Friday, March 16, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Making Ready to Descend)

The party steps away a short distance from the charmed goblin so that he cannot overhear their words.

"I will cut 6 chunks of goblin meat for a distraction for the dogs," says Gaven. "We don't know if the goblins have reorganized. Once we're ready to descend, I'll toss some steaks down towards the door closest to the dogs room. Did anyone think to bring a mirror?"

"It sounds like we can get down the stairs and make a stand before being attacked," says Duran. "Hopefully the goblin meat will stay the dogs. As long as Varros agrees he and I could be the first two down." Duran then prepares his bow and arrow and awaits the others' decision.

Oloc takes 'Dirtbag' off to the side, out of view of the 'steaks' being carved. He speaks with the goblin in a friendly tone to try and strengthen the charm spell.

Gaven starts the grisly task of cutting chunks of goblin flesh. Ollie has to turn away and struggles not to vomit.

Meanwhile, Varros and Stan keep an eye on the trap door.

As Gaven gets through his third lump of globin-flesh, Varros and Stan hear and see the trapdoor rattle, as if someone is trying to open it. The rocks piled on top prevent the door from opening, however.

Stymied by his first attempt, the would-be opener from below tries again, this time calling out in the goblin tongue. You hear only one voice. The tone sounds angry and annoyed, rather than alarmed in any way. Again, though, the goblin below is unable to throw open the trap door.


OOC: Actions?

Oloc can make out what the goblin below says – mostly a bunch of cursing and goblin swearing, along with a query for Dirtbag and the others as to what they're doing topside and what's going on with the door. I'll assume that Oloc can quickly and quietly communicate the gist to the group through gesture and whisper in a matter of mere seconds.

Also, let me know which marching order you want to adopt should you descend into the basement (two-man front or three-man front). Duran's proposed two-man front with Varros and himself in the lead would look something like this:

Two-Man Frontage
Front Rank: Duran - Varros
Second Rank: Gaven - Stan
Third Rank: Oloc - Ollie

The earlier three-man configuration looked like this:

Three-Man Frontage
Front Rank: Gaven - Stan - Varros
Second Rank: Duran - Ollie - Oloc

The stairs as Dirtbag described them are wide enough to accommodate either configuration.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    "Should we not let the gob up," asks Oloc quickly. "One less to take care of below." If the rest of the party agrees, Oloc will try and affect his voice and say in the goblin tongue. "Hold on you fleabag."

    He will motion for the group to hide around the corner as soon as the rocks are removed from the trap door.

    ooc: Just an idea!

  2. Duran - Fighter

    "I think Oloc has a good idea. I'll have an arrow waiting with his name on it."

    OOC: if the plan is a good Duran will take up a hiding spot around the corner with a view of where the Goblin will go. As soon as he can get a good shot he will shoot the Goblin.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    "I guess there steaks will have to do." Gaven readies his shield and club.

    "Should we try to quickly grab and gag him as he comes out so that he can't raise an alarm or escape if you miss your shot?"

  4. "Duran and myself will be able to take him out.", says Varros.

    OOC: Varros will ready himself as well as Duran.

  5. Gaven - cleric

    "Let the Light guide your shots."