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Thursday 12 July 1280, Afternoon (In a Hail of Arrows)

Varros quickly addresses the party, "We can't afford to let any of these bandits live. We must kill them before the Alanna's reinforcements arrive. We must get word to Belloc of the partnership between her and Mackey, agreed?"*

Varros quitely suggests the party maintain range and utilize their missile weapons to their advantage. He gives his daggers to Oloc to throw.

Oloc takes the daggers from Varros and prepares himself to attack the bandits from a distance. He tells Swede to go after the bandits in melee as soon as the battle begins.

Swede nods at Oloc, holds up his crossbow and whispers to the mage: "One shot and then I'll jump in."

Duran makes ready to take as many shots as he can before melee is joined.

Gaven concurs with the fighters and orders the hirelings: "Ready your bows."

The cleric hangs back behind the fighters to allow them loose their arrows, ready to receive any bandit charge that may develop, and keeping an eye out for the snake.

With arrows nocked, the party steps forward from the shadows to give all the shooters a clear line of sight,** with Swede quickly kneeling to allow Oloc to throw over his head.

The two bandits momentarily freeze in place, surprised at your appearance, and the sudden unleashing of a veritable hail of missiles.

One of the bandits takes two arrows to the chest, one from Varros and one from Duran. The bodyguard falls to the ground in a twisted, awkward, lifeless pose.

The second bodyguard is quicker, making a dash for the eastern part of the cave, out of your line of sight, but not before one of Stan's arrows penetrates the bandit's leather protection.

From the initial direction of Mackey's voice you hear him bellow a curse, then: "How many are there?"

To which the bodyguard replies painfully: "Fifteen or twenty, at least!"

"Come on!" yells Mackey.

Having unleashed your volley, those intending to do so switch to melee weapons and charge in, pursuing the bandit bodyguard. Your field of view cuts round to the east, and you see an opening in the southern portion of the cavern wall in that direction.

You catch a glimpse of Mackey and the bodyguard in headlong flight down that tunnel where they disappear into the shadows.

Blocking the entrance to the tunnel, however, is a large serpent with crimson scales. The snake is coiled, so it is difficult to determine its full length, but its body is about four inches in diameter. Given its girth, you estimate it could be some twelve to sixteen feet long.

The snake's head and neck are raised aggressively, and it hisses loudly, quite obviously prepared to strike at anyone who attempts to follow its master down the south tunnel.


OOC: Actions?

*You wouldn't have time to write Belloc a note and send it before this fight begins (since the bandits have just been ordered by Mackey to move your way in search of the previous bodyguard and the errand boy). You would have time to write it and send it after the fight, but Karnak would not be able to reach Belloc before the reinforcements Alanna sent you are expected to arrive. However, Belloc would at least be informed about the situation. Since Sonofotho said he would do this if there was time, we'll have him do it at the first logical opportunity once any danger passes (unless Sonofotho tells me otherwise).

**Moving up a bit to where the space widens out was the only way to fit everyone in to take the indicated shots, as further back the tunnel was a bit under 20' wide, the minimum space needed.

Combat Details:

Surprise Round:

Duran (shoots at Bandit 1):
Shot 1: d20 = 3 + 2 (short range) = 5 (miss)
Shot 2: d20 = 18 + 2 (short range) = 20 (hit); d6 = 3 (Bandit 1 wounded)

Varros (shoots at Bandit 1):
Shot 1: d20 = 5 + 2 (short range) = 7 (miss)
Shot 2: d20 = 12 + 2 (short range) = 14 (hit); d6 = 2 (Bandit 1 killed)

Swede (shoots at Bandit 1):
Shot 1: d20 = 4 + 2 (short range) = 6 (miss)

Gweneth (shoots at Bandit 2):
Shot 1: d20 = 10 + 2 (short range) = 12 (miss)
Shot 2: d20 = 1 + 2 (short range) = 3 (miss)

Jack (shoots at Bandit 2):
Shot 1: d20 = 10 + 2 (short range) = 12 (miss)
Shot 2: d20 = 7 + 2 (short range) = 9 (miss)

Stan (shoots at Bandit 2):
Shot 1: d20 = 20 + 2 (short range) = 22 (hit); d6 = 4 (Bandit 2 Wounded)
Shot 2: d20 = 1 + 2 (short range) = 3 (miss)

Oloc (Throws at Bandit 2):
Shot 1: d20 = 8 +1 (med. range) = 9 (miss)
Shot 2: d20 = 8 +1 (med. range) = 9 (miss)

Round One

Initiative (Bandits = 4, Party = 3)

Mackey and wounded Bodyguard flee south.
Snake covers their retreat.

Charge as per plan into room; encounter snake.


  1. Varros - Fighter

    Varros tells the party to beware and maintain their distance. His fear is that the snake is venomous. He will start unleashing arrows at the beast while maintaining a distance of twenty feet.

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven yells, "By the Light, what a fiend! Let loose your arrows to quickly fell the beast, so we can catch the villains."

    Gaven will crouch in a defensive position with spear and shield in front of him. He will stay out of range of the snake, but in front of the archers.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    At the sight of the snake Duran lets loose arrows while trying to stay out of the strike range of the snake.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc will rush to retrieve his daggers. He will NOT go near the snake. "Giant snake! Why did it have to be a giant snake?"

    The mage will take a back seat to the fighters with regards to their preferred approach to dealing with the snake. If he can get a clear line of sight on the snake he will toss his daggers.

    1. OOC: Lol. "Very dangerous. You go first."