Wednesday, April 18, 2012

4 July 1280, Early Afternoon (Leaving the Farmhouse)

With the spider dead, the group makes its final deliberation regarding the charmed goblin.

Varros speaks first: "Let us end this. Dirtbag can be presented to the council along with Grimtooth's head and my collection of ears. He's their issue to resolve then and he might bring us a bit of coin to boot. Regardless, we must return to town posthaste."

"I think turning Dirtbag over to the authorities would be the best idea," agrees Duran. However, we cannot have him just walking freely into town with us. We should at least bind him before entering the town even if he is charmed." Duran continues, "As for the dogs we either need to put an end to them or tie them up here as I don't think they will take to kindly with us tying up Dirtbag." With that Duran makes ready to head back to town.

"I see no point in trying to take this mongrel with us," says the cleric, "especially since he will be executed anyway. If Oloc believes that his spell will hold and that Dirtbag will willingly walk to his death, then so be it. Let us make haste back to town." Gaven stays close to Elsie, making sure to stay between her and Dirtbag.

Oloc says: "I think the spell will hold. I will explain to him that it is necessary for his safe conduct into town. Just stand ready should he grow doubtful." Oloc considers the dogs. "Although it seems cruel, I suggest we have the goblin return the dogs to their room. The authorities back in town can decide of they are worth trying to tame."

"Dirtbag poses enough of a risk for my liking," counters Varros and, with that, Varros nocks another arrow and gets within close range of the dogs. Once there he lets fly. "Gaven has enough reservations carting Dirtbag to town let alone two curs."

Before anyone else can react, Varros releases two arrows in rapid succession killing one dog. The other turns and flees into the cover of the orchard. In seconds, the animal is out of sight.

Dirtbag seems to tense slightly at the event, but then relaxes and doesn't seem to have come out of the charm. With Oloc reassuring him, Duran binds the goblin's hands. The party then gathers itself and begins the short trek back to Fairbrook.

Varros stays back slightly, and once the rest of the group have taken Dirtbag far enough down the hill to be out of sight, Varros collects the remaining goblin ears from the pile, sets fire to the corpses and leaves them burning.

Walking in the bright, warm summer sunshine, it is easy to forget the grim task you have just completed, and most of you barely look back -- if at all -- to the rising smoke of the goblin-pire. In the pleasant, clear summer ambiance of the countryside, even Elsie seems less traumatized.

Soon find yourselves approaching the north gate of Fairbrook. From the watch tower there, a guard yells down to you: "Halt!" He quickly descends and accosts you outside the gate. You see an archer upon the wall, looking down on the scene as well.

The guard in front of you speaks once more. "How came you upon this goblin? And why are you bringing him into town?"

OOC: Actions?

It was suggested in an earlier comment that the party might attempt demolition of the house, but since mostly what remains is stone wall remnants and the stone basement, I think it would be nigh impossible to reduce it further (not without special equipment and a team of laborers).

Time Update: It is now 1:00 p.m.

Combat Details:

Round 1: Varros has surprise round.

Varros shoots at dog 1
d20 + 2 (short range) = 14 (hit); d6 = 1 (dog wounded)
d20 + 2 (short range) = 20 (hit); d6 = 5 (dog killed)

Round 2: Dog has initiative (4-1)

Dog flees and is gone.


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Tired of arguing over Dirtbag, Gaven takes out his club, walks behind the goblin and caves in his skull.

    Assuming this kills him, Gaven says to the guard, "We return from Lover's Grove, where we rescued Elsie Miggins from a scouting band of goblins. We have learned that the goblins are mobilizing somewhere on the north bank of the Coldstream and plan on plundering the nearby farms and villages. Now, please, let us enter to speak with Mayor Adsul about gathering a militia to counter these attacks."

  2. Varros - Fighter

    OOC: Assuming that Gaven does indeed slay dirtbag Varros will claim his ear for the collection. He will then address the guard, "Since you seem to prefer your goblins dead, I assume we will be permitted access now?"

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Slightly taken aback by the outburst by Gaven Duran also addresses the guard "Sir we are also bringing home one of the villager's children who had gone missing. Please let us pass quickly as we have news for your captain. Where might we find him?"

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc is caught completely off-guard by the suddenness of Gaven's action. The mage is not sorry for the loss of 'dirtbag', but certainly didn't see that coming. He echoes the request for an audience with the authorities. "Every hour could be vital. The outlying farms are in danger of attack at any time."