Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (The Villain at the End of the Tunnel)

"Great job all!" Gaven looks at Swede: "The hobgoblin was as good as his word, surprising for a being of Chaos. We should check his armor later, I remember it glowing strangely when Duran hit him with his axe."

Looking down the tunnel, Gaven says: "Now let us move onwards to catch the villains."

Gaven takes the lead keeping his spear out to the front. He moves quickly, but cautiously keeping his eyes towards the ground while directing Stan and Jack to scan the walls and ceiling.

Looking down at Swede's body Duran shakes his and then moves to follow Gaven down the tunnel with his bow at the ready.

Oloc breathes a huge sigh of relief when the snake is slain. He collects his daggers and follows the others down the passage after the fleeing bandits. The mage makes a mental note to remember to return to the chamber and search for any secret places where the bandits may have stashed their valuables.

Varros readies his bow again and follows Gaven and Duran.

The tunnel is about 100 feet long and is less well lit than the previous areas, though you still have enough light to see. As you make your way down the rough passage, you detect no traps, but you hear what sounds like an incantation in some magical language. A blue-tinted light seems to flicker from a cavern up ahead, but it dies out with a sputtering noise, and a curse from Mackey.

"Why won't this blasted thing work? If I get my hands on that charlatan..."

You hear a weak voice respond: "Try it one more time, boss."

As you hear this exchange, you arrive at the entrance to a cavern smaller than any you've seen so far, a mere 40 feet in diameter or so. Mackey and the wounded bodyguard are in the center of the area, huddled over some ornate metal object which Mackey holds in his hand. Mackey is once again in mid-chant, the object in his hand glows blue once more, and then, as he ends his chant, the light emanating from the object sputters, fizzles, and goes out again.

Spotting your arrival at the cavern entrance, the wounded bodyguard nudges Mackey: "Uh, boss, we got company."

Mackey, looks up and, with lightning reflexes, stands and draws two darts from a bandolier draped around his studded leather armor. The metal object he previously held in his hands lies on the floor at his feet.

"The first one of you to come any further dies." He hisses between clenched teeth. "You can go back to Ham's Fork and tell that she-dog of a lieutenant that if she wants to do me in, she can come take care of it herself."


OOC: Actions?


  1. Oloc - Mage

    When Mackey pulls the darts, Oloc involuntarily sidesteps behind his armored comrades.

    "Give it up Mackey. Alanna has sent men to back us up. We expect them any minute."

    The mage then waves a hand at the party. "Look at the numbers against you, Mackey. You have no chance other than to drop the weapons and surrender. Perhaps if you were to come clean with some of your ill-gotten goods, things would go better for you."

    Then the mage thinks about Swede's comments. "Unless you have something else with which to bargain?"

  2. Varros - Fighter

    Varros waits like a statue with his bow drawn taught and aimed straight at Mackey. Varros will not hesitate to loose an arrow at the first indication of Mackey making good on his threat to throw a dart. Varros will speak carefully and slowly to the bandit, "Making your living through the suffering and misfortune of others is a horrible thing Mackey, however, some things are far more despicable, those in positions of authority who profit from such behavior for example. You have quite a bit to think on and precious little time to do so. Today is not a good day to die, especially when there are other options open."

    Varros will warn the party that he suspects Mackey's darts are poisoned by using the snake's venom. Varros will also look to Oloc and ask him if he could step back and prepare the note they discussed earlier as well as get "the messenger" prepared to leave. Varros will try his best to act as though the messenger is a human. He will also whisper to Oloc not to send Karnak unless Alanna shows up during the talk with Mackey.

    1. Oloc - Mage

      Oloc will prepare the note.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran warily eyes Mackey with his bow drawn as he watches for any sign of an attack.

    OOC: If Duran gets even a hint of ill intent from Mackey he will shoot him dead.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven takes a defensive crouch with his shield. He will try to intercept thrown darts with his shield.