Saturday, September 22, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Morning (The Chicken Little Maneuver)

Seeing the larger than expected group, Oloc hopes that Gaven decides to set off the trap. But the Mage doesn't dare speak out or reveal his position.

Duran readies his bow hoping that the trap is sprung and ready to deal with any survivors.

Varros crouches low leaning against the side of the rock, he pulls up the hood of his fine green cloak and readies his bow, aiming toward the cave mouth.

Gaven prays to the Light for success of the plan. Wanting to make sure that none of the bandits can escape back inside the cave, he waits until the last bandits are on the wall before he springs the trap, to ensure that all are either caught in the rubble or at least stranded outside of the cave.

Gaven pulls the trigger. With a thunderous crash that echoes back into the cave and through the woods, the rocks fall from the ceiling onto the bandits, bouncing off the low wall and flying away at wild angles through the cloud of dust raised by the collapse. At first your view of the bandits is obscured by the nebulous mass of dirt and rock powder, but it quickly begins to settle and you see that the rock fall and ricochets killed several of the bandits outright, and wounded another.

For a brief instant, the bandits are somewhat stunned, unsure whether the triggering of the trap was an accident, or if they've been ambushed. In the brigands' moment of hesitation, the bow-armed members of the Free Company seize the initiative and let loose on the bandits. Varros, Duran, Stan and Gweneth all find their mark, with only Jack missing, sending an arrow flying wildly to strike the stone of the cave high above the bandits' heads.

The four arrows that hit their target are enough, however, dropping the remaining bandits to the ground with uncomprehending looks on their faces.

As the dust clears further, and you survey the scene more closely, you notice that Flox was also struck by the falling rock, and that he too lies lifeless amongst the other corpses.


OOC: Actions?


Combat Detail:

Surprise Round:

Falling Rock Trap (I ran this based on Gaven pulling the rope once he was sure that none would be able to get back inside. I assigned the percentages I gave earlier for hits based on proximity to the low wall, with the last bandit across being guaranteed a hit, and with Flox, as first over and farthest from the center of the drop zone, having the lowest chance of being hit).

Bandit 7: 100% Chance of  Hit, auto-hit; d6 = 1 (Bandit Wounded)
Bandit 6: 80% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 42 (hit); d6 = 6  (Bandit Killed)
Bandit 5: 80% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 39 (hit); d6 = 4  (Bandit Killed)
Bandit 4: 60% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 29 (hit); d6 = 4  (Bandit Killed)
Bandit 3: 60% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 74 (miss)
Bandit 2: 40% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 91 (miss)
Bandit 1: 40% Chance of  Hit, d100 = 94 (miss)
Flox: 20% Chance of Hit, d100 = 02 (hit); d6 = 6 (Flox Killed)


Round 1:

Initiative (Party = 3, Bandits = 1)

Bandits 1, 2 , 3, 7 remain

Shot 1: d20 = 13 + 1 (Medium) = 14 (hits bandit 1); d6 = 5 (Bandit Killed)

Shot 1: d20 = 19 +1 (Medium) = 20 (hits bandit 2); d6 = 6 (Bandit Killed)

Shot 1: d20 = 13 + 1 (Medium) = 14 (hits bandit 3); d6 = 6 (Bandit Killed)

Shot 1: d20 = 19 + 2 (Short) = 21 (hits bandit 7); d6 = 5 (Bandit Killed)

Shot 1: d20 = 1 (miss)

Man, the dice loved you guys this morning! Feeling the luck, I couldn't resist looking at the math. Your average d20 roll was 13, and your average d6 damage roll (falling rocks and arrows combined) was nearly 4.8 (though I guess that wasn't so lucky for Flox...)


  1. Duran - Fighter

    Looking around to make sure none of the bandits are alive Duran then in a low voice says to Varros and Jack on either side of him.

    "Pass the word along to stay put and see if that tarp being sprung brings anyone else out of the cave."

    OOC: My hope is to wait and make sure no one else is coming out before leaving our hiding spots and going in.

  2. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; I agree with Duran. Varros will also call to Karnak, feed him and try to get him to scout a 1/2 mile or so radius of the cave in order to possibly prevent any stray or returning bandits from catching the party unaware.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    ooc: Agree with the waiting before entering approach. Oloc will also take the opportunity to search any fallen bandits reachable through the rubble.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven says to the rest, "Maybe we should pour oil onto the rocks to trap other bandits."