Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday 6 July - Monday 9 July 1280 (Resting and Refitting)


Once your business in Cosmo's back room is complete, the old man leads you back down the excessively long hallway to front room of his antique shop.

Oloc thanks Cosmo for allowing the group to examine his 'back room' and the magical treasures therein. "I definitely plan on returning in the future," he adds with a smile.

"You will always be most welcome," says Cosmo. "Do come back any time."

As the rest of the group files out of the shop, Gaven hangs back briefly to have a few more private words with Cosmo.

Gaven holds up the ribbon and says, "Whenever I hold this ribbon, I feel ...warmth... but when others hold it or even look at it, they feel repulsed. Why would that happen?"

Cosmo nods and says: "Yes, I noticed a midly unpleasant feeling when I picked it up – mild in my case because of my experience which causes magical items have comparatively little effect on me. Such an effect could have numerous causes. It is possible that the item was crafted specifically for you, and no one else. Or, it could be that the item was destined for anyone with some specific quality, and you just happen to have that quality, whatever it is. Alternatively, there are also magical items with some level of intelligence, for lack of a better word, that actively seek out their owners in such a manner. Which of these is the case, I cannot say."

Gaven then asks, "What do you know of Blackwell Keep and have you heard of Dagmar?"

Cosmo suddenly looks nostalgic. " that is a name I've not heard in many years. What a wonderful woman she was – strong, committed. She asked me to go with her into Blackwell, you know. She wanted me as a guide. In my youth I made one or two trips in there myself – only into the upper levels though. Things have undoubtedly changed since then. When I went in, it was all spiders and other giant vermin. Now I hear that the place is overrun by kobolds and morlocks."

"Dagmar..." he says again. "I have often wondered these many years what fate befell her. When she came to me to serve as a guide, I had to decline as I had business elsewhere. Perhaps if I had gone with her she might not have disappeared. Or perhaps I would have been lost as well. At any rate, there is no changing such things. The dead are dead, and what has passed is done, as a mighty warrior friend of mine used to say."

Finally, Gaven asks: "What do you know of the bandit problem? Has anyone tried to fence stolen goods?"

Cosmo raises an eyebrow. "I can assure you that my goods are acquired legitimately and that my business is entirely above board. I have no knowledge at all of fences or any other personnages of such distasteful ilk. If you want to know about bandits and fences, you'll want to speak to Captain Belloc or perhaps to the mayor's secretary, Dagwood. I only know the rumors that everyone in town knows about the bandit activity to the south. Either of those two could fill you in on the most up-to-date details."

Gaven thanks Cosmo for his help before leaving and catching up to the others.



You spend the next three days resting up and attending to business. As promised Sadie has put the word out and posted placards indicating the employment opportunity you offer. In all it costs you 30 gold to make the necessary postings and inquiries but the expense pays off rapidly. On the very first day you get one laborer, a young dwarf named Bill, and one human mercenary, named Jack. Two days later, you succeed in acquiring the services of a second mercenary, an elven female called Gweneth.**

As this is going on, Oloc spends two days locked in a room at the Tankard copying the spells from his newly purchased scrolls into his spellbook.

Duran and Varros take advantage of the down time to look for a trainer. Shortly after they begin their search, they bump into Sergeant Ragnar, one of Belloc's men, whom they had previously met in the aftermath of the battle with the goblins. In the course of their conversation, they mention to Ragnar that they are looking for a trainer. A grizzled veteran, Ragnar offers his services for a reasonable price, and a deal is struck. "Whenever you're ready to begin your training, come seek me out at the guard barracks."***



After the first two days have passed, and Oloc comes down from his isolation, you begin to consider your next task. Most seem interested in pursuing the bandits, and of course Filbert is all in favor of that: "I'm ready for some action!" exclaims the halfling. "I've got gems – and my pride – to recover!"

As a first step, down this path, Varros pays a visit to Belloc to inquire after aid in a few men or Karnak. Belloc says: "I'd certainly be glad to send Karnak with you. I'd like to be kept informed of anything you uncover about the bandit activity. Men, however, can be tricky."

"If you are going after the bandits my men in the south are already hunting, you should go to my lieutenant, Alanna. She's directing the operation on the spot down there, and can give you the latest information. She may even be able to spare you a few of her men, depending on circumstances."

"As for the bandits on the Woodfield road that robbed your halflings, I haven't the men to spare at the moment, nor have I anyone in place up there to deal with them right now. Many of my troops were wounded in the battle and are still recovering. Most of those that weren't have been sent out to mop up the goblins that fled."

"If you go north, you'll be on your own – though that's all the more reason for Karnak to go with you. Once you decide for certain what you intend to do, let me know, and I'll assign Karnak to you and give you a letter of introduction to Lieutenant Alanna, if necessary."


OOC:  Actions?

*Though I post private conversations openly on the blog, (as I've been doing, for example, with Gaven's exchanges with the abbot),  remember no PCs other than those involved in the conversation can act on the info the involved PC shares the info.

So, for example, at the moment, no one other than Gaven as yet knows about Brother Abraham (though there is general knowledge, in the newcomer's guide, about "a cleric of the light" who sets traps for werewolves in Blackleaf forest), the abbot's reaction to the ribbon, Gaven's vision or Dagmar's dream, or Cosmo's trips into the upper levels of Blackwell as a youth. The same applies to Varros' conversation with the captain. (So Dienekes and Professor P should simply mention which items, if any, they share with the group).

**Hireling costs:

30 gp for search costs
12 gp up front wages (5 for each merc, and 2 for the laborer)

42 gp total
42 gp divided 4 ways = 13 gp each (please subtract from your gold; if this was more than anyone bargained for, we can always edit down the number of hirelings).

Also, remember you'll need to purchase rations for the new hirelings before setting out. Let me know how much you want to buy for them. You'll also need to provide an updated marching order.

***Whenever you guys level up, he'll be there. The cost will be whatever you choose to spend for xp conversion.


  1. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; Varros will fill the party in on Belloc's info and suggest meeting up with Alanna and developing a plan to go after the bandits. Varros will also bank money, give Stan and Ollie a 5gp bonus each, and get more meat for Karnak. I have deducted money and am ready to begin if everybody agrees.

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will search out Dagwood to get more information about the bandits. During his downtime, he will volunteer to help out at the temple and visit Elsie Miggins and Bob Barley to check in on them and let them know of the goblins demise.

    He will also give Stan and Ollie a 5 gp bonus each.

    He will welcome the new hirelings to Free Company

    OOC: Gaven will tell the party about Cosmo's trips to Blackwell and about the bandits, but will keep the information about Maggie's Moon Ribbon and Dagmar and the Abbot to himself.

    He will wrap the Moon Ribbon around the grip of his club.

    He will give Bill his hemp rope.

    Gaven will buy himself a silk rope and wolfsbane.

    Suggestions to buy the hirelings:
    (5) Trail Rations each for Bill, Jack, and Gweneth = 15 gp
    Large sack each for Bill and Ollie = 4 gp
    Lantern for Bill = 10 gp
    (3) pints oil for Bill = 6 gp
    Flint and steel for Bill = 5 gp
    Grappling Hook for Bill = 5 gp

    Total = 45 gp = 11 gp, 2 sp, 5 cp each

    We may also want to think about better armor and/or missile weapons for the fighters.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Gaven will also bank his other 2 gems with the temple for safe keeping.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    Agreed on the cost. I will deduct it. I suggest we talk to Belloc and let him know our intentions, also Sergeant Ragnar or Belloc may agree to equip the new nerds from their armory if we go after the bandits.

    1. Lol. Spellcheck put nerds instead of mercs there.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will tell the others of Brother Abraham and the Ham's Fork werewolves and will remind everyone that next week is the full moon. He will suggest everyone buy some silvered weapons and/or wolfsbane.

  5. Varros - Fighter

    "Perhaps this Brother Abraham may have information on the bandits as well. Gaven, I think we should find him, he may aid us greatly."

    OOC: Varros will purchase 10 more silver arrows (15 total now) and some wolfs bane.

  6. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: The cost is ok with me for the hirelings. Gaven's suggestion for supplies sounds good to me. Duran will give Stan and Ollie 5 gp bonus each as well. Duran will also replenish his rations and purchase 8 high quality arrows and 5 more silver arrows. He will also bank most of the rest of his gp.

  7. Oloc - Mage

    ooc: Oloc will also contribute to the hirelings' windfall and give each 5gp. He will also purchase 2 silver daggers and some wolfsbane. He also memorizes Charm.