Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Contemplating the Trap Door)

"Great job everyone, the Light shines on us this morning," Gaven smiles broadly as he claps Duran on the shoulder. Then Gaven pauses briefly to make a prayer of thanks to the Light.

Varros joins the group and says, "Well done friends." He looks to Duran, "I say we call our wager even friend, that last shot of yours was a thing of beauty and prevented the little beast's escape. If you would accompany me let us go take a look at him?" Varros looks to Ollie, "If you would friend gather the valuables for transport."

Duran smiles at Varros' gesture and thanks him. As they head over to search the goblin Duran says "you weren't such a bad shot yourself, you dropped two in a row back there. Its good to have someone besides myself who appreciates the value of a bow."

Varros checks out the last goblin with Duran watching his back, and collects enough goblin arrows to bring his total to twenty. He also picks up one more short bow, a quiver, a short sword and 4 sp. Varros and Duran then rejoin the party and stay alert to the trapdoor and Dirtbag.

Oloc stands by the trapdoor, focusing his attention to the remaining goblins and how to get them out of the hole.

Gaven approaches and says: "Now to decide what to do about the remaining goblins. I'm guessing they heard the commotion and will fortify their position. We would certainly be at a disadvantage trying to enter through the trapdoor."

Varros asks: "Any suggestions as to how to handle the rest of the tribe?"

Duran asks "If you think the goblins are aware of us do you think we can smoke them out by dropping smoking logs down the trap door? Without harming the girl that is..."

Gaven addresses Oloc: "Can you ask Dirtbag if there is another entrance to the cellar and what kind of supplies, weapons, traps, and such the goblins have?"

Oloc asks Gaven's questions to Dirtbag. The goblin responds that he knows no other entrance. But there are several rooms in the basement – he has not seen the ones in back. The weapons are like those you have seen, along with some guard dogs, which he evidently thinks of as "weapons." The only trap he knows of is the alarm, which you have heard, and which he will show you.

Since there is no evidence of a second entrance, Oloc suggests that he himself call the remaining gobs up. "If you are in agreement, I can manufacture some ruse and affect my voice. We can then attack the goblins as they are in the vulnerable position of climbing out of the trap door."

OOC: Actions?

Goblin short bow (Ollie)
Quiver (Ollie)
10 goblin arrows (Varros)
1 short sword (Ollie)

4 sp

Ollie's Current Encumbrance is currently 78 lbs, for a movement rate of 90' (remember S&W WB allows him to move that twice per ten-minute turn). At 100 lbs his movement rate will drop to 60'.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    "The current odds are not in our favor - five goblins and guard dogs in a defendable position. It may be wise to spend a bit of time searching the area. Perhaps there is another entrance to the other basement rooms."

  2. Oloc - Mage

    "Let me see if I can get our friend here to give us the lay of the land, including where the remaining gobs and dogs are."

    Oloc will then ask 'dirtbag' to sketch out on the ground (assuming there is some dirt?) what the room layout looks like through the trapdoor. He will ask for room and door locations (that he knows of), where the remaining gobs are (most likely), where the dogs are and are they chained or penned. He will also ask where the girl is being held. If anyone can think of any other questions, please throw them out as well.

    1. Gaven - cleric

      "Ask what the dogs eat and how well fed they are. Perhaps some goblin meat can be used to distract them once we attack."

      Gaven will ask Ollie and Stan to help him cut up some goblin steaks.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    "I will keep watch on the door while we decide the next course of action."

    OOC: Varros will agre to either plan. He will watch the door until a course of action is decided upon.

  4. Duran - Fighter

    "Either plan works for me, but one way or another we are going to have to go down the trap door and face the goblins" says Duran. "For now I'll volunteer to look around the farmhouse for a possible entrance while you question dirtbag." As he moves away he says "If you find out no one is guarding the bottom of the ladder we might be able to get down safely before having to fight otherwise you might as well try and lure some more out."