Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday 6 July 1280, Afternoon (On the Road Again)

At Gaven's suggestion, the party agrees to help the halflings, and you invite Filbert and Hazel to join the Company in traveling and lodging in Fairbrook to prepare for the investigation.

Gaven gives Harlon and Eric 50 gp to split amongst the farmers to help repair any damages to their properties. The two locals are most appreciative of Gaven's generous gift.

"Any time you come back this way," says Harlon quietly, so others in the room don't hear, "I'll offer you gentlemen my finest room and my finest ale, all for the price of my standard room and fare." He looks around then huddles over the table and quickly writes something on a piece of paper, which he hands to Oloc. On the paper, you see this:

"If you gentlemen are going to continue in this dangerous line of work, you may want to pay a visit to a friend of mine, named Cosmo. He has a curiosities shop in Fairbrook, just west of Barley's stable. Show him this paper and he'll know you can be trusted. He may have some special items for sale not normally available to the average customer."

With Harlon's paper in hand, and the halflings in tow, the party sets forth from the Northstar in the early afternoon. As you march down the road toward Fairbrook, Gaven asks the halflings to show the spot they were waylaid so that they can look for clues. Only about a half-hour's walk along the road, you come to a slight bend, with a small cluster of trees alongside.

"Just there," says Hazel, pointing. "As we came even with the trees, the three men stepped out from behind them, and surrounded us. Then they told us to hand over our valuables. After they got what they wanted, they made off running back up the road toward Woodfield. I helped Filbert up and we went back to the inn, where you found us."

Examining the area of trees indicated by the halflings, you find a small, torn strip of cloth – most likely from a cloak – hanging on the sharp end of a broken branch. You also notice a few boot prints in the dirt. Duran then suddenly notices two marks, carved into the bark of a tree. The mark looks like this:

None of you recognizes the symbols carved in the bark. Having made a note of the markings* there seems nothing left to do but to move on toward Fairbrook as planned.

You pass through the gate, then arrive not long afterward at the Red Tankard, where you are warmly greeted by Sadie and Sal.


OOC: Actions?

*I assumed that your characters would do this, for future reference, or for attempts at identification.

Time: It's now about 3 p.m.

For any "mundane" purchases (things off the equipment list in the book), feel free to simply make them, subtracting the appropriate gold (and adding the appropriate XP+bonus for gp spent) as you do.

Let me know how many hirelings you'd like to pick up (and which types), and we'll work that out.

For any "major expenditures" again, just make a note of what your spending (keeping track so you can claim your perk when you level up) and of the XP+bonus for the gp spent.

Let me know if you'd like to go to Cosmo's to investigate his wares.


  1. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc's eyes widen as he examines the piece of paper from Harlon. "Thank you sir," he says. "I definitely plan on paying him a visit!"

    As the party makes their way down to Fairbrook, the young Mage addresses the rest of the group. "Am I the only one excited about exploring the old ruins? Just think what treasures lie therein, waiting for the adventurous to come and take it! And Filbert, I'm sure we will take care of those bandits in the process!"

    ooc: Once everyone is settled in at the Red Tankern, Oloc will ask if anyone is interested in heading over to Cosmo's.

  2. Varros - Fighter

    "I too would like a look at those ruins Oloc. However, Belloc seems to think the danger is quite great. I think maybe a bit more experience would aid us greatly in making an attempt on them." Varros considers for a moment and looks to Stan and Ollie, perhaps you might have some associates who would be interested in employment?" Varros turns back to Oloc, "Gaven suggested hiring some extra help, I feel that with a few men as good as Stan and Ollie and a bit more seasoning we will be ready, now what say we take a look at this magic shop?"

    OOC; I am leery of taking on the ruins until we are out of the "one hit kill" range. I still have to spend some money and tally exp. for Varros but I believe we may be close to level two. Once we hit that point I say bring on the ruins.

    OOC; Also I have a question Bard. How does the experience expenditure work again? You can just refer me to the page if you know it. I am wondering if Varros and Duran can get training from Belloc?

    1. OOC: No problem. The rule on gold expenditures for xp is at the page link "Rule, House Rules, and Rulings" to the right, or:

      Scroll down to the "True House Rules" section. The XP rule is #6. If you have any questions about them let me know.

      For training, Belloc would not be available for it, personally, but we can say that one of Belloc's seasoned sergeants would be willing to provide said training.

      Mechanically (just for everyone's reference) I'm not requiring that level of detail where you actually have to go out and find a specific trainer. So if you want we can just abstract it and say "you get trained by someone." On the other hand, I'm more than happy to give it some more detailed color, and we can certainly say more specifically that "you get trained by one of Belloc's veterans."

  3. Gaven - cleric

    As the group approaches the tavern, Gaven says, "I would like to visit Cosmo's, but before I do anything I must visit the temple."

    Gaven heads to the temple to pray to the Light and give thanks for the Company's success and health. He also prays for guidance on the bandits and the ruins.

    If Abbot Cuthbert is present, Gaven will tell him of the adventure and of Maggie. He will ask for any lore on Maggie or werewolves. He will also show him the veil and tell him what happens when he and Oloc touches it, he will ask what the Abbot feels or knows of such an item.

    (Note: for efficiency, Gaven will also ask Cosmothe same things about Maggie's veil.)

    Gaven will donate 1 of the gems (200 gp) to to the church.

    Ooc: I agree about waiting to tackle there ruins until level 2. Re: hirelings, I was thinking 1 more porter and 2 more mercenaries, any other opinions?

  4. Duran - Fighter

    "I'll tag along while we visit Cosmos then perhaps Varros and I can see about finding a trainer in town." As he waits for the others Duran downs a mug of Saddie's Crimson Ale.

    OOC: I agree we should wait on the ruins for now. Also 1 porter and a couple more mercenaries would be helpful. Should we pool our money and invest in a pack mule or horse to help carry our supplies or should we wait to do that before going to the ruins.

    After we visit Cosmos I'll figure up what I spend.