Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday 1 August 1280, Early Afternoon (Chill, Squirm, and Prayer)

Gaven cautiously approaches one of the puddles. Staying within the symbol of the light, he uses his spear to scoop up some of the liquid.

While Gaven works, Duran searches the area for any signs of recent activity or traps. The only thing Duran notes is that the air near the north exit seems a bit cooler than the rest of the chamber.

Out of respect for Gaven, Oloc suppresses the urge to pilfer through the burial alcoves for anything of value. Instead he scans the walls for secret doors.

He finds none, but he does notice a small fragment of parchment lying exposed amid the bones. He is able to read part of it without disturbing the remains. The writing appears to be a simple prayer for the dead, written in a very, very old variation of common. If it was placed here at the same time as the skeletons, that would make the remains hundreds of years old, if not older.

Oloc then turns his attention to Gaven and the strange, red substance.

When the point of Gaven's spear touches the liquid, a tendril of the fluid rises up and attaches itself to the weapon. The squirming measure of liquid quickly envelops the weapon's tip, then dries and hardens in place, covering the spear head in a smooth, shining red sheath,* similar in appearance to the dried substance of the graffiti above in the church.

OOC: Actions?

Time: 13:20

*I.e., it forms a sort of red "skin" over the spear point; the spear point appears to have its normal shape and even sharpness. It's just now covered in a thin dried layer of the red stuff.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc takes the old parchment over to Gaven. "This may hold some significance for you, Gaven. It appears to be a prayer on a very old piece of parchment. My guess is this place has been undisturbed for many, many years."

    The mage then examines the red liquid without getting too close. Oloc tries to discern if it appears to be a living organism or some foul substance.

    ooc: If it doesn't appear we can figure out anything more, Oloc will suggest the party moves out.

    1. OOC: The liquid seems rather nasty; up close it seems to emanate a sort of malignant anger, much like the graffiti above. As for living organism or foul substance, as best you can tell it seems like something in between the two, not quite one, not quite the other, but with elements of both.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    "If only we could discern more about this I would be tempted to coat the tips of my arrows in the substance," Duran says aloud. "What say you Gaven?"

    OOC: If Gaven sees no harm Duran will coat 6 of his arrow tips. Other wise he won't and will be ready to move on.

    1. OOC: Gaven, more than anyone else in the party, can feel a distinct evil emanating from the substance, stronger here than in the graffiti above. Perhaps it is because of the cleric's affinity with the light.

    2. Duran - Fighter

      OOC: Given Gaven's advice Duran will not coat his arrows. He is now ready to move out

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven is taken aback at the way the liquid enveloped the spear tip. He examines the tip without touching the substance and feels malice emanating from it. Responding to Duran, Gaven says, "I am sure it would be harmful to us, but to those of evil intent, I think not. This substance is like pure darkness."

    Gaven breaks the tip off the spear and without touching it, wraps it tightly in a sack and stuffs it in his bag. He will keep the pole for now.

    Gaven thanks Oloc for the parchment and places it in his scroll case for safe keeping.