Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Fight in the Corridor)

There is a howl of rage as Garrh and Drazz charge toward the doorway, with Grimtooth right on their heels, cursing them for falling into the "pinkskins' trap." The goblins have spears in their hands, and Grimtooth – who is actually a much larger Hobgoblin – wields a hefty two-handed axe.

Realizing that this is no situation for a bow, Duran slings his bow around his back and pulls his hand-axe from his belt. Varros, too, draws his sword.

Oloc hangs back with his daggers at the ready, periodically casting an eye back behind him to see if 'dirtbag' is approaching.

Gaven shouts, "Varros, Duran, stand aside. Stan, set your spear and aim for their chest."

Gaven stands in front of the doorway, with Stan beside him, so that the charging goblins can just enter the room. Both men set their spears for the heart of a goblin.

"For Light and Law!" Gaven battle-cries.

At Gaven's urging, both Varros and Duran swing to the side, sword and axe at the ready to take on any target of opportunity.

Seeing the spears set against him, and snapped back to reality by Grimtooth's cursing, Drazz pulls up near the doorway, next to Grimtooth.

Garrh, however, remains enraged and charges headlong toward Gaven. The goblin successfully ducks Gaven's set spear, but is slightly off balance, just enough to enable the cleric to jump backward, barely dodging a blow that might have skewered him.

As the goblin's momentum carries him forward into the position vacated by Gaven, Stan takes advantage, stepping up to attack the goblin from the flank, piercing the monster's torso, wounding him severely.

At the doorway, Grimtooth takes a mighty swing with his axe at Duran's head, but the archer from Ashwood drops down, and the axe smashes violently, but harmlessly, into the wall above. A shower of stone splinters from the wall falls about Duran's shoulders. Duran attempts a counter swing with his own axe, but Grimtooth brings down the haft of his weapon deflecting it.

Opposite Duran, Varros thrusts his sword quickly through the abdomen of the goblin, Drazz, gravely wounding him. Drazz grabs the wrist of Varros' sword arm in one hand, and thrusts his spear with the other, running Varros through near the shoulder, making a very nasty wound.

Oloc shouts above the din in the goblin tongue for the party's opponents to lay down their arms, for they are wounded and will surely die if they continue the fight.

Hearing Oloc's words, and suddenly feeling the pain of his wound, Drazz lets go of his spear in Varros' shoulder, and staggers as fast as his wound will allow back through the doorway, in a panic. Grimtooth seems too filled with bloodlust to notice and Garrh, despite his wound, seems determined not to abandon his leader.

Red = Duran; Violet = Varros; Green = Gaven; Orange = Oloc; Silver = Stan; Black Circle = Garrh; Black Diamond = Grimtooth; Black Circle with Arrow = Drazz, fleeing.

OOC: Actions?


Round 1:

Goblins win initiative (4-2; Grimtooth was not charging, so acts normally; Drazz pulls up at Grimtooth's cursing so doesn't charge, but loses initiative; Garrh charges home against Gaven, thus giving Gaven initiative over him)

Gaven (spear set receiving Garrh's charge):
d20 = 6 (miss)

Garrh (charging Gaven)
d20 = 16 (miss)

Grimtooth (pulls up just at the doorway; attacks Duran)
d20 = 9 +1 (hit bonus) = 10 (miss)

Stan (Flanking Garrh):
d20 = 17 + 1 (flanking) = 18 (hit); d6 = 2 (Garrh severely wounded)

Duran (attacks Grimtooth)
d20 = 11 (miss)

Varros (attacks Drazz, pulled up near the doorway)
d20 = 20 (hit); d6 = 2 (Drazz serverely wounded)

Drazz (pulls up just at the doorway, losing initiative; attacks Varros)
d20 = 17 (hit); d6 = 4 (Varros down to 3 HP)

Shouts to the remaining enemies to give up their arms (adds 1d6 penalty to goblin morale checks; Drazz flees)


  1. Varros - Fighter

    OOC: Varros will attack Grimtooth as it appears his back is turned and he is facing Duran.

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    2. OOC: You are correct -- his back is to you, you've got a good blindside shot at him.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc will stand ready to assist Stan and Gaven should they need it.

    ooc: Having problems logging in with my ID!

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will skewer Garrh.

  4. Duran - Fighter

    Duran will try with all his might hit Grimtooth with his axe or block Grimtooth's next attack which ever opportunity arises first.