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Friday 6 July 1280, Afternoon (Northstar Inn Conversation)

Gaven thanks both Harlon and Belloc for their generosity. Duran joins Gaven in thanking the captain and the dwarf. Oloc is also very appreciative of the payment from Belloc and Harlon. The amount of gold in front of the young mage is well beyond anything he had ever imagined and his mind quickly races, thinking of how the coin will help in his magical studies.

Gaven says to the company, "I would like to aid our friend Filbert and Captain Belloc and Fairbrook by investigating the bandit situation. Plus, I would hate to enter the area near the ruins during the full moon." As he says that last bit, he lifts Maggie's scarf, which he had been absently twirling with his hands. The scarf feels light to the touch, and Gaven notes that it has, somewhat surprisingly, what could best be described as a "wholesome" quality to it.

At mention of the bandits, Oloc lets out a sigh. "Aye, I suppose the ruins can wait."

Gaven asks Belloc and Filbert what they know of the bandits. Belloc says "The only bandit activity I knew of before hearing of Filbert's encounter was that of the bandits to the south of Fairbrook along the Ham's Fork road. I wasn't aware of any bandit activity this far north. Whether Filbert's bandits are connected with those to the south, I've no idea."

Filbert says: "There's not much to tell about them other than what you know already. We were set upon by those grey men that were here in the inn night before last and yesterday morning. And well, you know the rest. The only thing helpful I can think of is that I'm sure they said something about 'getting back to the keep.' If you plan to go after them, I'd like to come along for payback. I may be short in stature, but I have pride enough to equal that of any man."

"The only keep in the area I know of," offers Harlon, "at least, the only one where bandits might hole up, is the old ruin of Blackwell."

Belloc agrees with Harlon. "That's likely to be true. I cannot think offhand of any keep along the road between Fairbrook and Woodfield that could be used as a bandit hideout.

Gaven then asks Eric what else he knows of Maggie. "I hope I never see that fearful moonwitch again – once was enough! They say she was responsible for a number of gruesome deaths, back in the old days."

"Hmph! 'The old days' and 'they say'," interjects Harlon. "I shouldn't put too much stock in such rumors. When was the last time any such 'gruesome death' occurred? Probably not in twenty or more years. If she is so horrible, why don't we find bloodied victims lying around left and right and up and down the road?"

Belloc confirms: "I've not had any reports of unattributable violence either."

Shaking his head, Eric insists: "That's as may be, but I have no reason to doubt the stories of our grandfathers, fathers and uncles." Looking at the party he says: "If I were you, I'd think twice about having any dealings with Maggie."

When Gaven asks what they know of werewolves and any other weird happenings during full moons, Belloc is the first to answer: "Well, we have crimes and such, both in Fairbrook and the outlying areas. But nothing out of the ordinary. The full moon is the best time for bandits and thieves to operate, of course. They can still hide in the shadows, while at the same time have enough light to take care of their enterprises. Nothing unusual at all in that. And we've had no reports of werewolves. There may be foul things about – you've seen the goblins and hobgoblins yourselves. But werewolves? Not that I'm aware."

Harlon, Filbert and Eric simply shrug their shoulders with nothing to add to Belloc's answer.

Turning to the others Duran says "I would have no problem investigating the bandit problem but I would first like to return to Fairbrook for a proper rest and resupply. Plus I could use a mug of Big Sadie's Crimson Ale."

Oloc agrees that a return to Fairbrook sounds good. "I am interested in securing this gold - or spending it!"

"Plus, with our new funds," the cleric adds, "I would like to try to hire some extra help to either fight the bandits or investigate the ruins."

OOC: Actions?


  1. Gaven - cleric

    Ooc: If the rest of the party agrees to helping Filbert, Gaven will invite Filbert and Hazel to join the Company in traveling and lodging in Fairbrook to prepare for the investigation.

    In any case, Gaven is ready to return to Fairbrook. He will give Harlon and Eric 50 gp to split amongst the farmers to help repair any damages to their properties.

    1. Ooc: If Filbert and Hazel travel with the party, Gaven will ask them to show the party the spot they were waylaid so that they can look for clues.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    OOC - is also ready to return to Fairbrook. He has no problem helping Filbert and Hazel and would be glad for their company back.

  3. Varros - Fighter

    OOC; Varros is also ready to head back and agrees with the others.