Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Midday (That Stubborn Stain, and Other Marks)

Gaven is amazed to see the altar, statue and font are unabused by time, but is dismayed at the graffiti. He kneels and prays at the altar looking for divine inspiration on how to purify the temple.

Gaven writes out the temple's engraving and draw the graffiti on a piece of parchment to show Abbot Cuthbert and Cosmo.

The cleric also tries to identify the ink. It is difficult to say what it is. It is not blood, though it has a bloodlike color, and a foul smell is noticeable when Gaven moves closer to inspect it. Perhaps blood was one ingredient that went into the pigment.

As he cannot identify it himself, he attempts to chip some off the wall to bring to Cosmo for identification (or perhaps the sage). However, the pigment refuses to break apart, crack or flake away, no matter how much force Gaven applies, or what type of tool he attempts to use. The pigment may not be entirely mundane in nature.

Cleaning the pigment off the wall seems entirely out of the question.

Meanwhile, Oloc wanders around the church, inspecting the old masonry and remaining features. "I also wonder if there is a 'back door' somewhere around here."

Disturbed by the red graffiti on the wall, Duran joins up with Oloc to search for some secret or trap door. Duran notices an outline on the surface of the dais that could denote a stone trap door in the floor, just behind the altar. If it is a camouflaged door, there is no obvious way to open it. The stone appears very large and heavy, and there is no handle.

Oloc turns his attention to the statue. "What do you think, Gaven? It is amazing the statue seems to have survived all these years. And the altar and font also appear to be amazingly 'undisturbed'...."  Oloc perceives, upon closer examination, that there is a thin line along the shoulder joint of the raised right arm of the statue, as if the arm were a separate piece. The line appears perfectly straight, and is clearly not a crack caused by weathering or abuse. The mage also notes that there is no other such line anywhere else on the statue.

Gaven, meanwhile, searches over the altar, statue and font for holy works. He spots nothing more on the statue than the line Oloc points out.

The beautifully crafted font reveals one additional detail. Now visible close up is a finely, delicately carved inscription that reads: "The Light Renews."

On the altar, Gaven also spies the thinnest outline of a square carved into the surface. It is clearly not a defacement of any sort, as the cut is extremely clean and regular. However it has no particular religious signification that he is aware of. It is nothing more than a simple square, with no words or symbols of any sort.

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Time: 12:30


  1. OOC: Sonofotho, did you mention earlier which spell you have memorized for the day, and which one is in your Ring? You may have, but I can't seem to find it. If you could remind me that'd be great.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    "Ahhh, so there is a secret entrance," Oloc says with a smile. "My guess is we move the statue's arm to release the mechanism opening the door. What say you? Shall we give it a go?"

    ooc: Actually, I don't think I ever posted about the spells! I will memorize Charm and 'store' Magic Missile in the ring.

    Shall we go down? And if so, how many of the hirelings should stay up with the horses? We should probably bring a couple with us, or...?

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven looks over to Oloc, "Shall we try to trigger both the altar and statue at the same time?"

    If Oloc agrees, Gaven will make sure everyone steps away from the possible trap door in the floor.

    1. OOC: Didn't see sonofotho's post before posting.

      I would say we are in agreement. :)

  4. Duran - Fighter

    Duran nods in agreement and steps back as the others try and activate the trap door.

    OOC: I think it would be ok to leave Buckeye, Sophie, Bill, Ollie and Gweneth above as long as they stay out of sight. We have Filbert and his cousins to help us out in fighting.