Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 July 1280, Afternoon (Meeting Captain Belloc)

Duran and Oloc, not feeling the need to answer for Gaven's actions, allow Gaven to speak for himself.

Gaven, however, explains things to the captain, with Varros adding a word or nod as necessary to support or fill in the story:

"Well met Captain Belloc, I am Gaven, acolyte of Light. I apologize if my action causes you added stress. The guard asked 'why are you bringing the goblin into town?', suggesting that the goblin was unwelcome and would impede our re-entry. I simply rectified the situation, thus fulfilling my oath to the Light," Gaven pauses to bow his head before continuing.

"It's just as well," says Belloc. "Personally I prefer them dead. The mayor claims to have some unusual technique for...intelligence gathering. Frankly I don't see how it can be all that effective – at least not more so than ordinary techniques. But it's not my place to question. I'm a soldier and the subtleties of interrogation are not my area of expertise."

"You would have received no useful information from the runt of the goblin litter anyway," continues Gaven. "While he was able to aid us in surprising the rest of the force, he had no useful intelligence on the goblin's purpose."

Varros shows the captain the trophies as proof that the rest of the scouting force was slain.

Duran lets the others do the talking as he looks around the room. As he looks he tries to see if he can make out anything of importance on the desk or maps of the Captain.

Gaven motions to Oloc, "Oloc's arcane arts are likely better than any method you would have to extract information from the goblin."

Gaven pulls the note found on Grimtooth's body and hands it to Belloc, "This, however, was found on the hobgoblin leading the mission. Oloc translated it to say 'Main force gathering on north bank. Scout enemy positions only. Do not engage or take prisoners. – Bloodfang'."

Oloc, too, then speaks, confirming the translation and stressing the need for the captain to take the goblin threat seriously.

Gaven pauses to allow the information and Oloc's confirmation of the translation to sink in.

The captain nods. "We've been aware of increased goblin activity," he says. "But what you're showing me is more detailed than our current information."

Belloc notices Duran glancing around at the maps (which Duran recognizes as all being of various points around Fairbrook). The captain gestures for Duran, and the rest of you, to join him as he walks to the large wall map and points out areas where other small free companies have picked up goblin activity.

"We've gotten sightings here, along the road to Woodfield, as well as over here, on the route toward Stag Hollow. Small parties, in each case, assumed to be scouts. But your group is the first to bring back concrete intelligence of the goblins' intentions."

"It seems the goblins mobilize under hobgoblins," Gaven adds. "This is very serious indeed. While I cannot speak for my comrades, I offer my services to you, as your goals and mine certainly overlap. I shall also say my comrades wanted to bring the goblin to you and were against my slaying of the goblin, Light forgive them."

On this last point, Varros adds, to the captain, that Gaven is a good sort who perhaps loves the light a bit more than most.

"What's done is done," says the captain. "As I say, for myself, I'd rather see the creature dead. And as for the mayor....I will smooth things over with him."

Gaven finishes by saying, "I hope my explanation is satisfactory, and if so, my duties require me to bring Miss Elsie to her home, to seek out Bill Barley's father to deliver news on his son's demise."

"For this there is no need," responds Belloc. "I sent the guards who brought you to bring the parents here. They should arrive before we finish our business. As for your offer of service..." The captain pauses for a second as he looks over the party as whole.

"If you truly are interested, I've a mind to hire your company as scouts. Your job would simply be to locate the main body of the goblin host, and once they've been spotted, communicate their location to me by raven.* We will of course supply you with a map, and the bird. I believe I can narrow down the area you'd need to cover."

"I would expect you to depart no later than tomorrow dawn. That would give you some time to rest, reequip, and take care of any other pre-departure business."

"Indeed, replies Gaven, "I would like to return with haste to the temple to pray for guidance."

The captain nods. "The pay for the mission is 50 gold up front, so you can purchase any equipment you may need, and another 250 if you successfully locate the goblin host. Even if you fail to find them, you'll be paid 50 gold on your return simply for your trouble."

"And remember, this would be a reconnaissance mission only. My expectation is that you simply locate the enemy, not take on the full raiding contingent in combat. Once we know where the villains are, I can quickly muster a body of men-at-arms able to make short work of 100 goblins. What say you?"

OOC: Actions?

*Ravens in the West Kingdom: Some ravens are found who understand human (and demi-human) speech, and who can communicate simple ideas to those experienced enough to understand them. Not all ravens possess this ability of course. Legend holds that some ancient mage may well have enchanted a coven of ravens in his keeping with intelligence and true speech, and that some measure of these gifts was passed down through their descendants all the way to the present day. This is, of course, not certain. But the fact is that some ravens, although fewer and fewer in number, still possess an ability to communicate with men, elves, dwarves and halflings. It is no doubt of one of these birds that Belloc speaks.  


  1. Varros - Fighter

    Varros looks to Captain Belloc and says, "I don't know about my companions, but I find your terms of employment fair, however, I think 100 gold each seems a bit more of a respectable number for the job. Maybe you could consider it payment for services rendered," Varros fixes his gaze on the trophy bag for a noticeable moment then returns them to the Captain, "also, the ability to borrow decent horses for our company would only allow us to relate your requested information in a more timely matter."

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven stands back to let the others negotiate terms.

    He gathers Bill Barley's saddle and ichor-coated dagger from Ollie.

    OOC: Gaven will take on the mission whatever the terms.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc is relieved that the goblin threat is taken seriously by the Captain. But when the discussion of joining up as scouts comes up the mage frowns slightly. He had been hoping to explore the ruins soon; visions of magic items and long forgotten spellbooks dominating his thoughts. Still, the offer of gold for simple recon work is enticing.

    "I agree with Varros, begging your pardon Captain. I think 100 gold and horses would be more equitable. As you can see, we deliver."

  4. Duran - Fighter

    As Duran is about to respond to the Captain's request the others speak up asking for more gold. Understanding the need to be well compensated Duran lets the other talks. He does chime in saying "Yes Captain horses would be most useful for our endeavors."

    OOC: Duran will also go along with what ever is decided.