Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (Let's Make a Deal)

When Mackey pulls the darts, Varros quietly warns the party that he suspects Mackey's darts are poisoned with the snake's venom. Gaven takes a defensive crouch with his shield, prepared to intercept the darts if necessary. Oloc involuntarily sidesteps behind his armored comrades.

"Give it up Mackey," says the spell-caster. "Alanna has sent men to back us up. We expect them any minute."

Oloc then waves a hand at the party. "Look at the numbers against you, Mackey. You have no chance other than to drop the weapons and surrender. Perhaps if you were to come clean with some of your ill-gotten goods, things would go better for you."

Then the mage thinks about Swede's comments. "Unless you have something else with which to bargain?"

Mackey ponders Oloc's words.

Duran warily eyes Mackey with his bow drawn, watching for any sign of an attack, ready to shoot him dead at the first hint of ill intent.  Beside him, Varros waits like a statue with his bow drawn taught and aimed straight at Mackey, equally unlikely to hesitate at the first indication of Mackey making good on his threat.

As Mackey continues thinking over the magic-user's words, Varros, too, speaks up carefully and slowly to the bandit: "Making your living through the suffering and misfortune of others is a horrible thing Mackey, however, some things are far more despicable – those in positions of authority who profit from such behavior, for example. You have quite a bit to think on and precious little time to do so. Today is not a good day to die, especially when there are other options open."

Varros looks to Oloc and asks him to prepare the note they discussed earlier and get "the messenger" prepared to leave – then adding in a whisper to send the message only if Alanna shows up during the talk with Mackey. Oloc prepares the note.

Mackey's eyes narrow at the mention of a messenger to be sent to Alanna. Then after reflecting a moment more he says: "Other options, eh? A bargain? You clearly aren't some local pig-sticking militia from Ham's Fork." He chuckles under his breath. "They wouldn't have the brains to suggest a deal. Considering that surrender means the hangman's noose for me, what kind of proposition do you have in mind?"


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  1. Oloc - Mage

    'What the Hells', Oloc thinks to himself. "Perhaps you can still save yourself," he says to the bandit. "If you were indeed in cahoots with Alanna, then you are likely to be killed on sight when her men arrive."

    "Your only chance is to come with us now and we head straight to Belloc. Do you have any proof of your dealings with her? Your word alone might not be enough."

    Oloc shakes his head wondering what he has just done. "And where do you keep the loot, Mackey? Time is almost up!"

  2. Varros - Fighter

    Varros will keep his weapon leveled at Mackey, at the ready, awaiting his response.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran, not thrilled at the prospect of giving the bandit a deal, listens as the others talk as he keeps is weapon trained on Mackey. Finally impatiently he says, "Mackey I would like nothing more than to put this arrow in your chest, not give us an answer or die."

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "If you do not agree to leave with us now to submit to Captain Belloc, you will be struck down."