Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Dirtbag's Map)

"The current odds are not in our favor -- five goblins and guard dogs in a defendable position," says Gaven. "It may be wise to spend a bit of time searching the area. Perhaps there is another entrance to the other basement rooms."

"Either plan works for me, but one way or another we are going to have to go down the trap door and face the goblins" says Duran. "For now I'll volunteer to look around the farmhouse for a possible entrance while you question Dirtbag."

"Let me see if I can get our friend here to give us the lay of the land," replies Oloc, "including where the remaining gobs and dogs are."

Duran adds as he moves away: "If you find out no one is guarding the bottom of the ladder we might be able to get down safely before having to fight otherwise you might as well try and lure some more out."

Varros adds: "I will keep watch on the door while we decide the next course of action."

Oloc asks Dirtbag to sketch out on the ground what the room layout looks like through the trapdoor. He will ask for room and door locations that he knows of, where the remaining gobs are, where the dogs are and are they chained or penned. He will also ask where the girl is being held.

Dirtbag uses the butt end of his axe handle to draw a rough map in the dirt, looking like this:

"The trapdoor leads down stairs here," he says, pointing at the center room on the south edge of the map. "No one is in that room. Then there are doors here, here and here... The dogs are behind a door, but not chained. The alarm is in this hallway. And our guardroom is here." Dirtbag points at each feature as he mentions them. "Only Borrg was left in there when..." he trails off, as if he does not want to remember the ambush. "The girl was taken to a back room," he says pointing vaguely to an area outside of where he sketched. "But I have never been allowed to Grimtooth's rooms." He waves again in the general area north of the rooms he has drawn.

"Ask what the dogs eat and how well fed they are," says Gaven. "Perhaps some goblin meat can be used to distract them once we attack."

Oloc interprets the question.

"They eat meat," he says to Oloc in an almost apologetic tone, looking back toward the campfire where he and the other goblin sentry had been cooking Bill Barley's leg. "Grimtooth doesn't let us feed them too well though."

Duran returns from his search. Unfortunately, he has not found anything that looks like it might be an entrance to the farm house basement.


OOC: Actions?

The time is now just shortly after 9:00 a.m.

Let me know if you still want to do the goblin-steak thing, and I'll include that in the next post (I assumed whether you did that or not would depend on the answers you got in the interrogation).


  1. OOC: How long would the cutting up the goblins take? I wouldn't cook the meat, the dogs would likely eat it raw. As long as it wouldn't take too long, I would do i.

  2. If you're not particular about how you do it, you could simply cut a few chunks in a single turn. There are three dogs, BTW (I think I forgot to mention that).

  3. ooc: If they are behind closed doors and the gobs will be all in front of us, maybe we don't need to worry about them at all. If we can get down there and have 'dirtbag' tell us how to avoid the alarm, maybe we should consider a direct attack? (says the Mage as he cowers in the back)

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "I will cut 6 chunks of goblin meat for a distraction for the dogs. We don't know if the goblins have reorganized. Once we're ready to descend, I'll toss some steaks down towards the door closest to the dogs room (before descending). Did anyone think to bring a mirror?"

    Ooc: Do we know how wide the stairs are? Can we fit two across? Should archers or tanks descend first?

    1. The stairway is close enough to 10' wide that you can keep your normal 3-man frontage going down the stairs.

    2. Also, if your tanks descend first, any archers behind them would be elevated above them on the stairs and could easily shoot unimpeded if they can shoot before melee is engaged (though of course, the stairs actually have little to do with it, since I'd allow that initial shot anyway even on flat ground, if the front rank crouches, etc.)

  5. Duran - Fighter

    "It sounds like we can get down the stairs and make a stand before being attacked. Hopefully the goblin meat will stay the dogs. As long as Varros agrees he and I could be the first two down." Duran then prepares his bow and arrow and awaits the others decision.

  6. Gaven - cleric

    "We don't know if they reorganized, so I'll cut up 6 steaks. I'll throw 1 or 2 down towards the dog room before we descend." Gaven thinks a moment, "Anyone think to bring a mirror?"

    ooc: archers or armor first?
    How many wide fit on a step?
    Gaven will have spear and shield ready.
    Should Ollie light a torch?

    1. Oops thought blogger ate my other post

    2. Oops thought blogger ate my other post -- No problem -- that kind of thing happens to me all the time!

      Dirtbag says that torches are kept lit in the guard room, but not elsewhere. Opening the trapdoor would likely provide enough light in the entry room, but after that you estimate a torch would be necessary.

  7. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc will take 'dirtbag' off to the side, out of view of the 'steaks' being carved. He will speak with the goblin in a friendly tone to try and strengthen the charm spell. If the gob at all seems on the verge of breaking the spell, Oloc will ask for aid from his companions. If the party decides to descend, Oloc will ask the gob to sit under a tree and wait for him to return.