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Wednesday 11 July 1280, Evening (Information on Bandits and Werewolves)

Duran and Varros decide to gather the others before heading to meet the lieutenant. But they have the soldier let Alanna know the group is in town and plans to come see her either tonight or in the morning.

The soldier promises to convey the message and quickly disappears down the path to the east.

Duran and Varros return to the inn, to find Oloc listening to the end of the elf's story. When the opportunity presents itself Oloc approaches him: "A friend of ours had a similar experience, but further to the north. We are investigating if it is the same group or not. Can you tell me where I might find the guards who took this bandit captive?"

The elf replies: "I'm sorry for your friend, and I hope no harm came to him. I couldn't say much about the group that attacked me, other than the fact they were some pretty rough characters. But I wouldn't know one bandit group from another. From what I hear, though, the guards took the wounded bandit to some camp their lieutenant has east of town. I haven't seen many guards in town except the ones that brought me here, and one or two others who seem to bustle in from the camp and then hurry back out again. That's probably where you'll find them."


In the chapel, Gaven asks Brother Abraham about the traps he sets and how to not set them off. Abraham shows Gaven into a nearby room and points to a large iron-jawed spring trap. "I have Raglin, our smith here in town, build these for me. I keep them far enough off the paths that travelers aren't likely to step in them, but still close enough that the wolves will smell the pig I use for bait. If you go into the woods, just stay right on the trails and you should have no problems."

Gaven also asks about how to best deal with werewolves.

"Your best bet is with a silvered or magical weapon," says Abraham. "Raglin makes silver weapons for me, too, and keeps a stock of them. If you need any, he'll probably have some. Wolfsbane would be a good idea as well. I grow it myself out back and, if you need some, I can give you as much as you like.* Hang it around your neck, and it should give you some measure of protection."

Finally, Gaven asks Brother Abraham what he knows of Maggie, the moon ribbon, Dagmar, and Blackwell. Brother Abraham knows quite a bit about them all, but has nothing to add that Gaven hasn't heard before. On the subject of the moon ribbon, Brother Abraham reacts much like Abbot Cuthbert, going almost into a rage, and urging Gaven to destroy the ribbon.


OOC: Actions?  

*Prof P:  Gaven can take as much wolfsbane as he'd like from Brother Abraham (perhaps a handful-sized bunch for each member of the party including the hired help?), if he wants to.

Everyone: Time is about 9:00 p.m. you could certainly go talk to Lieutenant Alanna at her camp outside town, or wait until morning, as you wish.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven asks Brother Abraham if werewolves can tetra storm everyday of the week of the full moon or only on the actual night. Gaven thanks him for the wolvesbane and takes enough for each member of the party. He donates 10 gp.

    Gaven returns to the tavern and relays the info except about Dagmar, etc. He gives each person wolvesbane.

    He will agree with whatever the group decides regarding Alanna.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    "I think if we hurry we can make Lt. Alanna's camp tonight. We can gather what information she has and then go from there in the morning."