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Wednesday 11 July 1280, Evening (Conversations in Ham's Fork)

Gaven announces: "I am going to the chapel for prayer and to meet Brother Abraham.* I will try to get more up-to-date information on the bandits and warn about the giant." Gaven nods towards the soldier, "perhaps one of you should speak with him and find out the location of the lieutenant."

Varros and Duran take Gaven's suggestion and move off to speak with the soldier, while Oloc heads off to secure a table at The Proud Pig and await the arrival of his companions.


Gaven enters the chapel to meditate and pay tribute to the Light, then inquires after Brother Abraham. When Gaven states his business, Brother Abraham thanks him for the warning about the giant. "I wouldn't be surprised if he came from Blackleaf, chased out by the werewolves. Despite my efforts, their numbers seem to grow. I just laid traps before the full moon, but the beasts may be getting wise to them. A change in my tactics may be in order." Then he adds: "If you find you must go into the woods at night during the full moon, you'll want to be extra careful."

When the topic of the bandits comes up, Abraham says he knows little of them beyond most folks' common knowledge, though he noticed over at The Proud Pig there was some excitement earlier in the day. He didn't get a chance to inquire, but some of Alanna's men were involved so it likely had something to do with the bandit problem.


Varros and Duran quickly catch up with the hastily walking guard and greet him. "I've got business with my lieutenant, so if it could wait until later..."

The two fighters quickly introduce themselves, passing along the information on the giant, and seeking information pertinent to the party's quest.

The guard suddenly stops and says, "Ahhh, I've heard rumors of the Free Company and what you did for Belloc in the goblin raid. I can't say we're unhappy to have you here – we can use all the help we can get. I have to run now to the lieutenant, but you're welcome to join me. If you'd rather gather the rest of your party first, you can just follow this footpath," he nods toward the village street that ends a short distance away and turns into a narrow dirt trail leading eastward, "about a half mile to our camp. Lieutenant Alanna's set up a field headquarters out there, out of the prying eyes of the civilians."

He notices Varros keeping an eye on the night sky as they speak. "If you're waiting on a raven, he's most likely to arrive in the morning. Most of the birds from Fairbrook come in an hour or two after sunrise."


Inside The Proud Pig, Oloc scans the room and the patrons, aiming to take in anything out of the ordinary. There is a moderate group of customers, locals by their appearance, almost all gathered around an elven merchant, telling a tale with the air of a person who's told the story twenty times already:

"I was just driving my cart down the road, transporting my pottery like always, when these bandits came out of nowhere. I can tell you, thought I was dead! Hand over your gold! one of them said to me. But I'm just a potter, said I. Your gold or your life, said he. The next thing I knew, a patrol of the king's soldiers came charging up the road, and the two groups had at each other. I managed to crawl out of the melee under my cart. Broke my heart to hear how much of my work got bashed to pieces above me – but better my pots than my head! Then it was over, the bandits were dead – all except for one that was badly wounded. The guards brought him and me back here, then they rushed off with the wounded bandit to have him interrogated by their leader."


OOC:  Actions?

*I took the liberty of modifying this statement slightly – Ham's Fork is small enough that it only has a tiny chapel, as opposed to Fairbrook's full-blown Temple. I know I wasn't clear about that at all; so I edited slightly on the assumption that Gaven would know this, and that Cuthbert would have communicated to him that Brother Abraham is the "senior" member of the very small group of brothers there (I hopefully kept the spirit of your intent).


  1. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: I think Varros and I should gather the others before heading to meet the Lt. but have the soldier let her know we are in town and plan to come see her either tonight or in the morning?

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven asks Brother Abraham about the traps he sets and how to not set them off. He asks about how to best deal with werewolves. Finally, he'll ask Brother Abraham what he knows of Maggie, the moon ribbon, Dagmar, and Blackwell.

    Ooc: either way for Alanna works

  3. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc listens to the elf's story. When the opportunity presents itself he will approach him.

    "A friend of ours had a similar experience, but further to the north. We are investigating if it is the same group or not. Can you tell me where I might find the guards who took this bandit captive?"

    ooc: Oloc doesn't know about Alanna, but I guess that is the destination?

  4. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; Varros agrees with Duran. Sorry for the late post.