Monday, March 19, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Into the Basement)

"I will not doubt your aim again, Duran and Varros. I may just have you teach teach me how to properly use the bow," Gaven laughs.

Duran claps Varros on the back says: "Well done my friend." Turning to Graven, Duran chuckles and says "yes my friend the bow can be a powerful weapon in the right hands. Although I am sure you can teach me a thing or two about fighting when it is up close and personal."

"What of our friend, 'dirtbag'," Oloc asks. "Should we bring him with or have him remain up here? I am a bit worried that his seeing so many of his comrades fall, may be weakening my charm."

"We need Dirtbag to show us how to disable the alarm," says Gaven.

After some discussion, the group agrees that taking Dirtbag along to point out the alarm is the lesser of two ills.

"I suppose now is as good a time as any to descend," says Gaven taking hold of his shield and a spear, with the steaks wrapped in goblin's clothing in a sack at his belt.

Notching another arrow Duran joins the other in preparation to descending the stairs, while Varros puts his bow away, switching to his sword.

The group takes up a three-man frontage and descends the stair, ready for anything. In the dim light that falls through the open trap door catching motes of dust, you see that the steps give access to a 30' x 30' room.

The smell of death is quite strong here. At the bottom of the stairs you see the remains of Bill Bailey. The leg the goblins cut off to eat topside is not the only part missing. Most of his "meat" is now gone.

There are several old barrels in the room, the wood mostly cracked and gray and barely held together with rusted support bands. Inside them, at the very bottom, you find a blackened mush that is probably all that's left of the last apple crop collected here.

There are doors in the southern portions of the east and west walls. The door to the west is closed. Through this you hear the barking of the dogs, still muffled, but rather louder now that you've come down the stairs. The door to the east is slightly ajar. A quick glance suggests only darkness beyond it.

OOC: Actions?


  1. Gaven - cleric

    "I'll defer to the rest of you on how exactly to proceed. I suggest we avoid the dogs to the west and start east since Dirtbag thinks that is where Elsie is held."

    Upon looking at Bill, Gaven grimaces in anger and mutters, "Dispicable" under his breath. Gaven whispers a short prayer, then says, "we will avenge you son of Light."

    OOC: Should we have Ollie light a torch, or would that give us away?

    We should ask Dirtbag how to avoid the alarm and if there is anything (treasure, arms, anything of value) in the room with the dogs.

    1. Re: Torch giving away the party. I'd say if anything would give you away at this point, it would be the barking of the dogs. I.e., if anyone's close enough to see the torch, they're *definitely* close enough to hear the dogs.

      Re: Alarm. Through Oloc, Dirtbag tells you that you have to avoid touching the strings crossing the corridor, since "they make the bottles clink -- it's very loud." He also tells you there is nothing at all in the room with the dogs, besides the dogs themselves.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Duran whispers "see if Dirtbag can tell us how to disarm or avoid the alarm and then lets move away from these dogs. Unless you think you can crack open the door and throw the goblin steaks in to keep them quiet."

    OOC: Duran will keep is bow at the ready and follow the lead of those in front.

    1. Through Oloc, Dirtbag also tells you that you could perhaps disarm the alarm by cutting the strings -- but very carefully, or the bottles will rattle and make noise.

      By your judgment, based on Dirtbag's map, given that the bottle and string alarm is closer to the guard room and areas beyond, there is a chance (depending on which doors are or aren't open, and the current positions of the remaining goblins) that the alarm could still alert goblins that haven't been alerted by the barking of the dogs.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    "I agree that we leave the dogs alone," the mage adds. He then turns to 'dirtbag' and asks, "My friend, we need your help in avoiding the trap in the next passageway. Can you quietly and carefully show us how to avoid it or even how to disarm it?"

    ooc: And sorry for the delay in posting guys. Been real busy last two days!

    1. Dirtbag says the lines across the corridor are criss-crossed -- very difficult to move one without making the others move and rattle the bottles. But perhaps if you are very careful, you could do it, he adds.

      OOC: Basically this will take a successful 4d6 DEX check (Varros, Duran and Gaven all have DEX 12, and would be equally strong candidates). If however, someone made a successful 4d6 INT or WIS check first (with his 15 INT Oloc would be the strongest candidate), he would be able to "guide" the PC making the DEX check, thereby improving the odds on the DEX check to 3d6 or even 2d6 (depending on the degree of success in the INT check) to noiselessly make a clear path through the strings.

      Also, for the delay, no problem -- I apologize for my own delay. I was away briefly and expected to be back early this morning, but only just got in.

  4. Varros - Fighter
    Varros looks to the party, "I say we have Dirtbag make his attempt to disarm the trap as he is familiar. Meanwhile, I will be ready for the inevitable conflict" he states while testing his swords edge with his thumb.

  5. OOC: Man my timing on the submit button is off. :)

    Dirtbag has not indicated any danger -- the strings and bottles are just an alarm. Given the above procedure, your best chance is for Oloc to guide one of you other three in making a silent path -- at best, Dirtbag's DEX is equal to that of the party members, and his intelligence/wisdom is definitely lower. He's far more likely to accidentally set off the alarm than any of you.

  6. ooc: I suggest Oloc guides one of the others in disarming the trap. The others just need to be ready with weapons should this thing go pear-shaped!

  7. Agreed. Varros will make the attempt with Oloc's guidance if we are agreed.