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Friday 6 July 1280, Morning through Noon (The Aftermath)

Following the battle Gaven steps aside and gives a benediction to the Light.

Sinking to the ground in utter exhaustion Duran takes a long drink from his water skin.

After giving some orders to his men, Belloc rides up to the party, with a wide grin on his face. "Well done, well done!" he says.

As Captain Belloc approaches, Duran pushes himself off the ground and with Gaven rejoins the others.

The captain climbs down from his horse. "I was a bit worried about our center, but your distractions and your blows to the enemy's flank were more timely than I could have hoped."

Gaven says: "We were blessed by the Light to drive away chaos this night."

Varros looks to Belloc and adds: "Thank you captain, it was touch and go there at first, the fire creature could have been the death of us all."

The captain nods. "Certainly so. I also suspect," he continues, looking at Oloc, "that the flaming beast's flight was of your doing. I'm not sure how we would have dealt with that creature without taking far greater casualties than we did.

In response to Belloc's praises the young Mage only shakes his head. "I was fortunate. My spell was ineffective, but it was enough to break the concentration of the hobgoblin spell caster. All those who use spells have such a weakness."

"Like many of his kind, the hobgoblin mage undoubtedly reached beyond the limits of his power, and when you cast your spell, successful or not, it cost him. At any rate, you've all definitely earned an even more substantial bonus than I had originally planned to give you – and you shall have it."

Out of nowhere, Karnak flies down to land on Varros's shoulder. He appears to have darkened goblin blood on his talons and beak. Varros turns his attention to Karnak and hands him his usual reward for a job well done then rubs the feathers on the raven's neck, "Well done Karnak! It looks like you had a part in the battle as well. Good job my friend."

The captain looks around. "For now, my men are exhausted. Our plan is to return to the Northstar inn, take a few hours sleep, and then return to town. Will you join us? The road will be safer if we all travel together. Besides, you look like you could use a few hours' rest as well."

"Captain Belloc, I agree it would be best to travel together," says Gaven.

Oloc, too, wholeheartedly accepts the offer of escort back to the inn. He desires a good rest, a meal, and then to sit down and discuss plans to investigate the ruins!

Duran also adds: "I would welcome the rest Captain. You may want to send someone to let the farmers know they can return to their homes. The poor fellows are frightened enough as it is."

"Not to worry," replies the captain. "I've already send a message to Eric Fallow. Come. If you are ready let us depart."

Belloc's men are just finishing their cleanup and the sun inches over the eastern horizon. He gives them the orders to move out, and the entire weary battalion sets out. Captain Belloc remains dismounted and walks along with you.

The party marches from the battlefield (hex 8), southeast along the road to the Northstar inn (hex 40)

Varros engages Belloc in conversation, praising him on his leadership, valor and bravery in the battle. The fighter also makes inquirires regarding the ruins, Mayor Adsul and Karnak.

"The mayor..." begins Belloc thoughtfully and quietly. "The mayor is an administrator. And a good one, I believe. But, as an administrator, his ways are not a soldier's ways. As you already know, for example, we differ on the question of prisoners and interrogations. But he does not share everything with me. It may be that discretion and the keeping of one's own counsel are essential qualities for an administrator, just as decisiveness is vital in a commander and obedience is necessary for the man-at-arms. What I do know is that Adsul runs the town well. The citizens are happy with his policies. And while my men and I could always do with more resources than we have, Adsul ensures that we have the equipment we need to keep the town proper secure, and even strike out into the surrounding countryside if need be."

When Varros mentions the keep, Belloc stretches his arm back and points to the ruin-crowned hill you passed earlier, now more clearly visible in the light of the rising sun. "As I'm sure you've surmised, your ruins sit on top of that hill. And though you have praised me for my valor and bravery, if you enter there, then you are a more courageous man than I." The captain rubs his chin. "I'd guess most of what folk tell you about that place consists only of fairy tales. I've not met many men who actually have been inside. It is for certain an unpleasant place. And if you wonder why our goblins cut a wide path around it, rather than using it for shelter, I can tell you that I've heard – from men I find reliable – that there are a tribe of kobolds and a clan of morlocks living in there. They say the former hate the goblins, while the latter love them – cooked and seasoned." Belloc chuckles softly at his own little joke, then adds more seriously: "You'll need to be careful in there."

In response to Varros' inquiry about Karnak, the captain says: "Karnak has been in the service of Fairbrook for many years. Our ravens are soldiers – they have a strong sense of duty and a great deal of courage, as you no doubt noticed from the blood on his beak and talons after our battle. He will continue to serve Fairbrook, I am sure, for many years." Belloc looks up at the raven flying above you. "I sense though, that he has developed a strong connection to you in a very short time. Quite remarkable really. I wouldn't be surprised if he returned to seek you out from time to time in the future."


An uneventful four-hour march brings you back to the Northstar, where you find a few of the farmers, including Eric Fallow, disassembling the barricades built the day before and putting Harlon's inn back in order. You are welcomed with slaps on the back, and Harlon feeds you a hearty breakfast, then gives you a room to get some rest. After a few hours sleep, he serves you a filling lunch too, all on the house, in exchange for the service you've rendered the locals, and he tells you that you are welcome to stay for dinner and the night as well.

During lunch, Captain Belloc and Eric Fallow share your table, as do the halflings Filbert and Hazel.

As lunch draws to a close, Belloc calls for his quartermaster, and makes some inquiries of him. You overhear the word "inventory" but nothing else of their quiet conversation. The quartermaster leaves the inn, then returns a few moments later with three small purses in his hands.

"This," says Belloc, handing you the first pouch "is the scouting fee we agreed upon. And this," he say holding out the second bag, "is the bonus I promised you for keeping on after we met up here at the Northstar. And lastly," he sets the third small sack on the table, "this too is for you, as payment for your outstanding service in the battle."

Opening the first two bags you find 300 gold coins in one and 500 in the other. As you open the third bag, Belloc explains: "That belonged to the goblins. Having returned the pillaged items to the locals from whom they were stolen, there was much left over in the way of weapons and jewelry that evidently belonged to the goblins themselves. The laws of Fairbrook allow my men and me to keep shares of any such plunder, and I have decided that you are entitled to a share equal to my own. I have consulted with my quartermaster and he tells me this is equivalent to four times my portion – a share equaling mine for each of you."

Emptying the third purse, you discover twelve small, beautiful, dark red gems. Looking across the table, Filbert points out: "Those are fine gems, indeed. Each of those should certainly fetch you 200 gold coins.

OOC: Actions?

XP and Treasure Tally

Monster XP
12 goblins = 120
1 hobgoblin mage = 60
1 fire elemental = 400               
Total Monster XP = 580
Individual XP: 145 xp for each of you

300 gp (scouting fee)
500 gp (scouting bonus)
2400 gp in gems (200 gp x 12; plunder share)
2 gp, 7 sp (found on goblins in woods)
8 gp (for the two goblin short swords)*      
Total Treasure Value: 3210.7 gp
Individual Treasure: 802 gp, 6 sp, 8 cp for each of you **

*I assumed you sold off the short swords to Belloc's quartermaster
**I assume you're dividing the treasure equally among the four of you

You can go ahead and add your monster xp to your character sheets now. Remember to add in any bonus to which you are entitled when you put this onto your sheets. And Dan, don't forget to add your 25 xp "Zulu" bonus! :)

For treasure xp, you'll have to wait until you spend it. You'll need to go back to Fairbrook to buy gear or spend any substantial sums (or to simply bank your coin). Once you make expenditures, you'll be able to add the xp for that to your character sheets as well (again remembering to add any bonus to which your are entitled).


  1. Hey all:

    Just a couple of notes regarding xp (especially since I fiddled with the totals this time around to give you a bump).

    I only counted monster xp for those monsters you were "directly" involved in defeating (i.e. you killed them yourselves, or else you were "directly" responsible for their flight – e.g. Oloc's spell breaking Bloodfang's concentration, thereby releasing the elemental from servitude, who then fled, based solely on that regained freedom).

    For the rest of the goblin army that surrendered or ran away, I just kind of lumped that in abstractly as a factor in the bonus Belloc awarded you guys (rather than to actually calculate to what extent they ran because Bloodfang died, or because their comrades beside them were killed by Belloc's men, etc).

    In terms of giving you guys a bump, I really liked Professor P's suggestion of increasing treasure as the most straightfoward solution to increase the rate of advance a bit, so that's reflected in the amount of the bonus given to you by Belloc.

    So my rationale went like this. Instead of the total gold that you ended up taking for this adventure ending up in the 2 to 3 times monster xp range, I took Professor P's suggested figure of 4 to 5 times the monster xp (my thought was to use "4.5" as a base multiplier).

    In an effort to "retroactively" help compensate for the low xp yield in your previous adventure, I bumped that up to 5.0 x monster xp.

    Finally rather than actually try and calculate how much of the goblins fleeing/surrendering/killed by Belloc's men/etc. "belonged" to you rather than to Belloc and his men, I abstractly worked it in by bumping the multiplier up another .5 giving me a final multiplier of 5.5 times monster xp, which came out to a total reward of about 3200 gp from Belloc.

    I think we'll try a norm of having treasure equaling 4-5 times monster xp floating around out there for your PCs to pick up and see how it goes. I'm really looking for a happy medium. On the one hand I think it would be bad for your PCs to level up so fast that it almost feels meaningless, but on the other hand I don't think it would be good either if it took your characters 8-10 months to reach level two.

    So I'll propose we try this increased treasure to monster ratio for a while and see how it plays out, and we can later tweak as necessary.

  2. Gaven - cleric

    Gaven thanks both Harlon and Belloc for their generosity.

    Gaven says to the company, "I would like to aid our friend Filbert and Captain Belloc and Fairbrook by investigating the bandit situation. Plus, I would hate to enter the area near the ruins during the full moon." As he says that last bit, he lifts Maggie's scarf, which he had been absently twirling with his hands.

    "Plus, with our new funds, I would like to try to hire some extra help to either fight the bandits or investigate the ruins."

    Gaven asks Belloc and Filbert what they know of the bandits.

    Gaven asks Eric what else he knows of Maggie.

    Gaven will ask all three what they know of werewolves and any other weird happenings during full moons.

    Ooc: The XP and treasure sounds good. Thanks for explaining further.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran joins Gaven in thanking Belloc and Harlon.

    Turning to the others he says "I would have no problem investigating the bandit problem but I would first like to return to Fairbrook for a proper rest and resupply. Plus I could use a mug of Big Sadie's Crimson Ale."

  4. Oloc - Mage

    The young mage is also very appreciative of the payment from Belloc and Harlon. The amount of gold in front of Oloc is well beyond anything he had ever imagined and his mind quickly races, thinking of how the coin will help in his magical studies.

    At mention of the bandits, Oloc lets out a sigh. "Aye, I suppose the ruins can wait." And a return to Fairbrook sounds good. I am interested in securing this gold - or spending it!"

    ooc: Apologies for forgetting if you have mentioned before, but is there any place in Fairbrook to purchase magical items, e.g. potions, scrolls, etc.?

    1. OOC: Oops! I think this came in just after I made the follow-up post -- I've edited it in now.

      Regarding the possibility of purchasing magical items in Fairbrook, I've been contemplating placing such an establishment either in or near the town (I've been toying with such an idea since I read "Hugo's Healing Potions" in Tim Shorts' last issue of The Manor).

      I'll get some details worked out and have it in place by the time your PCs return to Fairbrook. :)

    2. OOC: See "Cosmo's Curiosities" entry just added to the "New Arrival's Guide to Fairbrook" on the "West Kingdom" page. I've added it to the town map there too, just west of the stables.