Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wednesday 4 July 1280, Morning (Binding Wounds and Moving Forward)

Seeing his spear strike true, Gaven sighs in relief and and mutters a benediction to the Light.

As he sees Grimtooth fall dead to the floor, the pain from Grimtooth's blow suddenly floods over Duran. Looking to his arm he sees the blood flowing from the open wound.

"Let us tend to your wounds," Gaven says to Duran and Varros.

"Thank you Gaven and well aimed!" says Varros as Gaven helps to bind the two fighters' wounds. Both warriors feel much better afterward.

"That sounds like it could be the girl," says Oloc. "Let's hurry in and secure her safety before any more harm should befall her."

Oloc begins to head toward the room ahead to discover the source of the groaning.

Upon hearing the murmurs from the other room and seeing Oloc head toward the next room, Gaven exclaims,"Hold Oloc. We don't know what dangers await in there. Perhaps we should get Dirtbag and Ollie."

Turning to the others Duran says "I agree we need to proceed with caution but we should tend to the girl as quickly as possible."

Varros calls for Ollie and Dirtbag.

The two dog-door guardians return at Varros' call, and Ollie reports that the door there seems shut quite securely. He thinks there shouldn't be any need for worry, unless there is someone left to open the door for the dogs from inside the room.

Moving back into a standard formation you advance cautiously to the doorway of the next room.

Standing over Grimtooth's dead body, and peering inside, you see a single torch already lit in a rusted sconce in the western part of the north wall. Between this torch and the one Ollie carries, the room is now well illuminated.

A trail of puddled goblin blood leads from the doorway where you now stand across the center of the room, where it suddenly becomes a wide smear, leading to the prone, groaning figure of the goblin Drazz, who is desperately trying with his last reserves of strength to drag himself to the door in the north wall which is slightly ajar.

In the center of the floor you also notice a six-inch, metallic grate covering a drain, and it is from this aperture that the tinny resonance of the dogs' barking can be heard as it begins to subside once more.

Blue bar = party in formation; black diamond = Grimtooth's corpse; black circle (filled) Drazz; hollow circle = 6" drain; green = blood trail

Scattered about the room are several ratty, filthy, blankets, undoubtedly the bedrolls of the goblin scouts. You also see grubby, tattered playing cards scattered across the floor, and one broken bottle.

There are a few other rusted sconces around the room, with half-burnt torch stumps in them. In addition to the partially open door in the north wall, there is also a door in the west wall, which has been swung wide open. Though the torchlight illuminates a rectangle of the floor through the west doorway, you cannot see into the west room beyond that door-shaped patch of light.

OOC: I should add, that from the rear (where I assume him to be) Dirtbag cannot see Drazz's prone figure; also, he seems completely untroubled by Grimtooth's corpse, which he can see.


Wound Binding

d4 = 2 (now at 6 hp)

d4 = 3 (now at 6 hp)


  1. Oloc - Mage

    "I guess the gobs came from the door to the west. Let's hurry and check the door to the north." This time Oloc will wait for some 'muscle' before moving on. "On second thought, maybe we should get 'dirtbag' in here. What do you say," he will ask no one in particular.

  2. Varros - Fighter

    "Many thanks Gaven, and Olec why don't you take Dirtbag back down the hall for a moment?"

    OOC: Assuming Olec does this Varros will move quickly across the room and dispatch the goblin, showing him a merciful death. Varros will then wait for the rest of the party's actions. As an aside Varros will collect the right ear from each goblin killed by the party and the head of Grimtooth. Varros will do this on an ongoing basis as the party backtracks in the future being mindful to avoid detection by Dirtbag whenever possible. Varros will explain to the party that the trophies are to be used as proof of the active goblin raiding party in the area and he also hopes to parley into them into some sort of payment by the town council or into a future contract with them.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Readying his bow Duran will try and looking through the door that is ajar. If he can see anything he will let the others know.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "You are welcome Varros. The Light shines on us this day."

    Gaven will search Grimtooth's body for any clues, including tattoos, or brandings, or emblems of rank or clan. He will retrieve his spear (is it still useable?).

    He will ask Stan to overturn the blankets and bedding to search for clues and treasure, "Make sure to use your spear, in case of any nasty surprises."

    Ooc: Do we know if the moaning we heard before was Drazz or Elsie and from which door it came? If so Gaven will approach that door carefully and closely examine the frame for traps(tripwires, hanging buckets of rocks).

    1. OOC: It seems apparent to you that the moaning you heard came from Drazz.

    2. In that case, Gaven will search the open door to the west in the way mentioned above. If need be, he will ask Ollie to shed some light with his torch.

    3. I suppose I should mention that he will actually look through the doorway as well, he just won't enter yet. :P

  5. OOC: Just so I'm clear and I don't mix things up, are you guys bringing Dirtbag into the room with you, or keeping him outside, or bringing him in but only after Varros dispatches Drazz?

    1. Oloc - Mage

      ooc: If the plan is to dispatch Drazz, Oloc will certainly advise not to have 'dirtbag' present when it happens. My guess is he may 'break' soon anyway once he sees the carnage! Oloc will make sure he is not side-by-side with the gob, when he arrives.

      (It has been forever since I played a wimpy magic-user. I must admit I'm liking this running away from all danger - thing!)

  6. Ooc: ask Dirtbag how the gobs came under the orders of a hobgob and why he doesn't care that Grimtooth is dead.