Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Late Afternoon (All My Children)

Gaven uses the scroll of Cure Light Wounds to heal Almo (OOC: Almo regains 5 hp, and is back up to 10/10 hp). Almo thanks Gaven. In a matter of seconds, he looks to be perfectly fit.

"Shall we see what is behind the door?" the cleric asks.

"I believe it is time to face whatever is behind this door," Duran says to the others.

"Death, in one form or another, is behind that door." Oloc shifts uncomfortably in the passage, holding the torch high. "If it must be done, then so be it." The Mage fingers the magic ring on his hand and prepares to call forth his magic missile at the slightest provocation.

Before opening the door, Gaven casts Protection from Evil on himself.

The halflings and hirelings look nervous, but ready to follow. Filbert and Almo each give a nod that says "let's do this."

Duran and Gaven heave open the door. Oloc's torch flickers as a stinking breath-like gust of air pours forth. The room beyond is illuminated with a faint garish glow that seems to have no source.

Looking into the room, you see a 30' x 30' space. The dim red glow reveals a closed wooden door opposite you, and another puddle of the crimson liquid against the east wall. A stone altar stands mid-way across the room to your left (west).

Eight skeletons turn with an agitated movement toward the door you have just opened.

Near the altar stands a wavering man-like figure in long black shroud that obscures his face. He bends over the altar with a silver hammer and chisel, tapping into the top of the altar. The figure stops his task, rises from his bent posture, and turns to look at you.

A low, raspy voice emanates from his cowl: "My children here told me you were coming. It seems you weren't very nice to them. No, not at all." The figure shakes his covered head in a scolding manner. "I do not appreciate your mistreatment of my sons and daughters."

The skeletons clatter with menacing irritation at these words.

"I am Rottblood," the figure continues. "Who are you who invade my home and harm my family?"


OOC: Actions?

Time: 17:30
Current Torch Expires: 18:10

HP Update:
Gaven: 10/12
All others: Full

Gaven is protected by "Protection from Evil" (giving his opponents -1 to hit him, and giving him +1 to all saves against them)


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc finds a line of sight to the shrouded figure and points his finger. Recalling the spell stored in his ring, he sends the magical missile streaking towards the evil one.

    ooc: Nice avatar! Never realized that Oloc was so dashing! ;)

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven answers in a stern tone, "we are the ones who will stop your defilement of this temple." Gaven lifts his holy symbol and commands, "Children of Rottblood, flee from the holy power of the Light!" (Turn undead)

    OOC: cool battle mat, what program is it?

  3. Duran - Fighter

    As soon as Oloc fires his magic missil at the shrouded figure Duran lets lose an arrow at the same. He then steps to the side to let the others move into the room.

    OOC: I agree with others cool map and tokens!


    1. OOC: Duran will also motion for Karnak to attack.

  4. OOC: Thanks guys. The battle mat is actually a dungeon tile from Fat Dragon games -- screen shot, cropped and edited to add in the altar and the red puddle.

    The tokens are from a paper minis set, screen shot, saved as images and plunked into a free program called "Token tool."