Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Midday (The Light of a Thousand Stars)

The Duran and Oloc step back as Gaven trips the lever.

The cleric reaches his hand into the altar compartment and pulls on the handle. A blinding flare of white energy rushes up out of the compartment, bathing Gaven's torso in pale flame. The cleric of the light seems to feel no discomfort at all.

The flame slowly dies down again, and there is a second of silence. Then you hear the sound of grating stone, and the portion of the floor behind the altar which Duran had previously identified gradually slides open.

Through the dark opening in the floor, you see a stairway down ending in a corridor that extends out of sight to the north. At the bottom of the stairway is another lever.

Duran asks Gaven if it is appropriate to take some of the water in basin for their water skins, and Oloc agrees with the suggestion. Gaven believes that taking some would be fine. The Light does not offer what is not meant to be taken.*

Oloc also asks if anyone has any holy water, thinking perhaps that would work on the stains.


OOC: Actions?

Time: 12:45

*This is based on character knowledge that Gaven would have as a cleric.

If you take some of the water from the font, please state that (just to confirm).

If you descend, please let me know how many torches/lanterns you have lit and who's holding them.

It has been suggested that Buckeye, Sophie (animal handler), Bill (porter/torchbearer), Ollie (porter/torchbearer) and Gweneth (merc) remain topside in the church. Please confirm, sometime before you descend, if those are the NPCs you want to leave in the church.

If you were to leave the proposed NPCs behind, you might have a marching order looking something like this (vs. the one currently posted on the PC Info Page):

Scouting:   Karnak (7/7)
Front Rank:   Gaven (12/12)   Almo (10/10)   Duran (11/11)
Second Rank: Filbert (6/6)     Oloc (6/6) [Light?]     Wally (4/4)
Third Rank:   Stan (3/3)   Jack (4/4)

Also, the corridor is 10' wide, so you could take the mule with you if you wished. Upside: you need leave no one behind; downside: the mule will "clop-clop-clop" a bit as you walk, so you will be less likely to surprise anyone you meet.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    A huge grin spreads across Oloc's face as the trap door opens. "I knew it," he mutters under his breath.

    Before heading down into the darkness, Oloc will empty his waterskin and try and fill with the water in the basin. (Note - he won't take all of it, but will leave enough for the others)

    ooc: I am fine with the proposed marching order and the suggestion of those staying 'topside'. Oloc will offer to hold a torch for sure.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Duran follows Oloc and fills his water skin from the basin and then prepares to head down the stairs.

    OOC: The marching order is fine with me. Duran will look to see if the trap door can be opened and closed from the inside of the passage. If so he will suggest that those they are leaving behind conceal themselves beneath the closed trap door.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    "Need have no fear indeed," Gaven says after being bathed in the holy fire.

    By Oloc's suggestion, Gaven tries to rub a little bit of holy water on the red markings. If that fails, he will mix holy water and the font water and try that.

    Gaven will fill his skin with the font water and will tell Filbert and the hirelings to do the same with whatever is leftover.

    Gaven will tell the others to stay back as he pulls the lever at the bottom of the stairs to see if it opens and closes the trapdoor.

    OOC: marching order and Duran's idea are good by me.

    1. Can everyone fit in the stairwell and stay back as Gaven pulls the lever? Don't want to split the party.

    2. OOC: Yep, you would indeed be able to fit everyone on and/or just past the stairwell (basically within a safe distance).

      If you guys decide to leave the hirelings and mule in the stairwell hidden with the trap door closed over their heads, they'll want light. They really won't like the idea of being closed in darkness, and will probably refuse to sit there without torches or a lantern; if you give them light but it runs out before your return, it's almost guaranteed they'll climb back up to the surface inside the church.

    3. OOC: There is enough liquid in the basin for three skins full.

  4. OOC: I'd say let them stay in the church then. Is one of the mercs admittedly Lawful/Light-loving? Someone that could be convinced to pull the lever inside the altar if need be?

    1. OOC: Both Jack and Stan are. Stan is the braver and more loyal of the two as well (as he's been with you guys the longest). Would you guys like to swap out Stan for Gweneth (who was originally slated to stay topside)?

      BTW, I'll try and get the next post up tonight.

    2. Oloc - Mage

      ooc: Makes sense to me!