Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Afternoon (Calling on the Light)

Oloc shouts: "Foul undead! Gaven, can you use the power of the Light to repel these ghouls?"

At the sight of the ghouls, Gaven grabs hold of his holy symbol, thrusts it forward and standing steadfast commands, "Foul fiends, succumb to the Power of the Light!"

The ghouls suddenly drop the remains of the abbess, and cower against the sepulcher in dismay.

Duran fires at the nearest ghoul as he yells for the other fighters to charge.

Oloc begins to call forth the words to his magic missile spell as he moves back allowing the men-at-arms easier access.

The mage quickly realizes his spell is not needed, and holds it back for a later occasion, as Duran's arrows, along with the hirelings' and halflings' blades make quick work of the cowering undead.

In a matter of mere seconds the undead lie in unmoving pieces on the floor.

OOC: Actions?

Combat Details:

Gaven's Turn Roll: 3d6 = 10 (success); as the ghouls had nowhere to flee, they cower in place, helpless.

Duration of ghouls' helpless cowering: 3d6 = 9 rounds.

I didn't bother rolling blow-by-blow for the rest, since 9 rounds of completely unopposed attacks by your group seemed a foregone conclusion (I doubt it would have taken more than half that time).

Time: 14:25
Current Torch Expires:15:10


  1. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: Duran will search the room for anything of note or value. He will also help Gaven properly deal with the abbess's remains.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc smiles. "Nice work, Gaven!" The Mage then begins to search the room, spending some time looking for any secret doors. He will leave the other two to deal with the abbess's remains.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    After the defeat of the ghouls Gaven prays to the Light in thanks. Gaven will replace the bones in the sepulcher in their proper place and then will replace the lid. He will then kneel and pray for the abbess.

    Unless a secret door is found, Gaven will be ready to head up the northern corridor.