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Wednesday 4 July 1280, Midday (A Follow-Up Interrogation)

"Alas, now that I see them in the light the dogs appear well nigh useless, hardly the war dogs of my home," he sighs and his eyes cloud for a moment in private thought before he continues, "I propose we attempt to burn and render this farm unusable as a base for further interlopers, perhaps we can start the process and then the town, once we make them aware, can finish the process."

Then drawing his comrades out of earshot of the goblin, Varros says, "We have the one last issue we previously discussed to take care of, if we were to go back to town with our friend, it could prove to be his undoing."

Duran agrees: "If we take dirtbag back to town I do not think it will go well for us and I don't think we can guarantee his safety. We should get what information we can from him and then send him on his way. Then we need to get back to the town and warn them of the impending danger. I am sure they must have a militia or guard to help meet this threat."

"I suggest posing a few more questions about the larger group that seems to be in the area such as their time of return, their goals and how they may react to their losses and then sending him on his way," Varros continues.

"I agree," says Oloc. "Let's see what more we can find out."

Oloc returns to Dirbag's side to question him. He peppers 'dirtbag' with questions regarding the larger group, attempting to glean anything and everything regarding their size, location, intentions, etc. Under Oloc's interrogation, Dirtbag reveals that a "horde" of goblins – also with hobgoblin leaders – was to set out from Stagwood. He does not know how many in the horde, just "a lot," perhaps fifty? a hundred? And he does not know where they were to muster, though when you mention the "north bank," he assumes it must be the north bank of the Coldstream.

Rumor amongst the goblin grunts in the scouting party on their departure from Stagwood was that the horde would be hitting farms and small hamlets, and plundering any merchant caravans they could come across. Scouts were sent toward Woodfield and Stag Hollow as well as Fairbrook. If Bloodfang's missive mentions the "north bank," it probably is the Coldstream being referenced. In which case, there would be no doubt the region around Fairbrook has been selected as the raiders' target.

He doesn't know the planned time of departure of the horde for certain, but they probably would have left Stagwood a few days after the scouting party – just long enough for runners to take messages from the scouting parties to Bloodfang and back. The horde could be at the muster point already. If not, they'll certainly be there soon.

As for their reaction to their losses? The horde is likely to take vengeance on any targets they raid, slaughtering with even greater ferocity and slow cruelty than they normally would as payback.

When the interrogation ends, Oloc returns to the group, away from the goblin, and reports his findings.

Varros looks to Oloc, "I suggest that you make it clear to him why he still lives, and the importance of a life debt."

Gaven then speaks up: "While I know you gave your word, Varros, my honor and duties as an acolyte of Light cannot let Dirtbag go unless he submits to follow the Light. Plus, he played a role in Miss Elsie's capture and unjust imprisonment. He must be tried. Remember, he only obeyed because of Oloc's charm."

Gaven turns to Elsie, "Miss Elsie, did this goblin play a role in the attack on you and Bill? Did he play a role in your imprisonment?"

Elsie looks at the goblin fiercely: "I'm sure of it," she says. "I'm sure they all did. I hate every goblin in the world, and I wish them all dead for what they did."

Meanwhile the dogs seem to have eaten their fill from the corpses and have wandered over next to Dirtbag and curled up for a nap at his feet. Dirtbag, previously distressed by the deaths of his comrades (other than Grimtooth) seems to remain calmly in his charmed trance, as if his grief – or perhaps just his shock – at the loss has past.

OOC: Actions?


  1. Ooc: I'VE assumed goblins are chaotic in this setting, is that correct? If they are neutral, Gaven won't be as adamant regarding killing dirtbag.

    1. OOC: You are correct -- they are chaotic.

      My overall assumptions (which your characters would know) are:

      Most ordinary people in the "civilized areas" (towns, etc.) are neutral with lawful tendencies (people who, while not self-sacrificing saints, basically strike a balance between looking out for their own interests, but who understand the importance of being good parents, neighbors, citizens, etc., and do so willingly).

      Animals (and a few people) are true neutral.

      Pretty much all "uncivilized" humanoids are chaotic (as are all the dark, strange nasty monsters you may encounter).

      I basically read "chaotic" as "unable to resist immediate action on every inner impulse (steal, kill, devour, etc.); only controllable by threat of harm from a more powerful entity." All chaotic groups are cohesive only to the extent that the strongest among them rules by force and threat of pain or death.

      This is not to say that one couldn't attempt to "convert" a chaotic individual to a more "inner" social outlook. But it would be a very long and difficult undertaking with slim chances of success.

    2. OOC: Good to know. So, Gaven's kill 'em all attitude is 'appropriate'.

    3. OOC: For a lawful cleric of the Light, I'd say so. :)

  2. Gaven - cleric

    "Miss Elsie has confirmed my suspicion. I say we have Dirt ag send off the dogs and then I will carry out his execution. We must get back to Fairbrook as soon as possible to return Miss Elsie and to warn the town. Delay in this deciding the fate of a lowly being of chaos wastes time we do not have."

  3. Varros - Fighter

    "I suppose I must agree with Gaven upon hearing the girl's information. However, I am still not totally convinced that execution is the best course. It seems as if the town could be in peril. If they are not equipped to deal with a large number of goblins and hobgoblins they could be at great risk. Perhaps, as was suggested earlier, we could feed him misinformation about the town's defenses, suggesting that there are many skilled militia and adventurers. This might be enough to convince the horde that greener pastures might be found elsewhere. Especially if the tidings come from a lone survivor." Varros looks to Gaven, "I understand your vows friend, however, is the life of one servant of Chaos worth the wrath that his death and that of his ilk might bring upon Fairbrook?"

    OOC: What does the party know of the town's defenses? Varros obviously not from the area would know little. However Duran especially or one of the others may know a good deal more. If the town is well defended and would be able to stave off an attack easily Varros will agree to the execution. If the town could incur serious damage or losses will be severe he will continue to argue that dirtbag should be coached in the best way possible to prevent an attack.

  4. Duran - Fighter

    "I would see dirtbag killed if left up to me however I see the merits of Varros' plan. Either way we need to leave quickly in order to warn the town," says Duran

    OOC: If I know anything the others don't about the defenses I will fill them in. Whatever is decided Duran will back his fellow fighter Varros.

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  6. OOC: All of your characters would realize that a force of 50 or even 100 goblins could never harm the town by direct assault. Fairbrook proper is surrounded by a sturdy palisade, with guard towers at the gates, and patrols along the walls. One thing Duran is specifically certain of (which might not be evident to the group) is that any raider force that size would almost certainly be shot down to a man by the archers in the towers and on the walls before they got close enough to even attempt a breach.

    That said, however...

    ...there are numerous tiny hamlets and farms (too small to be noted on the 1" = 25 mile map) situated outside the walls and in the surrounding region that would be quite defenseless against raiders

    ...Fairbrook is the largest trade center in the vicinity, so merchant caravans coming in and out would be very exposed while on the road

    ...agents of the king and the church sometimes pass through Fairbrook and could be kidnapped on the road (their small escorts would not likely prevail against 50-100 goblins in the open) and held for ransom

    ...there may be other ways to raid Fairbrook proper other than by a suicidal, direct frontal assault

  7. OOC: Hi all -- due to technical difficulties, Sonofotho had to email Oloc's action to me. Here it is:

    "Given the new info, Oloc will suggest to take dirtbag to the town to turn him into the authorities along with the information."

  8. ooc: Bard, how would you like to handle this? Should we continue discussing this here or will you start a new post? Since Varros and Duran agreed to the same plan, will that be what is done? I recall your rulings saying something about "votes". Basically it seems silly to hold up a PbB game on this.

    1. Yep, I wanted to give this a little time for discussion, but we can always go with a vote. Let's see how the encounter with the spider plays out, and then I'll call for an OOC vote when the dust settles.

  9. OOC: I concur with Olec. Take him to town and let them decide the best course of action. I would rather kill him than hold up the game. Lol.