Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (Here, bandit, bandit, bandit...)

The mage is the first to react:  "Quick, let's get back around the corner and prepare to jump him." Oloc looks to the others with a sense of urgency. "We do not have much time!"

Taking quick stock of the situation Duran nods in agreement with Oloc and then tries to quickly and quietly make his way back around the corner, with Gaven, Varros, and Swede following suit.

The entire party, hirelings included, manage to pull back out of sight to the designated point without making a single sound.

The bandit calmly makes his way through the barracks, apparently unaware of the party's presence ahead of him, as he continues to mutter and mumble curses and insults directed at Sinder.

As he steps around the corner toward the outer guard cavern* where the party lies in wait, Gaven, Varros and Swede all jump him, with Duran on overwatch, ready to shoot should the bandit break away.

Gaven immediately gets hold of the bandit and succeeds in clamping a heavy hand over his opponent's mouth, silencing him. Varros piles on, bringing the pair down hard to the ground with a thump that half knocks the wind out of the brigand. Swede joins in, whacking the blackguard in the head with the butt of his crossbow, stunning him severely.

The fellow is rather taller and broader than any of the bandits you have seen to this point, but still no match for the cleric, fighter and bounty hunter in an ambush. He lets out only a muffled groan behind Gaven's hand from the bottom of the pile-up, and seems to be on the verge of unconsciousness.

He wears leather armor, along with a sheathed sword at his belt. You notice the glint of gold on one of his fingers.


OOC: Actions?

Time is now about 5:00 p.m.

*Outer guard cavern = the cavern with the campfire, wood, and Sinder's dead body.

Sneaking Back to the Ambush Point: 

50% chance of making a noise the bandit can hear: d100 roll = 61 (no noise).

Details from Jumping the Bandit:  I assumed by "jumping" you meant "subduing" rather than, say, peppering him with spears/arrows with the intent to kill. Consequently, for each hit, I came up with some logical consequence rather than damage in hp.

Surprise round – only the party acts.

Gaven: d20 = 20 (hit) = grabs bandit and stops him from calling for help.
Varros: d20 = 19 (hit) = piles on and brings bandit (and Gaven) to the ground, immobilizing bandit.
Swede: d20 = 18 (hit) = whacks bandit in the head with the butt of his crossbow, stunning him.


  1. Duran - Fighter

    Duran continues to keep an eye out down the tunnel while the others deal with the bandit.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    As the others hold the bandit fast, Oloc will draw a dagger and try and look as menacing as he can. "Keep quiet and we'll let you live!" The Mage will try and find out how many bandits are left in the back cave. If the bandit tries to cry out, Oloc will use his robes to cover the bandit's mouth.

    Depending on the bandit's response, Oloc will suggest the party continues with their original plan.

    ooc: Sorry for the lag - travel and sick kids are a bad combo.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven will continue to restrain the bandit. He will also ask what is in the tunnel and in the passage to the north.