Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Two Goblins at a Campfire)

Varros looks at his companions grimly, "This situation appears to to be far more serious than we expected friends. Everything here suggests to me that soon we will be facing combat against an adversary unexpected, not human in fact."

"This is a grim situation indeed," says Gaven. The cleric picks up the ichor-covered dagger and gives it a sniff and then a lick to try to determine what creature this may have come from. The substance is foul-tasting, but it is definitely blood, perhaps from a goblin or an orc. He stows the dagger in his pack.

Sniffing the air Varros whispers to the party, "It is my guess we may be too late to save both the missing townsfolk, however, it seems to me we may be able to surprise their abductors. I have a plan..."

Varros quickly explains to his companions his idea of swinging east to avoid being caught between the farmhouse and any adversary near the fire on the hill, using the cover of the trees to move into position. Duran will shoot and Oloc will cast a spell, if needed, while the others will engage in melee.

Gaven nods at Varro's plan, "I like your idea, we certainly don't want to get stuck between two sets of enemies."

Duran nods his consent and says "I should like to be positioned to the left of the group during the attack so I can take as many shots as possible while the others charge. This way I won't be shooting over and through you as you move. Then after combat is engaged I can pick off any of their archers who are not engaged in hand to hand combat. I also have my axe should the need arise but I much prefer the feel of bow and arrow in my hands."

Oloc listens intently as well. "I will ready my charming spell, but should we be engaged in hostilities, it may prove ineffective. Otherwise, I can throw a dagger with some skill," he adds, drawing a blade from the sheath at his side.

The mage looks over the ground again. "Clearly our young lothario put up a fight and looks to have drawn blood before being wounded himself. I hope the two remain, for the most part, unharmed."

Before moving into position, Gaven looks at Ollie and says: "Lad, can you take the saddle? I would like to return it to Bob Barley as evidence of his horse and ..." Gaven sighs, "possibly his son's demise." Gaven makes the sign of Light over the horse. Ollie picks up the saddle and, with a bit of effort, manages to successfully stow it.

Once Ollie has finished with the saddle, the party climbs the hill cautiously, keeping to the shadows cast by the trees, and moving from trunk to trunk. After serveral minutes of very cautious maneuver, you hear a rough voice speaking ahead of you, and then hear another that laughs harshly.

Finally you arrive at a point where you can clearly see the source of the smoke. Two goblins, with yellow-green skin, are cooking over a small fire. Though you've always heard that goblins don't like the sunlight, these two seem to thoroughly enjoy it, sitting in the light rather than in the shade. They are both armed with bows. In addition, one has an axe in his belt, the other has a spear next to him, leaning against a stump. The shank they are turning over the fire smells both appetizing and somehow sickening at the same time.

For the moment they have not spotted you in the shadow of the trees. One of them adjusts the shank in the forked branches holding it over the fire, and makes a comment to the other, who laughs again with the same harsh sound you heard before.

OOC: Actions?


  1. Duran - Fighter

    Duran readies his bow and arrow. He quietly pulls the arrow to its full length on the bow and awaits Varros' signal to fire. When the signal is given Duran fires at the goblin with the spear laying near by while the others attack. He continues to fire at the goblins until it is not safe to fire with his companions in combat.

    OOC: If Duran hits and kills the goblin or incapacitates him he will then shoot at the second goblin if there is time before his companions get in the way. If he misses or does to little damage to the first goblin he will shoot again until his companions are in the way. Duran will continue to shoot at the goblins until it is not safe to do so due to his companions being in the way.

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven whispers lowly to Varros, "I've never heard of goblins bathing in sunlight, something is very odd here..." Gaven thinks for a moment, "Perhaps we should let Duran kill one and have Oloc try to charm the other so we can question it?"

    If Varros agrees, Gaven will attempt to signal to Oloc to cast his charm spell on one of the goblins.

    1. OOC: Do either of these goblins look like they have a dagger wound? Does their shank look human in size/shape?

    2. Neither goblin appears wounded. Looking carefully across the distance at the shank, you believe it does indeed look human. Probably male, as best you can make out.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    "Neither goblin appears wounded, there must be more of them close by. That shank may be human, that does not bode well for the young couple," Gaven whispers to Varros. "We may be in for a big battle if we cannot dispatch these two quickly and quietly. I think a lucky arrowshot and the charm spell may allow this, plus possibly gain us some intelligence if we can somehow converse with the fiend."

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc is pleasantly surprised that there are only two adversaries, but is convinced that more must be in the area. He tells Duran as much. Now that they are close enough to see the meat roasting over the fire, the young mage almost becomes sick. "Gods, let the girl be ok."

    Oloc sees Gaven's gesturing and after a moment he nods in agreement. "Duran, if the rest of you can take care of the one, I can try my charm spell on the other. Then I can speak to it to try and find out what has come of the girl."

    ooc: Just realized that I haven't picked languages yet. I'll update my sheet. Given the number available to Oloc (Common plus 5 more by my calc), I would certainly have selected goblin as one of the languages, will that be ok?

    1. Yep, that's fine. And your calculation is correct. So you can take goblin and 4 more after that.

  5. Varros - Fighter

    Varros looks Stan and Gaven in the eye and says, "Let us ready ourselves in case Duran misses or something goes wrong with our plan, we may yet be able to subdue one of these dirty beasts." Varros fixes his gaze back upon the goblins, "At all costs we must not allow either of these creatures to sound a warning, good fortune to you both, companions."

    OOC: Varros will attempt to charge and subdue one of the creatures should Duran miss or should Olec's spell fail or as soon as the goblins become alerted. Varros will loosen his concealed daggers, should one flee and subdual is not an option he will throw both if necessary to prevent an escape.