Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thursday, 12 July 1280, Morning (The Dust Settles)

Looking around to make sure none of the bandits are alive Duran then in a low voice says to Varros and Jack on either side of him:  "Pass the word along to stay put and see if that trap being sprung brings anyone else out of the cave."

Jack signals to the other hirelings, who indicate that they understand, ready their bows, and hold position.

Varros calls to Karnak, feeds him and sends him to scout a half mile radius of the cave in order to prevent any stray or returning bandits from catching the party unaware. The raven seems to comprehend what Varros wants, and he takes off into the dark foliage of the trees.

Seeing no additional movement for about five minutes, Oloc quietly and carefully takes the opportunity to search the fallen bandits. Ollie and Bill move forward to help, while the rest of the party keep them covered.

One bandit seems all but completely buried, with just a hand sticking out from underneath. The others are at least half-exposed or more, not counting the ones killed by the party's arrows.

Oloc and the porters are able to quickly pull from the bodies two longbows, two quivers, six short swords, six sets of leather armor, one silver earring, a small pink-veined stone pendant on a thin metal chain, and maybe about twenty or so copper pieces. Oloc picks up the smaller items, and Ollie and Bill grab the armor and weapons.

It takes roughly five minutes to pick the bodies clean of their valuables, and Oloc and the porters dash back to cover. As this happens, Gaven says to the rest: "Maybe we should pour oil onto the rocks to trap other bandits."

Though you expect it to take maybe ten more minutes for Karnak to complete his scouting circuit, you hear no alarm raised by the raven so far, and there appears for the moment to still be no indication of movement in the mouth of the cave, which you can see quite clearly again now that the dust has settled completely. The cave mouth is about twenty feet wide, maybe ten to fifteen feet high and, beyond the low wall of rubble, it is filled with a silent darkness.


OOC:  Actions?

I cut things here to let you decide on Gaven's suggestion before moving on.

I also made two checks for wandering monsters (rather than the usual single check): one for anything/anyone outside the cave, including "returning" bandits, and one for any bandits charging out of the cave to investigate the noise of the trap. Both came up negative this turn.

It should take one more turn for Karnak to complete his scouting sweep.

Loot picked up:

2 long bows
2 quivers
6 short swords
6 leather armor sets
1 silver earring (50 gp)
1 small pink-veined stone pendant (40 gp)
20 cp

(Monster and Treasure page updated)


  1. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: I am still of the mind to wait. They would have had to hear that inside the cave. We should at least wait until Karnak returns.

  2. Varros - fighter

    I agree with Duran. We should wait at least a half hour or so for others to investigate. They may even think the bandits tripped the trap accidentally.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    "I can wait as well," says Oloc. The Mage moves back behind his rock hiding place and examines the stone pendant in more detail. He looks especially for an sign that the stone has magical qualities.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    "I also agree, but shall we set a trap or even set a fire to try and smoke them out? This may even obscure their sight as they try to escape, making easier bow targets."

    Gaven will point out a long bow to Stan and will help Bill try to find a leather armor that will fit.