Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thursday 12 July, 1280, Morning (Rolling Stone)

Duran indicates to the group: "I am still of the mind to wait. They would have had to hear that inside the cave. We should at least wait until Karnak returns."

Varros replies; "I agree with Duran. We should wait at least a half hour or so for others to investigate. They may even think the bandits tripped the trap accidentally."

"I can wait as well," says Oloc. The Mage moves back behind his rock hiding place and examines the stone pendant in more detail. He looks especially for an sign that the stone has magical qualities. Unfortunately, he does not see any indication that the stone is magical.

"I also agree," adds Gaven, "but shall we set a trap or even set a fire to try and smoke them out? This may even obscure their sight as they try to escape, making easier bow targets."

Gaven points out a long bow to Stan, who picks it up, and he helps Bill try to find some leather armor that will fit. As the armor consists of assorted items – vests, vambraces, caps – it is fairly easy to find a combination that suits the porter.

Karnak shortly returns, and you can tell from his calm demeanor that he has seen nothing.

However, just after his return you hear a noise at the mouth of the cave – a piece of loose rubble rolling off the top of the waist-high barrier. You catch a glimpse of a man, just for a split second, near the barrier, who turns and quickly dashes back into the darkness.


OOC: Actions?

PC Info Page (Hireling Gear) and Monster and Treasure Page Updated (Long Bow for Stan, and Leather Armor for Bill)


  1. Duran - Fighter

    "Well it looks like we might have to do this the hardway," Duran says to the nearby Varros. "Unless of course anyone wants to wait a bit longer to see if more come out of the cave."

    OOC: Duran will wait to see what the others want to do before deciding. But he will stress a decision should be made quickly.

  2. Oloc - Mage

    ooc: Do we think the man saw us or not? If he didn't see us, I would suggest we prepare an ambush with ranged weapons followed by a possible charge if they try and climb out over the rubble.

    But if we think they did see us, I would suggest we press on an enter and not give them time to prepare for us.

    1. OOC: Your characters' best guess is that he did see you. The short glimpse you had seemed to be of someone "dashing" back away from the entrance.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    "If we take the fight to them, we fight their battle, on their ground, we may lose the advantage we have gained. I vote we wait, however, if the consensus is to move forward we must move quickly as Oloc says."

    OOC; Bard, how will the size and layout of the cave system effect our ability to use our bows based on the info we got from the charmed bandit?

    1. OOC: based on what you know of the cave system, you would likely have plenty of room to use your bows if you went inside (i.e., you wouldn't be "cramped"). According to your intel, the tunnels are typically 20' wide, and many of the caverns are about 60-70' across. To put that in context, one typical cavern could easily be as big as the entire farmhouse at Lovers' Grove; and in one "normal" tunnel, you could fit six men abreast. The map you were given does not show too many twists and turns, so you would likely have a decent line of sight in most places.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "I agree with Varros. We cannot fight on their terms. I still say we smoke them out - we need to keep them on the defensive."

    Gaven will ask Bill and Ollie to help him build some makeshift fans out of branches of leaves.

  5. Duran - Fighter

    "I'd rather try you're way, Gaven, then going inside for a fight especially with that snake about."

    OOC: Duran will assist with helping try and smoke the bandits out. Duran also suggest to Varros that Karnak keep up a flying patrol so no one can sneak up on them.

    1. Varros - Fighter

      Varros will do as Duran suggests and ask Karnak to patrol around the party in a 1/4 mile radius.