Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Morning (Planning Outside the Cave)

Gaven has the hirelings pick up the long bows to replace their short bows.*

"How shall we proceed?" the cleric asks. "We should not dally in case one of the raiding groups returns."

Pointing to the map, Gaven says, "Perhaps we should secure the first storage room and then light a fire between the first storage and living area to try to smoke out the others. Or maybe try to secure both the first storage room and the living area and then start a fire between the living area and the second storage room to smoke out Mackey."

He has Oloc ask Flox how long the pathway from the second storage area to Mackey's area is, in order to better decide where to light a fire if that is what the company decides to do.

Flox says he doesn't know, but one of the other bandits who claimed to have gone back once told him that it was "a long tunnel."

"First we must disarm the trip wire," Duran says. "I think we should secure the storage room, pool and living area. We could then try to smoke Mackey out but the smoke might be sucked back towards us if there is no other exit. Then again who knows how things will go in the cave. We might draw Mackey out after killing all of his men."

Looking at the cave entrance, Duran sees a waist-high, loose pile of rocks of varying sizes that half-block the entrance all the way across it from one side to the other. Just over the top of the pile, on the inside, is the thin rope Zander told you about, which, after traversing the full width of the entrance goes through an iron eyelet ensconced the rock and then upward into the shadows of the ceiling where the falling rocks must be concealed.

Oloc listens to the others consider various courses of action. "Whatever course we choose, I am of course without my spell until I have time to rest for the night and study. This means you can count on me for little in the fight."

He scratches his head before continuing. "But if we do attack, perhaps we should draw them out a couple at a time with Flox here. Like we did with the goblins before. Then we can ambush them before they warn the others. It may not work for long, but it could help put the numbers in our favor." Oloc will then defer to the 'fighting' men to make the actual plans.


OOC: Actions?

*I've replaced the three hirelings' short bows with long bows, and I currently have the porters carrying two of the short bows, with one given to Flox. As you are discussing the possibility of using him as a decoy as you did with Dirtbag, I assume you'd want him to have some sort of bow to avoid suspicious questions as long as possible if you send him in.

If you guys decide to cut or otherwise disarm the trip wire, I'll need to know who specifically will do it (and any specifics of how it will be done, if you wish), as there is always a chance when disarming a trap that a slip will cause it to go off anyway.

If you decide to simply try to climb carefully over it, I'll need to know the order in which you go.

If you opt for some other means of getting around it, give me as much detail as you care to.

Time is about 11:00 a.m.


  1. Varros - Fighter

    OOC: hey guys, I'm back and wiki be able to post on schedule now. I agree with Oloc in trying to use the "Dirtbag plan". I also suggest possibly leaving the tripwire be. If we lure them out it is possible that a bandit could trip it by accident. We could also use oil at the cave mouth and have a fuse ready in case we get a large group coming out at once. The bandits have a lot of men so I think it is important to try to whittle them down little by little.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: Varros plan sounds good. It would probably be better to fight them on our own terms. Any chance one of us could figure out a way to trigger the falling rock trap with say well place arrow or sword hit if we can a lure a good number of them out. We could also lay some oil out to light up if there are to many to help split their forces up while we defeat them in detail.

    1. OOC: regarding the trap. Closer examination (and confirmation from Flox) indicates that either pulling on the trip wire or cutting it should cause the rocks to fall.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    OOC: if we can figure a way to trigger the trap, Gaven will do so. Since we have so many bows now, maybe the rest could take cover and then barrage the enemies with arrows. Also, if Flox is sent in, we need to give him his longbow back.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    "Sounds like we are agreed then," the Mage says before turning to Flox.

    "Friend, we would like you to go in any bring out a few of your friends. But only a few, no more than 3. Can you go in and quietly bring them out without alerting the others? Tell them you have found something special and wish to keep it a secret, but that you need their help. Tell them their is gold, but not enough for all."

    Oloc will suggest that Flox gets his weapon back so as not to raise any suspicion amongst the other bandits.

    oo: The oil on the floor might be a good addition to the plan, but if we do it, we will likely only get one batch of bandits out with Plan Flox.