Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Getting Colder, Getting Fouler)

Gaven binds Almo's and his own wounds, and Duran helps tend to the others' wounds were he can. (OOC: Almo regains 1 hp and Gaven regains 3 hp).

Gaven then prays to the Light to thank for the power to turn the zombies.

Once done Gaven says, "let us explore the foul area we have been avoiding. I suggest we take the path south of this room to the west. If we must fall back, we should fall back to Abbot Michael's tomb. Perhaps it is warded."

A big grin spreads across Oloc's face as he pockets the ring and pendant. He passes the scrolls to Gaven before lighting a new torch.

"Looking at the map, I think we know where this door leads," Oloc says, pointing to the rusted door. The Mage agrees with Gaven's suggested approach.

"I agree Gaven, let us move that way as soon as we are able," says Duran.

The party leaves Elizabeth's tomb and moves south of it down the west-heading corridor. As you pass near more red ooze creeping up through cracks in the floor (along the north wall of the corridor) you notice that the air gets coldest and foulest near a door in the center of the north wall of the hallway. There is a tension emanating from the door that makes it seem almost to shiver on its hinges.

Peering farther down the hall, you see that this tunnel links up with several others you saw before, further west, and you note one other tunnel branching off far to the west turning north.


OOC: Actions?

Since the map's getting a bit more complicated I've marked on the revealed area all currently unexplored corridors (two locations) and unopened doors (two locations).

Time: 17:20
Current Torch Expires: 18:10

HP Update:
Gaven: 10/12
Almo: 5/10
Everyone Else: Full

Monster and Treasure Page Updated.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will use the scroll of Cure Light Wounds to heal Almo.

    "Shall we see what is behind the door?"

    OOC: If we decide to go through the door with the coldest/foulest air, Gaven will first cast Protection from Evil on himself.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    "I believe it is time to face whatever is behind this door," Duran says to the others.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    "Death, in one form or another, is behind that door." Oloc shifts uncomfortably in the passage, holding the torch high. "If it must be done, then so be it." The Mage fingers the magic ring on his hand and prepares to call forth his magic missile at the slightest provocation.

    ooc: It has been so long, I cannot remember if I still have the MM spell in my ring or not!

    1. OOC: Yep, you still have it. You were going to use it on the ghouls a ways back, but Gaven turned them so you held on to it and didn't cast it.

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