Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Early Afternoon (A Sample of Crimson Malice)

The mage examines the red liquid coating Gaven's weapon without getting too close. Oloc tries to discern if it appears to be a living organism or some foul substance. As best he can tell it seems like something in between the two, not quite one, not quite the other, but with elements of both. The liquid seems rather nasty; up close it appears to release a sort of malignant anger, much like the graffiti above.

Gaven is taken aback at the way the liquid enveloped the spear tip. He examines the tip without touching the substance and feels malice emanating from it.

"If only we could discern more about this I would be tempted to coat the tips of my arrows in the substance," Duran says aloud. "What say you Gaven?"

Responding to Duran, Gaven says, "I am sure it would be harmful to us, but to those of evil intent, I think not. This substance is like pure darkness."

Given Gaven's advice, Duran opts to not coat his arrows.

The sample of the red substance seems completely dried on the spear tip. It no longer moves or squirms, or gives any sign of life at all beyond the feeling of evil it inspires.

Gaven breaks the tip off the spear and without touching it, wraps it tightly in a sack and stuffs it in his bag. He keeps the pole for now.

Oloc hands the old parchment over to Gaven. "This may hold some significance for you, Gaven. It appears to be a prayer on a very old piece of parchment. My guess is this place has been undisturbed for many, many years."

Gaven thanks Oloc for the parchment and places it in his scroll case for safe keeping.

With nothing else to see in this room, the party prepares to choose a direction and move out.

The exit to the north feels colder than the rest of the chamber, and the puddles of red liquid are located along the north wall of the chamber. Ten feet up the corridor to the north a way west branches off at a T-junction.

The east and west exits of the chamber exhibit nothing to distinguish them.


OOC: Direction? Just need a vote on which way to go. Once I have two votes for any given direction, we'll move the party that way.

Time: 13:30