Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday, 11 July 1280 (Wolfsbane and Interrogation)

At the chapel, Gaven asks Brother Abraham if werewolves can transform* everyday of the week of the full moon or only on the actual night.

"It depends on the werewolf, answers Abraham. Those who have recently become werewolves have little control over when they transform. They'll normally switch forms in the few days surrounding the height of the full moon, say, the day or two before through the day or two after so about three to five days. They may also switch at other times if they're under great stress. The older ones," he continues, "are another matter altogether. Those that have been werewolves for a long time have a great deal of control over their changing. For the most part they can alter themselves at will, or not, at any time at all, and often ignore the call of the moon entirely."

Gaven thanks him for the wolvesbane and takes enough for each member of the party. He donates 10 gp. He then returns to the tavern and relays the info except about Dagmar, etc. He gives each person wolvesbane.


Back at the tavern Duran says:  "I think if we hurry we can make Lt. Alanna's camp tonight. We can gather what information she has and then go from there in the morning."

Gaven agrees, and with no objections from the rest of the party, the group sets out down the eastern path to Lieutenant Alanna's camp.

After a half-hour march, you arrive on the edge of a camp. A sentry challenges you, but it turns out to be the soldier to whom Duran and Varros spoke earlier. He quickly lets you pass and points out the large tent that belongs to Alanna. You make your way past several campfires and smaller tents. By the number of tents you estimate there must be around fifteen guards or so in the camp. Evidently word of your arrival in Ham's Fork has preceded you, since some of the soldiers sitting by the fires nod in greeting as you pass, and the guard at Alanna's tent simply waves for you to enter straightaway.

The inside of the white canvas command tent is illuminated by several lanterns. Alanna, a tall strong-looking woman in chainmail, leans on the edge of a surprisingly sturdy camp table. She is staring intently at the bandit prisoner sitting on a stool in front of her with his hands tied behind his back.

The prisoner clearly has a broken leg, which, as far as you can tell, has been skillfully and carefully set. He has a few scrapes and bruises as you would expect on a person who'd been in a fight earlier in the day. Apart from those, which seem perfectly normal to you, there are no other visible marks on him. However, he looks absolutely exhausted, and he doesn't even notice you enter the room. As you look at him, his head droops to his chest and he starts to snore.

"Ah, ah, ah," says Alanna, gently tapping his face to wake him. "We agreed, no sleep until you tell me what I want to know, remember?"

The bandit mumbles a few choice words as Alanna turns away from him to face you.

"Well met," she says. "My guard told me you'd be showing up. Considering what I've heard about you, I'm glad you've come. We caught this one," she inclines her head toward the prisoner "this morning with a group that tried to take a potter's money and goods just outside of town. I've questioned him all day, on and off, trying to learn the specific location of the bandits' lair. We know they're coming out of Blackleaf, but that's a big and dangerous place. I don't want to send my men in there on a wild goose chase."

She looks at the prisoner once more:  "This gentleman here is the best lead we've managed to acquire so far. But a day's worth of hunger and thirst still haven't gotten him to talk. I'm hoping a sleepless night might break his silence."


OOC: Actions?

Time's about 10:00 p.m. but Alanna looks like she intends to pull an all-nighter questioning the prisoner. *Regarding "tetra form" I wasn't sure if this was a term I just didn't know, or if it was a typo for "transform" (it looked like a real word, but I couldn't find it online so I assumed the latter). Let me know if I was wrong to do so.


  1. Varros - Fighter

    OOC: Varros will pull Allana aside when an opportunity presents itself and fill her in on what the party knows about the bandits, specifically the runes and the robbery of the halflings.

    1. I like the new header Bard!

    2. Thanks Dienekes! I got in a "cleaning frenzy" today, cleaned the house, cleaned up some stuff in the yard, tried to polish up the blogs a bit. :)

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  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven nudges Oloc and waves his fingers like he's casting a spell.

    1. Oloc - Mage

      ooc: Sorry for the delay guys!

      Oloc will offer to Alanna his services to try and charm the prisoner. If successful, he will take relay questions from Alanna. If it is successful, he will humbly apologize and shake his head at the failure of his spell.

  4. Duran - Fighter

    As Varros pulls Allana to the side and Gaven nudges Oloc Duran makes a show of pulling his water skin from his belt and take a nice long drink from it in front of the prisoner.

    OOC: I don't have any specific questions other then what Varros is asking at this time. For now I'll see what kind of reaction the prisoner gives. If he asks for the water I'll tell he must tell the Lt. what she wants first.