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Friday 6 July 1280, The Hour of the Wolf (Mage vs. Mage)

Gaven whispers to himself, "Thank the Light, one out of two and they are running scared."

The Hobgoblin and five archers from his company continue to move toward the rear to investigate the fires and the shooting. Moving past the fires, they stand silhouetted, peering into the darkness, trying to spot whomever shot at them.  One of them finally notices Gaven and gives out a cry just as the cleric looses another arrow. The missile whizzes past the archers' hobgoblin leader. Before the humanoid can react, Gaven releases yet another arrow which strikes the hobgoblin in the arm. The hobgoblin howls madly as Gaven dashes back deeper into shadow to join up with Stan and Ollie. Gathering up the two hirelings, the cleric gets them moving to rejoin the flanking party.


On the goblin right flank, Belloc and his men press in, even as Belloc's center continues to slowly backpedal.

Seeing the fire elemental and his spellcasting hobgoblin master approach, Oloc tries to muster up some courage. "If one of you would 'escort' me," he says to Varros and Duran, "I can try and sneak close enough to cast my spell. I may need you to guard me though, the slightest touch could ruin my spell!"

Using the men of Belloc's inward-swinging left flank as a shield, Oloc, covered by Duran and Varros, follow in behind them, easily closing the gap between Oloc and the hobgoblin mage.

The fire elemental strikes down another of Belloc's men with a fiery fist, while its master stays close beside, concentrating, it appears, with all his might on maintaining control of the creature.

Moving to within one hundred feet of the enemy spellcaster, Oloc makes eye contact, speaks the words, and traces the gestures for his spell. For a moment, the hobgoblin mage's eyes lock onto Oloc's, and it appears to Duran and Varros as if the two foes are locked in a battle of wills. Oloc suddenly appears to swoon, then stumbles slightly.

The hobgoblin cries out like the villain in an epic song by a second-rate bard: "Ha! I am Bloodfang, fool! You are no match for me!"

But as the words leave his lips he suddenly realizes that fighting off Oloc's spell has cost him his concentration and that he no longer controls the elemental. The flaming creature thrusts its arms aloft as if breaking invisible chains, then turns on its recent master, bringing a burning fist down on Bloodfang's head.

Having advanced with Oloc to provide cover, and with bows at the ready, Varros and Duran now shoot at the staggered hobgoblin mage. Between the two of them, three arrows strike the hobgoblin mage's body, which drops dead to the ground like a smoking pin-cushion.

The goblins nearby howl with fury, and show no signs of breaking as their comrades did earlier.

Seeing this, Belloc yells to his men: "The elemental! Take down the elemental!" Spurring his steed, he attempts to plunge through the goblin ranks to the creature. Even on horseback, his path is blocked by the goblins. Still, he slowly makes progress, taking down another two of the goblins that press in on him.

Having lashed out at its now dead master, the fire elemental seems momentarily at a loss. It is difficult to tell what the creature will do next.


In the midst of the chaos, Gaven, Stan and Ollie, finally manage to make their way forward, joining up with the rest of the party.

 Map shows relative positions, distances still not to scale


OOC: Actions?


The entire party is now reassembled at the flanking party's position, about 100 feet out from the elemental and the nearest point on the goblins' line.

Party Member Combat Details:

Gaven vs. Goblin Archers (Gaven misses surprise roll; Goblin archers subsequently win initiative 4-2)

Goblin action: round spent looking for Gaven.

Gaven shoots at hobgoblin:

d20 = 9 + 1 (medium range) + 2 (flank shot) = 12 (miss)
d20 = 15 +1 (medium range) + 2 (flank shot) = 18 (hit); d6 = 1 (Hobgoblin wounded)

Flanking Party vs. Hobgoblin Mage

Oloc casts Charm Person on the hobgoblin (Bloodfang).
Bloodfang makes save (not charmed) but loses concentration and control of the Fire Elemental. 

Fire Elemental vs. Bloodfang (auto- "surprise" attack vs. ex-master)
d20 + bonuses = 11 (hit); damage = 4

Duran shoots at Bloodfang:
d20 = 16 + 1 (medium range) = 17 (hit); d6 = 1 (Bloodfang wounded)
d20 = 7 +1 (medium range) = 8 (miss)

Varros shoots at Bloodfang
d20 = 16 + 1 (medium range) = 17 (hit); d6 = 4 (Bloodfang wounded)
d20 = 11 + 1 (medium range) = 12 (hit); d6 = 5 (Bloodfang falls to the ground, dead)


Overall Battle Strength Summary End of Round 3: 

Goblin Left Flank: ???
Goblin Left Center: ??? (pushing forward slightly)
Goblin Right Center: 12/20 (new right flank, overlapped by Belloc's left, looks strong, infuriated by loss of Bloodfang)
Goblin Right Flank: completely collapsed
Goblin Archers ("original company"): 5/13 (still shooting at Belloc's archers)
Goblin Archer Scouts (with Hob): 6/7 (just past the fires, Hob is wounded)
Fire Elemental HP: ??? (appears unwounded)
Hobgoblin Mage (Bloodfang): DEAD

Human Right Flank: ???
Human Right Center: ??? (from what you can see they are still moving back)
Human Left Center: ??? (from what you can see they are still moving back)
Human Left Flank: 8/10
Human Archers: ???
Belloc HP: ??? (appears unwounded)


  1. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; Varros will attack the now frenzied goblins near Belloc. He will attempt to help Belloc make his way through the goblins by choosing targets of opportunity that could pose any threat or block Belloc. Varros will err on the side of caution and will not attempt shots that could possibly hit the commander.

    Varros will wait to see what the fire elemental does. If at any point it attacks the human forces instead of the goblins Varros will immediately focus fire on it. It is Varros thought that it could turn on its former allies, he will express this to the party.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: Duran will try and bring down as many Goblins as possible. Duran will follow Varros' lead if the elemental turns on friendly forces and help him bring it down.

    Duran will also inquire if Oloc has enough left in him to control the elemental.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    "Ho comrades, how goes the battle? The archers have split, but know of the ruse, so they will be returning soon. Stan, stay near Oloc and Ollie hold back. Will wooden arrows or even steel be able to hurt a being of fire?"

    OOC: Gaven will fire at the frenzied goblins as well, and will continue to do so even if the elemental attacks Belloc's men.