Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Going to the Chapel)

Filbert bends over Wally's dead body, and quickly mutters words too quiet for you to hear.

As this goes on, the wounded members of the party bind their wounds, and Gaven picks up the pendant to examine it.

The pendant is roughly three inches in diameter, and it feels somewhat heavier than it looks. Apart from that, and the fact that it resembles the graffiti above, it is unremarkable. Though the symbol is undoubtedly a sign of evil, it does not feel particularly unwholesome. After his examination, Gaven places it in his pack.

Gaven turns to Filbert and Almo, "I am sorry for your loss, Wally fought bravely." The cleric queries the party, "Shall we return Wally to town now or try to explore more?"

After Duran finishes binding himself he puts a hand on Almo and Flibert's shoulders and says, "I too am sorry for your loss, Wally was a good companion."

Turning to the others the fighter continues, "I think Almo and Filbert should have the final say in what we do with Wally. At the very least we should return his body to our waiting porters and make sure those skeletons did not find and attack them."

Filbert glances at Almo and replies. "We should indeed like to carry Wally's body up to the chapel, where it may rest for now with our companions. It would be best too, that we be certain that the skeletons did not run into them, as Duran says."

Oloc concurs: "I agree. Let us return his body to the chapel above before continuing our exploration."


You make your way through the open door to the south through which the skeletons fled, back through the first catacomb chamber, and up the stairs to the chapel.

Along the way, you see no sign of the skeletons at all.

Arriving in the chapel, you are greeted with a mix of emotions. Your companions are relieved to see you alive, saddened to see Wally dead, and disquieted by the news that there are skeletons now roaming around who might come up their way. Stan however, stoutly steps forward and says that he will keep close watch on the stairs to the catacombs, and will crack the first undead skull that dares to show itself.

Oloc proposes that the party continue exploring, investigating the chamber at the end of the last hall, to the east.* Filbert, on behalf of the halflings, agrees. "I now have two scores to settle. One with the bandits and one with whomever is controlling these skeletons. If I can pay off one on the way to the other, so much the better!"


OOC: Actions? (Most importantly please indicate whether you agree with sonofotho's suggestion to continue exploring the corridor to the east, from the room where you fought the skeletons, or if you prefer another course of action).

Time: 15:45**
Current Torch Expires:16:10

*Based on sonofotho's OOC comment.

**As you were moving through previously explored and comparatively safe terrain, I ruled you could do it relatively quickly without increased risk. I'll rule you can get back down to the room where you fought the skeletons in one turn as well.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will give Wally a brief last rights and a blessing with some of the holy water from the font.

    He agrees with Oloc to search the chamber to the east.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Putting a hand on Filbert's shoulder Duran says, "We will help you settle your scores as best we can."

    OOC: Duran agrees with Oloc to continue to the chamber to the east.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc eyes the torch before turning to the others. "I think there is enough life left in this one for us to begin exploring that chamber to the east."

    The Mage then readies his gear and prepares to descend once again.