lothario" with eyes for Elsie Miggins; killed by goblin scouts.

Dirtbag: (goblin) one of the band that kidnapped Elsie Miggins; charmed by the party, then killed outside of Fairbrook.

Grimtooth: (hobgoblin) leader of the goblin scouting party that kidnapped Elsie Miggins; killed in combat with the Free Company.

Bloodfang: (hobgoblin) according to a discovered dispatch, the leader of a marauding band of goblins from Stagwood; killed by his own Fire Elemental when he lost control of it during the Battle of the Coldstream (July 1280).

Flox (human male): Red Serpent bandit, charmed by Oloc, subsequently killed by trap in entrance to bandit lair.

Mackey: leader of the Red Serpent bandits, working the Ham's Fork road out of Blackleaf.

Swede (hobgoblin male): Bounty hunter encountered outside the Red Serpent bandit lair.

Wally (halfling male): Mercenary, and cousin of Filbert, hired to help the party explore Blackwell.

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