Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Fleeing Goblin)

After seeing four goblins fall, Gaven smiles and says, "Much better."

Meanwhile the surviving goblin tears his way across the orchard, but the trees are too widely spaced to give him adequate cover.

Not wanting to fall too far behind Varros in their little bet Duran takes careful aim at the fleeing goblin, and as the creature passes through an opening in the rows of trees, releases a shot that strikes the panicked humanoid in the center of the back. The goblin pitches forward and sprawls on the ground, unmoving.

Varros, Oloc, and Gaven all quickly cast an eye on "Dirtbag," to see if the carnage has snapped him out of his charmed trance. The goblin appears charmed still, but he looks deeply saddened at the loss of his comrades. Oloc senses that, though the spell is now holding, it may well be very near its breaking point.

Oloc retrieves the two daggers he tossed, and Gaven picks up one goblin spear and hands it to Stan. He also recovers his own spear and wipes it clean on a dead goblin's tunic. Two of the four goblin arrows Varros shot are reusable, and Duran is able to recover all four of his better crafted arrows (OOC: a fifth is in the last goblin's back 100' away – it may or may not be reusable).

Stan continues to keep watch over the trap door. There seems to be no activity from below so far.

Searching the bodies of the dead goblins in the "kill zone," you find five more bows, five more quivers with a total of 40 goblin arrows, and two short swords. You also find a combined total of 9 sp on the bodies.

There is no movement at all from the last goblin Duran shot, some 100' feet away. He definitely appears dead.

OOC: Actions?

Combat Round 2

Initiative: Goblin wins: 6-2

Goblin: Continues to flee (now medium range)

Duran: d20 = 13 + 1 (med.) = 14 (hit); d6 = 3 (goblin killed)

Items Collected:

1 spear (Stan)
5 bows
5 quivers

40 goblin arrows
two short swords
one axe

9 sp


  1. "Great job everyone, the Light shines on us this morning," Gaven smiles broadly as he claps Duran on the shoulder.

    Gaven pauses briefly to make a prayer of thanks to the Light.

    "Now to decide what to do about the remaining goblins. I'm guessing they heard the commotion and will fortify their position. We would certainly be at a disadvantage trying to enter through the trapdoor." Gaven turns to Oloc, "Can you ask Dirtbag if there is another entrance to the cellar and what kind of supplies, weapons, traps, and such the goblins have?"

  2. Varros - Fighter

    Varros joins the group and says, "Well done friends. Any suggestions as to how to handle the rest of the tribe?" He looks to Duran, "I say we call our wager even friend, that last shot of yours was a thing of beauty and prevented the little beast's escape. If you would accompany me let us go take a look at him?" Varros looks to Ollie, "If you would friend gather the valuables for transport."

    OOC: Varros will check out the last goblin with Duran to look for any other clues or items of value. Varros will collect arrows to bring his total to twenty and leave the rest for Duran or Ollie. After looking over the final Goblin corpse Varros will rejoin the party and stay alert to the trapdoor and dirtbag.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran smiles at Varros' gesture and thanks him. As they head over to search the goblin Duran says "you weren't such a bad shot yourself, you dropped two in a row back there. Its good to have someone besides myself who appreciates the value of a bow."

    Duran watches Varros' back as he searches the goblin and then goes with him to rejoin the others.

    Once they are all gather Duran asks "If you think the goblins are aware of use do you think we can smoke them out by dropping smoking logs down the trap door? Without harming the girl that is"

  4. Oloc - Mage

    With the fall of the last goblin, Oloc turns his attention to the remaining goblins and how to get them out of the hole. Oloc will ask Gaven's questions to 'dirtbag'.

    Should there be no evidence of a second entrance, Oloc will suggest that he himself calls the remaining gobs up. "If you are in agreement, I can manufacture some ruse and affect my voice. We can then attack the goblins as they are in the vulnerable position of climbing out of the trap door."