Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Fight outside the farm house)

Cursing his bad aim Duran continues to fire at the closest goblin. Yelling over his shoulder to Stan and Gaven he says "One of you go around and block off the trap door while the others stand with me. If you move in to attack the goblins make sure to attack the ones on the edges so I still fire into the middle without hitting you."

Duran releases two more shots, but the goblins are up and moving again, and both shots miss.

"Light, what bad luck!," exclaims Gaven. "Stan, quickly, put stones on top of the trapdoor to keep the other goblins from getting up here!"

Stan rushes to the trapdoor and puts a couple of heavy stones on top of it – no goblins will be getting in or out that way in any hurry.

Varros looses two deadly arrows into the pack of goblins, and this time each finds its mark, dropping both targets in rapid succession.

Oloc tosses two of his daggers. While one goes wild, the other strikes Oloc's intended target in the throat. The goblin's torso swings backward as his legs scurry forward, and he falls, landing on his back.

Gaven moves up into the crumbled doorway through which the goblins exited the building, launching his spear just as the remaining enemy begin to panic over their losses. The spear gores yet another goblin, who goes down in a heap, his hands clutching the protruding weapon's shaft.

The last goblin, seeing there is no retreat back the way he came, turns away and runs as fast as his legs will carry him to the northeast through the orchard.

The charmed goblin stands where he was, his jaw hanging open slightly, uncomprehending.


OOC: Actions?

Combat Round 1:

Initiative: Party wins (2-1)

d20 = 10 + 2 (short) = 12 (miss)
d20 = 3 + 2 (short) = 5 (miss)

d20 = 14 + 2 (short) = 16 (hits goblin 1); d6 = 6 (goblin 1 killed)
d20 = 12 + 2 (short) = 14 (hits goblin 4); d6 = 6 (goblin 4 killed)

d20 = 3 + 1 (medium) = 4 (miss)
d20 = 13+1 (medium) = 14 (hits goblin 5); d6-1 = 2 (goblin 5 killed)

d20 = 16+ 2 (short) = 18 (hits goblin 2); d6 = 6 (goblin 2 killed)

Goblin 3:
Flees to the northeast.


  1. OOC: Before I post my action Is the goblin that is fleeing still in range of my bow?

  2. He'll be in range still, so you can still get in a round of shooting. If he wins initiative, you'll be at medium range (100'); if the party wins initiative, he'll still be at short range (right at 70').

    (S&W bow ranges are a bit short, as I'm sure you've noticed.)

  3. That's for Duran, of course, for Varros the range is a bit longer (about 90' if the party has initiative; about 120' if the goblin has it). And the goblin is well out of range for Oloc's daggers at this point.

  4. Varros - Fighter
    Varros takes a deep breath, concentrates and fires at the fleeing goblin.

    OOC: Varros will watch the fleeing goblin if neither he or Duran can hit it. Varros will also not hesitate to kill "dirtbag" if he seems to have any qualms about his comrades.

  5. Gaven - cleric

    After seeing four goblins fall, Gaven smiles and says, "Much better."

    While waiting to see if Duran or Varros can shoot down the fleeing goblin, Gaven will search over the corpses for any interesting trinkets, etc., while keeping a close eye on Dirtbag.

    OOC: If any of these goblins had a spear, Gaven will take it. Can the spear that had been used be reclaimed?

    1. How long are the combat rounds? Is there enough time in the combat round for the goblins in the basement to break through the trapdoor? If so, Gaven will stand guard at the trapdoor instead of looking for treasure.

    2. Combat rounds are one minute. It would be theoretically possible in that time for any remaining goblins in the basement to push the trap door open -- but not without a lot of noise and effort. Plus Stan is right there to give the alarm (and he'll have the presence of mind to jump on the door if it starts to open, or put another rock, etc.). So you'd have time to search the bodies and rush back in plenty of time if any trouble started at the trap door.

    3. Weapons: Two have short swords, one has a one-handed axe and one has a spear. The spear that was thrown can be reclaimed. Unlike their arrows (which frequently won't survive more than one impact), their hafted weapons seem quite solid and sturdy.

    4. Gaven will take both spears and offer one to Stan when there is a free moment.

  6. Duran - Fighter

    Not wanting to fall to far behind Varros in their little bet Duran takes careful aim at the fleeing goblin in an attempt to bring him down. Whether he misses or the goblins gets away Duran will then help Gaven guard the trap door.

  7. Oloc - Mage

    After retrieving the two daggers he tossed, Oloc will also keep one eye on 'dirtbag', and one eye of the trap door. If it looks like the gob's charm is wavering, Oloc will try his best to spin a story about how the dead goblins were traitors. (and cross his fingers, should it come to that!)