Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Fish in a Barrel)

In their panic, the zombies struggle unsuccessfully to open the door in the far wall.

Duran shoots into the backs of the zombies striking another one down with an arrow to the kidneys. Oloc hurls his magical throwing dagger, unfortunately missing.

Gaven and the hirelings rush into melee after missiles are fired. Gaven smites one zombie with his club splattering the creature's head like an overripe melon. Almo slices the legs out from under another and finishes him off with a thrust to the torso once the creature is down.

Filbert and the hirelings are unable to do any damage to the undead with their attacks, but Gaven and Almo both step up and finish off the panicked creatures.

A calm settles in, everyone catches his breath, and Oloc searches the chamber. Rummaging in the tattered zombies' clothing he finds two scrolls, each containing one clerical spell (one "Cure Light Wounds" and one "Light"). In the pocket of one, he collects a plain copper ring, that looks to be worth about 10 gp at best. Around the neck of another, he finds a chain with a pendant. Wiping the zombie filth from it, he discovers it is a thing of beauty. The chain itself is gold, and the pendant is a glittering blue gem, probably worth an easy 400 gp.

The only other thing the mage notes is that the iron latch on the far door looks to be rusted shut.

Seeing the torch about to go out, Oloc lights another.


OOC:  Actions?

Time: 17:10
Current Torch Expires: 18:10

Current HP:
Gaven: 7/12
Almo: 4/10
Everyone Else: full

Let me know what binding or healing you want to do, any other actions you want to take in this room, and which direction you'd like to go when you exit.


Fish in a Barrel Details:

Round 2 Initiative: Zombies 4 – Party 3


Zombies (five remaining) attempt to open door (6 required due to panic): d6 (x5) = 1, 1, 3, 5, 5 (fail)

d20 =  14 + 2 (short range) + 1 (hit bonus) +2 (rear) = 17 (hit); d6 = 6 (zombie killed)
d20 =  4 + 2 (short range) + 1 (hit bonus) + 2 (rear) = 9 (miss);

d20 = 5 + 2 (short range) + 2 (rear) = 9 (miss)

d20 = 16 +1 (Maggie's ribbon) + 2 (rear) = 19 (hit); d6 = 6 (zombie killed)

d20 = 18 + 1 (hit bonus) = 19 (hit); d6 = 5 (zombie killed)

d20 = 4 (miss)

d20 = 7 (miss)

d20 = 9 (miss)

Round 3 Initiative: Zombies 4 – Party 2


Zombies (two remaining) attempt to open door (6 required due to panic): d6 (x2) = 2, 5 (fail)

d20 = 13 +1 (Maggie's ribbon) + 2 (rear) = 16 (hit); d6 = 2 (zombie killed)

d20 = 10 + 1 (hit bonus) = 11 (hit); d6 = 5 (zombie killed)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunday, 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Zed Men Walking)

Gaven hefts his club: "Likely more ghouls." Gaven readies himself to enter the room.

Oloc shudders at the thought of facing more ghouls. But the Mage summons forth what courage he can muster. He pulls out his magical dagger and prepares to throw it at whatever foul undead lies beyond the door.

Duran nods and pushes the door wide open.

Through the doorway you see a 20' x 30' room, as anticipated, with another door directly across from you in the opposite wall.

Near the north wall is a stone sepulcher, similar to the ones you've seen before with the following inscription:

The lid to the sepulcher has been cracked and thrown aside, and you see six slavering zombies in torn, ragged clothes groaning over the abbess' remains, voraciously sucking marrow out of the bones. Their expression is as close as a zombie's face can come to delight.

As you open the door, however, they drop what they are doing and turn toward you moving in to attack.

Zombies (red) jump down from the tomb to attack the party (blue).

One zombie claws at Gaven, cutting the cleric fairly badly (OOC: damage = 5 hp; Gaven is now at 7/12 hp). Two others gang up on Almo. The halfling is able to dodge one attack, but the second attack finds its mark, and Almo staggers backward a step as the zombie strikes him (OOC: damage = 3 hp; Almo is now at 4/10 hp).

As the zombies clash with Gaven and Almo, Duran is able to jump back from the door and get off two shots with his bow before the melee becomes too confused for further missilery. One of his arrows strikes the zombie from which Almo recoiled, wounding it severely, but not quite killing it.

Oloc, too, is able to throw a dagger through the gap opened by Duran's movement, targeting the zombie wounded by the fighter's arrow. The thrown blade spins through the air, slices through the undead creature's throat, and returns to Oloc's hand.

The zombie crumples to the floor, as another steps up to take its place.

Recovering from the pain of the zombie's clawing attack, Gaven raises his hand to turn the foul creatures.*  The zombies stop in their tracks suddenly, as if in agony, then spin around and begin to rush for the door on the opposite side of the room.

Zombies (red) in flight from the party (blue).


OOC: Actions?

*I took the liberty, as Gaven did this against the skeletons, and it seemed the most sensible course of action here as well. If you would have attempted some other action, let me know and I'll edit accordingly.

Current Situation:

The five surviving zombies now have just turned their backs to you; they are still right in front of you, maybe about 10' from the doorway.

Gaven is in the doorway; he is currently at 7/12 hp.
Almo has recoiled away from the door after being hit; he is currently at 4/10 hp.
Duran stepped back to get off his shots before melee was engaged.
Oloc has stepped up to a position through which he can throw through the doorway.

Given this position...

Gaven (I believe he still has a spear, no?) and two others could make missile attacks from the doorway (or just outside the doorway). It could be Oloc and Duran, but doesn't necessarily need to be since the mage and fighter are not actually in the doorway, like Gaven is.

Alternatively, any number could press into the room to try and make any combination of missile/melee attacks (once through the bottleneck of the doorway, there is no hindrance to any combination of missile/melee for one round, after which, if melee is engaged, missilery would likely be blocked by those in melee).

All attacks you choose to make against the zombies are at +2, since you're behind them.

Since the zombies have been turned, they cannot attack at all – the zombies are allowed no action other than flight for the next 3d6 rounds.


Time: 16:55 (combat time, no significant change after 1 round)
Current Torch Expires:17:10


Combat Details

Round 1

No surprise for either side.

Initiative: Zombies 5 – Party 4

Zombie 1: Attacks Gaven
d20 = 18 + 1 = 19 (hit); d6 = 5

Zombie 2: Attacks Almo
d20 = 4 + 1 = 5 (miss)

Zombie 3: Attacks Almo
d20 = 16 +1 = 17 (hit)

Zombie 4: Cannot attack, no room.
Zombie 5: Cannot attack, no room.
Zombie 6: Cannot attack, no room.

d20 = 17 + 2 (short range) + 1 (hit bonus) = 20 (hit); d6 = 1 (zombie wounded)
d20 = 1 + 2 (short range) + 1 (hit bonus) = 4 (miss)

d20 = 13 + 2 (short range) = 15 (hit); d6 = 3 (zombie killed)

3d6 = 11 (successful) All zombies flee!

Party Henchmen: Cannot attack, no room.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (A Sound Beyond the Door)

Duran gives the parchment to Gaven for keeping, and makes ready to move out.

Oloc scratches his head as he considers the parchment. "It is only speculation, but I think perhaps someone of great evil tried to read this prayer and was duly punished." He then looks to Gaven for his thoughts.

Gaven replies: "I wonder if this prayer has some importance as to what is happening here. I also wonder if this hand was affected by the same holy fire that flared when I pulled the lever upstairs, though how it would make it so far into the chamber is puzzling. There are no burn marks in the room, so it doesn't seem something was attacked here. Let us keep investigating."

The Mage looks about the chamber. "This place appears untouched by the evil presence. Perhaps perhaps Abbot Michael was a great man, indeed."

Oloc looks for secret doors, but finds none. He then suggests the party moves out to the corridor heading north.

Duran and Gaven both agree, and the party moves on.

Heading north, you follow a corridor that branches off to the west in two separate spots. In both cases, the air in the westward leading pathways feels cold and smells foul, just as in the corridors you had previously explored to the west.

The westward passage situated farther the north turns southward after about forty feet, while the one situated just south of it continues westward, eventually before splitting at a T-junction north. Between the two westward corridors is a door in the west wall. Judging by the blank spot on your map, you estimate a 20' by 30' room on the opposite side of it.

Listening at the ordinary wooden door, Duran notes what he believes to be the sound of a faint moaning on the other side. The sound is very indistinct and sporadic. As best Duran can tell, it is more a moan of despair than of pain or fear.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:55
Current Torch Expires:17:10

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Looseleaf)

Duran carefully examines the paper before trying to remove it. It seems to be pinched between two skeletal finger bones. Only the tips of the bones are intact, and the ends of the phalanges leading to what would have been the rest of the hand seem blackened and burned. Duran also notices scattered ash and burned bone fragments behind the sepulcher which weren't noticeable before from the doorway.

Gaven examines the room to determine if there are any defects, wondering why this room is cleaner than the others. Oloc, still beaming after discovering the large gem, helps Gaven investigate the chamber.

The cleric and the mage find no defects of any sort; if anything, the room looks "perfect" if such could be said about a tomb, apart from the ash and bone behind the sepulcher.

Looking at the name and dates engraved on the sepulcher, Gaven has a vague recollection from his studies of an Abbot Michael, but off the top of his head he cannot recall why the Abbot Michael he read about was celebrated, or if that Michael could be the Abbot buried here.

Meanwhile, Duran gives the parchment a first once-over. It is unburned, despite the state of the hand that held it. As far as the fighter can tell, the parchment is perfectly normal, torn like the piece found in the first burial chamber. It has writing on it that looks similar to that which the party found before as well.

Duran then shows the parchment to the others. Oloc and Gaven again immediately recognize the text as part of the same prayer for the dead found on the earlier fragment.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:45
Current Torch Expires:17:10

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Items Out of Place)

Duran stands watch in the hall while the others investigate the store room.

Oloc grabs the torches and place them in his pack.

Upon seeing the vials he comments to Gaven, "More gifts of the Light?"

"A gift from the Light," the cleric confirms. Gaven takes the holy water and the golden liquid and one of the other liquids. He gives one vial to Oloc and Duran, "For safe keeping. We will question Abbot Cuthbert. Perhaps he'll know what these are. I do not recognize them."

Gaven briefly prays to thank the Light.

Oloc pokes around the ancient storeroom trying to find anything of interest or value. He uncovers a small cloth bag, concealed behind a pile of broken jars. Within the dusty pouch is a moderate sized purple gem, probably worth about 200 gp.

What the gem is doing here is anyone's guess. It has no religious significance as far as Gaven can tell. And hidden away in a storage room, it is decidedly not part of anyone's burial attire.

Once done in this room, Oloc suggests investigating the door to the north.

Gaven agrees: "Let us continue north."

As the party marches north, Gaven continues to check the western wall for secret doors, and Duran keeps an eye out for the missing skeletons.

The wall heading north is just as solid and uniform as it was to the south.

Additionally, Duran detects no movement, skeletal or otherwise.

The air in the corridor gets cooler once more the farther north you go.

Arriving at the door in the east wall, you note that the tunnel continues on, branching to the west and also east where it turns north once more.

The door is reinforced by iron bands that are slightly rusted. At about eye level there is a small iron plate, in which is engraved a shield with a crossed mace and hammer. The door is unlocked, and opens easily with a push on the iron handle.

Inside you see a 20' x 30' tomb, with another stone sepulcher similar to those you saw before for James and Edith.

The inscription on this one can also be read from the doorway. It says:

The room is particularly clean. From the doorway you see no dust, no debris. Duran, however, spies what appears to be a tiny piece of litter – perhaps parchment? – sticking out from behind the sepulcher.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:35
Current Torch Expires:17:10

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Storage)

Indicating the door south of the lectern alcove, Oloc asks: "Shall we try the door here and then work our way to the north?"

Duran agrees to search behind the wooden door before heading north again.

Gaven examines the map and points out the empty area between their corridor and the next corridor over, "Let's check the western wall for secret passages."

As the party moves northward toward the door south of the alcove, Gaven feels along the wall for any inconsistencies and knocks periodically to listen for hollow spaces. The whole wall seems smooth and solid.

Arriving at the door Oloc had suggested, Duran gives the portal a firm shove, and it swings open, revealing a small room beyond. The space is 20' x 20' in dimension and appears to be a store room.

Blue arrow represents party location.

Rickety wooden shelves line the north, east and south walls. They hold mostly broken crockery and vessels, along with a few intact jars of mundane herbs, so dried out they've almost turned entirely to useless, moldy powder.

However, you also spot on the shelves five intact glass bottles with stoppers in them.

One is clearly a bottle of holy water, which Gaven recognizes immediately as such from the standard Church markings on the flask.

Another is filled with a golden fluid.

The other three all hold a clear liquid, slightly different from the holy water, and  which appears similar to the liquid you found in the font in the chapel above.

You also discover six unused torches in perfect condition.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:25
Current Torch Expires:17:10

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (Taking the Book and Moving On)

Filbert lets out a low whistle. "That's a pretty book – and I know a thing or two about fine objects. Odd that it would be in such good shape unlike everything else down here. Rust on the candelabra, mildew stains on the wood of the lectern... I'm not sure how it's possible, but that book is beautiful."

Oloc nods his head at Filbert's comments. "Odd indeed. My guess is this book is some holy relic not subject to the effects of time."

The Mage looks at Gaven. "Should we leave this holy book here, given that we know evil has come to these crypts? Part of me thinks we should take the book, but I will of course defer to your judgement in such matters."

Having little interest in books Duran continues to stand watch waiting to move on.

Gaven agrees with Oloc saying, "I think it best we bring this to Abbot Cuthbert for safe keeping until we can cleanse the temple."

Gaven carefully wraps the book in his cloak and asks that Oloc carry it. He does not want the book anywhere near the rottblood covered spearhead in his pack.

Gaven says, "I suggest we search south."

Oloc places the book in his pack and nods as Gaven suggests heading south.

Duran also nods in agreement to head south.

Oloc lights another torch as the party leaves the candle-lit alcove.

Moving south, you pass the door in the east wall of the corridor. It is a perfectly ordinary wooden door with no special markings. You hear no noise emanating from beyond it as you go past.

Eventually the corridor bends west, linking up with the first burial chamber you entered after descending from the chapel above.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:10
Current Torch Expires:17:10

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Good Book)

"Strange that this room feels 'cleaner' than the others," says Gaven. "Perhaps the tome will provide some answers."

Gaven asks Oloc to light the candelabras so he can read through the old tome.

Oloc uses the torch to light the candles on either side of the lectern. As the candles light up, he notices the iron stands are severely rusted. He then moves to join Gaven in trying to figure out what is in the tome. "Very interesting," mutters the Mage.

Duran stands watch with his bow and arrow at the ready as Gaven and Oloc read the tome.

Gaven recognizes immediately what the book is – The Way of the Light – a book which conveys the fundamental beliefs of the Church, the mysteries of the Light, the history of the Church and of its greatest heroes and prophets. Gaven is intimately acquainted with all the details as he was required to study them in his religious training.

However, Gaven notes that the language used in the text is somewhat dated. Oloc is able to determine that the text is in one of the many versions of "old common" – the specific version here is over 500 years old.

To the surprise of both Gaven and Oloc, the book appears brand new. Not a single blemish or mark of age or wear is to be seen anywhere on the book. Its pages, writing, illuminations, binding and ornately tooled leather cover are all in pristine condition.

Peering between the cleric and the mage, Filbert lets out a low whistle. "That's a pretty book – and I know a thing or two about fine objects. Odd that it would be in such good shape unlike everything else down here. Rust on the candelabra, mildew stains on the wood of the lectern... I'm not sure how it's possible, but that book is beautiful."


OOC: Actions?

Time: 16:05
Current Torch Expires:16:10

The torch is about to go out (in 5 minutes), though you'll have plenty of light from the candles until you leave the book nook.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Nook)

Putting a hand on Filbert's shoulder Duran says, "We will help you settle your scores as best we can."

Gaven gives Wally brief last rites and a blessing with some of the holy water from the font.

Filbert and Almo both nod their appreciation for Duran's words and Gaven's gesture.

Then all make ready to head back down into the catacombs and continue exploring.

Oloc eyes the torch before turning to the others. "I think there is enough life left in this one for us to begin exploring that chamber to the east." The Mage then readies his gear and prepares to descend once again.


Familiar with the territory, it doesn't take the party long to reach the second catacomb chamber where the skeletons were defeated.

Heading out the north door, you make your way down the corridor to the east toward the chamber you spotted earlier at the hallway's end.

The chamber is small, only 20' x 20' square. Carved into the far (east) wall is the symbol of the light. Before the symbol stands a wooden lectern, atop which rests what appears to be a very old book. To either side of the lectern is an iron floor candelabrum, each with five candles, though none are lit.

Blue arrow shows party's position.

The air in this chamber seems slightly warmer and more wholesome than the air you've encountered elsewhere in the catacombs.

Exits lead to corridors north and south. In each corridor, there is a door in the east wall. The one to the north is about 20' away, while the one to the south is about 35' away.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 15:55
Current Torch Expires:16:10

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Going to the Chapel)

Filbert bends over Wally's dead body, and quickly mutters words too quiet for you to hear.

As this goes on, the wounded members of the party bind their wounds, and Gaven picks up the pendant to examine it.

The pendant is roughly three inches in diameter, and it feels somewhat heavier than it looks. Apart from that, and the fact that it resembles the graffiti above, it is unremarkable. Though the symbol is undoubtedly a sign of evil, it does not feel particularly unwholesome. After his examination, Gaven places it in his pack.

Gaven turns to Filbert and Almo, "I am sorry for your loss, Wally fought bravely." The cleric queries the party, "Shall we return Wally to town now or try to explore more?"

After Duran finishes binding himself he puts a hand on Almo and Flibert's shoulders and says, "I too am sorry for your loss, Wally was a good companion."

Turning to the others the fighter continues, "I think Almo and Filbert should have the final say in what we do with Wally. At the very least we should return his body to our waiting porters and make sure those skeletons did not find and attack them."

Filbert glances at Almo and replies. "We should indeed like to carry Wally's body up to the chapel, where it may rest for now with our companions. It would be best too, that we be certain that the skeletons did not run into them, as Duran says."

Oloc concurs: "I agree. Let us return his body to the chapel above before continuing our exploration."


You make your way through the open door to the south through which the skeletons fled, back through the first catacomb chamber, and up the stairs to the chapel.

Along the way, you see no sign of the skeletons at all.

Arriving in the chapel, you are greeted with a mix of emotions. Your companions are relieved to see you alive, saddened to see Wally dead, and disquieted by the news that there are skeletons now roaming around who might come up their way. Stan however, stoutly steps forward and says that he will keep close watch on the stairs to the catacombs, and will crack the first undead skull that dares to show itself.

Oloc proposes that the party continue exploring, investigating the chamber at the end of the last hall, to the east.* Filbert, on behalf of the halflings, agrees. "I now have two scores to settle. One with the bandits and one with whomever is controlling these skeletons. If I can pay off one on the way to the other, so much the better!"


OOC: Actions? (Most importantly please indicate whether you agree with sonofotho's suggestion to continue exploring the corridor to the east, from the room where you fought the skeletons, or if you prefer another course of action).

Time: 15:45**
Current Torch Expires:16:10

*Based on sonofotho's OOC comment.

**As you were moving through previously explored and comparatively safe terrain, I ruled you could do it relatively quickly without increased risk. I'll rule you can get back down to the room where you fought the skeletons in one turn as well.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Dust to Dust)

The last two skeletons mindlessly continue their attack. Almo dodges the first skeleton's efforts easily. Jack isn't quite as successful and takes a blow to the body (OOC: Jack loses 1 hp; 3 hp remaining).

The party ripostes, however, with Almo slashing the westernmost skeleton through the ribs, and bringing him down, while Gaven bludgeons the last skeleton hard with his club, dropping the foul thing to the floor in pieces.

As its head looks up from the floor, a faint, clean light returns to its eyes once more. It opens its mouth and raises a hand as if to speak, but the light disappears and its hand falls back to the flagstones as the glimmer goes out for good.

Now the bones of all the slain skeletons lie broken and still on the ground, barely distinguishable now from those in the catacomb slots along the walls.

There is neither any sight nor sound of the bulk of the creatures who fled through the door to the south. Through the open southern door you can clearly see the hallway in which you stood earlier leading north from the first catacomb chamber you entered.

A thorough examination of the room and the bones reveals nothing of note, except that the skeleton at Gaven's feet bears a pendant similar in shape to the graffiti you saw previously up in the church.

The pendant is heavy, about three inches in diameter, and is made of black-colored iron.

Blue Square = Party's Location


OOC: Actions?

Time: 15:35
Current Torch Expires:16:10

Current HP totals:
Duran (10/11)
Almo (6/10)
Jack (3/4)
All others are at full hp.

Binding wounds (I assume you'll do this) will automatically heal Duran back to full (11/11), and Jack as well (4/4) (no die roll needed since they were only down 1hp each) and will heal Almo back to 7/10 (unlucky die roll of "1").


Combat Details

Initiative: Skeletons 2 – Party 1

Skeleton Attacks Almo
d20 = 10 (miss)

Skeleton Attacks Jack
d20 = 15 (hit); d6 = 1 (Jack's HP: 3/4)

Duran Attacks Skeleton
d20: 4 + 1 (level 2) = 5 (miss)
d20 (Combat Machine): 2 + 1 (level 2) = 3 (miss)

Gaven Attacks Skeleton
d20 = 20 +1 (ribbon) = 21 (hit); d6 = 3 + 1 (ribbon) = 4 (skeleton killed)

Almo Attacks Skeleton facing Duran
d20 = 13 +1 (level 2) = 14 (hit); d6 = 1 (skeleton killed)