Friday, September 7, 2012

Thursday 12 July 1280, Morning (Ambush Outside the Cave)

"Well this makes it a bit harder," says Duran quietly to the others. "We are either going to need a distraction to bring them down from their trees and to one spot or we will have to split up the targets and take them out together. We could put one under a spell while killing the other two. They don't seem suspicious of Karnak so maybe we can use him to distract or knock one off his perch."

Gaven tightens his helmet and shield and tightens his grip on the ribbon-wrapped handle of his club.

Oloc whispers "I suggest we try and charm one, while we sic Karnak on another. Then the archers can go for the third if we have line of sight."

Duran agrees quietly with Oloc. "Charm one, have Karnak knock one of from the tree while  Varros and I shoot at the third. Any that fall from the tree and are not killed can be rushed by Gaven and the mercenaries."

Varros gives a quiet command to Karnak. The raven flutters off and begins flapping around the nearest bandit in the trees. At the same time, Oloc casts his charm on the middle bandit, while Duran and Varros shoot at the third.

Karnak harrasses the first bandit who dances and swats wildly at the raven, losing his balance and falling with a thud to the forest floor below.  Gaven and the mercenaries dash forward toward the fallen bandit, who appears stunned from his fall. The bandit senses the danger, struggles vainly to get up, but Gaven's club makes short work of him before the rogue can pose any further threat.

The bandit targeted by Oloc's charm spell lowers his arms and stares into space.

Duran and Varros loose their arrows at the farthest bandit, but all their shots miss, leaving a shower of leaves and small branches in their wake. Nevertheless, startled by the arrows whistling past his head, the third bandit loses his balance, tries to catch himself by falling flat on the large branch where he stands, then loses his grip and falls anyway.

The three mercenaries continue their dash forward toward the second fallen bandit, who, despite his fall, is still able to get to his feet as they reach him. The bandit dodges a cut from Stan's sword, only to impale himself on Gweneth's blade, while Jack's axe simultaneously cleaves clean through the bandit's neck, dropping him in a shower of blood.

A dead silence fills the forest. No other enemies appear for the moment. As far as you can tell, your presence has not been detected.


OOC: Actions?


Combat Details:

Party has surprise round.

Karnak causes Bandit 1 to fall (result from random table): Damage from fall = 3  .

Gaven finishes Bandit 1
Bandit down and stunned, automatic hit. Bandit 1 killed.

Oloc's Spell: Bandit 2 save roll (d20) = 3; bandit charmed.

Duran shoots at Bandit 3
d20 = 9 + 0 (long range) -1 cover = 8 (miss)
d20 = 12 + 0 (long range) -1 cover = 7 (miss)

Varros shoots at Bandit 3
d20 = 3 + 0 (long range) -1 cover = 2 (miss)
d20 = 10 + 0 (long range) -1 cover = 9 (miss)

Bandit 3 falls, but not stunned (random die roll for each shot, based on the amount by which each arrow missed the target). Damage = 3.

Stan attacks Bandit 3
d20 = 8 (miss)

Gweneth  attacks Bandit 3
d20 = 20 (hit); d6 = 3 (Bandit killed)

Jack attacks Bandit 3
d20 = 19 (hit); d6 = 5 (Bandit thoroughly killed)


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc smiles at the plan's success. "I hadn't expected that to go so well," he mutters to himself. The mage then approaches the charmed bandit.

    "Greetings friend, what is your name? And tell me, are there any more of you outside the caves or were you three the only guards?"

    ooc: Oloc will then listen to the rest of the group for questions to ask of the guard before relaying them. Oloc will also try and get the bandit to estimate how many men are in which caves on the map. He will also ask if he can add more details to the map that the previous bandit didn't know.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Taken aback by how well their plan had worked Duran cautiously approached the bodies of the dead guards.

    "I think we should hide these bodies in the brush in case some one comes back or out looking for them," Duran says.

    Duran motions for Ollie and Bill to help him and the mercenaries hide the bodies.

    Speaking to Jack, Gweneth, and Stan he says, "It looks like you are all living up to your reputations, very good work friends."

    OOC: After the bodies are hidden Duran will stand guard with Stan watching the cave entrance while the guard is questioned.

    The only question I would like to add is if there are any bandit patrols or groups out in the country side that would be returning that day, that could surprise us from behind.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven cleans off his club, looks to the rest, smiles and says, "Well done. Hopefully no one was alerted by our ambush."

    Gaven says a short prayer of thanks to the Light and then searches the bodies over for valuables and information.

    OOC: Ask if Mackey is present at this time. Ask for a debrief on Mackey. Ask if there are any other traps. Ask if there are any hidden doors, etc. Ask if there are any other exits to the cave.

    Ask the same questions that we asked the other captive about the Grey Foxes - on second thought, let's do that after searching over the cave.

    1. OOC: Also ask what the remaining bandits are armed with (missile weapons, spears, magic, armor, shields,etc.).