Sunday, April 15, 2012

4 July 1280, Midday (Discussing Dirtbag's Fate)

"Miss Elsie has confirmed my suspicion," says Gaven. "I say we have Dirtbag send off the dogs and then I will carry out his execution. We must get back to Fairbrook as soon as possible to return Miss Elsie and to warn the town. Delay in this deciding the fate of a lowly being of chaos wastes time we do not have."

Varros replies: "I suppose I must agree with Gaven upon hearing the girl's information. However, I am still not totally convinced that execution is the best course. It seems as if the town could be in peril. If they are not equipped to deal with a large number of goblins and hobgoblins they could be at great risk. Perhaps, as was suggested earlier, we could feed him misinformation about the town's defenses, suggesting that there are many skilled militia and adventurers. This might be enough to convince the horde that greener pastures might be found elsewhere. Especially if the tidings come from a lone survivor." Varros looks to Gaven, "I understand your vows friend, however, is the life of one servant of Chaos worth the wrath that his death and that of his ilk might bring upon Fairbrook?"

"I would see dirtbag killed if left up to me however I see the merits of Varros' plan. Either way we need to leave quickly in order to warn the town," says Duran.

You quickly consider your options including what you've seen, and heard said, of Fairbrook's defenses. You realize that that a force of 50 or even 100 goblins could never harm the town by direct assault. The palisade, the guard towers and patrolling archers along the walls would cut down any raiding force that size before they could even attempt a breach.

You realize also, however, that there are numerous tiny hamlets and farms outside the walls who would be vulnerable, as well as merchant caravans ripe for plunder on the roads, agents of the king and the church who could be kidnapped on the highways for ransom. Plus, there may be other ways to raid Fairbrook proper other than by a suicidal, direct frontal assault.

After this rapid assessment of the situation, Oloc suggests taking Dirtbag to the town to turn him in to the authorities along with the information you have about the threatened raid.

Suddenly, the dogs at Dirbag's feet prick up their ears, and jump up, hackles raised, snarling in the direction of the north side of the farmhouse, about eighty feet away from where you stand. As you look in that direction, you're horrified to see several long, furry, grotesquely jointed legs crawl around the corner, supporting a bloated body – about five to six feet long – and a head with eight menacing eyes and dripping fangs.

Blue circle = party location (including Elsie, Stan and Ollie); black "X" = pile of goblin bodies, yellow circle = Dirtbag; brown circle = dogs


OOC: Actions?

(Also, this was simply a random wandering monster check – I'm not trying to send any "message" or cut the conversation short or anything like that. I've been doing periodic checks all along, and this is simply the first one that came up "positive").


  1. Varros - Fighter

    Varros looks to the North when he sees the situation with the dogs, assessing the situation he calmly says, "To arms companions, attack with spear and bow, stay away from the creature, most likely it is poisonous." Varros readies his bow and lets fly as he says to Oloc, "Give Dirtbag the command to loose the hounds and attack the beast himself," smiling at Gaven he continues, "perhaps our discussion will be proven moot." Varros looks to Elsie then and says, stay behind Duran or I and whatever you do don't allow the creature to get close to you."

    OOC: Varros will try to keep 40 to 50 feet between himself and the spider and will continue to attack the spider. Varros will not get within melee range of the spider unless for some reason he must do so to protect Elsie.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Following Varros' lead Duran lets loose arrows from his bow aimed at the beast, doing his best to keep his distance and help protect Elsie and the group.

  3. Oloc -- Mage

    "A giant spider!" Oloc shouts. "I hate spiders! Dirtbag, release the dogs and have them attack the thing!"

    OOC: (I'll keep posting for Sonofotho as long as the technical difficulties persist).

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven says to the others, "Loose your arrows, but don't engage the spider. Let the dogs and spider eradicate each other. If the spider is occupied by the dogs, let us use the opportunity to return to town. The spider just looks for a meal. We have more important tasks at hand."

    Gaven turns to Elsie and Ollie, "Stay close to me. If the spider approaches us, start to run back to the road and I will follow as soon as I can."

    OOC: Gaven will not try to engage. He will stay behind the fighters and in front of the non-combatants.