Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (The Farmhouse)

Learning of the fate of the two young people during the interrogation, Gaven is not surprised, but still angered after hearing that Bill is dead. It takes all his willpower to keep from braining the goblin with his club then and there. Only the fact that Elsie lives and the goblin is charmed and therefore useful to the Light's cause stays his hand.

The rest of you finish picking up any signs of your own presence, and you hide the body of the dead goblin.

Approaching the farmhouse, you see that, while the outer walls already looked pretty bad, most of the interior walls and much of the roof have crumbled almost entirely. This structure which once consisted of several rooms, now consists of a single large space, with the odd knee-high or waist-high remnant of interior wall still in place. It is not surprising that much of the roof has caved in, and that a good deal of the floor is covered with rubble and old timbers, along with dead branches, dried leaves, a few remains of unserviceable furniture, empty bottles, and other refuse. Some sections of the floor, notably where the wall and ceiling remnants are mostly intact, are still fairly clear of debris. In one of these clear spots, you can see the trap door that leads to the basement, where the goblin has told you Elsie is being held.

Seeing the layout, Varros speaks to the party, "I suggest we use our newly found "friend" here to try to bring out a few of his band at a time under some pretext." Varros shoots the goblin a menacing look, then goes on to say, "Bringing them out a few at a time will weaken their numbers and allow us to use our bows to attack from range." Glancing at Duran he smiles and says, laughingly, "I have not won any archery contests, friend, but I believe I can hit a goblin. Care to wager 5 gold on who can drop more of the beasts?"

Duran chuckles at Varros' bet and says "I'll take you up on that. Although I am not sure how many we can actually lure out. But I'll keep shooting till they stop coming out."

Gaven adds: "I agree with Varros, dealing with 10 at a time will be too much. I will stay back and hidden with Stan and Ollie to cut off any escape." The cleric takes hold of the spear and moves to hide in the most appropriate position.

"I am a bit uncertain if the spell will hold, but I will support the plan," Oloc says.

You quickly give the charmed goblin back his own gear, so that he'll look natural to his comrades below.

Oloc suggests to the goblin to bring out 3-4 of his comrades. "Tell them that you have found something special to eat, but that there is not enough for everyone. If they ask questions, tell them that they must see for themselves. Do not let the others hear." Oloc then moves to the back and takes out his daggers for throwing as a last line of defense.

You quickly survey your positions and the killing ground you've selected, checking one last time that the ambush is set up for maximum effect, before you give the final order to the charmed goblin to set things in motion.

OOC: Actions? Basically, seeing the map, do you wish to adjust the positions at all before sending the goblin down to try and bring 3-4 of the others out? If I've read your instructions right in the previous comments, the set-up should look something like the diagram above. I tried to put Gaven and Stan in a position where they could simultaneously watch the backs of the party or else move to cut off a retreat back into the house and down the trap door (the most likely retreat). From your current positions, you should be completely hidden from any goblins coming out from the time they leave the trap door until they are in the kill zone. Feel free to suggest any alterations you wish, and I'll make them before Oloc gives the goblin the green light. If you have no suggestions for changes, just comment OK (in which case I'll go forward with the next post).


  1. Looks great to me. The only change I would make is for him to set his goal to bring out 5 goblins. Split their numbers and all, either way I'm ready to rock & roll.

  2. Ok, we'll have the goblin aim for five of his buddies and let the party begin!