Monday, May 14, 2012

Thursday 5 July 1280, Mid-Morning (Details from Harlon)

Oloc frowns a bit as the men leave without engaging in conversation. Perhaps they could have shed more light on the ruins.

The men make their way out the door, and close it behind them.

After the three men depart, Gaven turns to the group and says, "Rude, untrustworthy fellows. Normally, I would want to follow them to determine their intentions, but we have a more immediate concern to address."

"Agreed Gaven," says Varros. "Unsavory indeed and just what I feared, however, only the gods themselves know their motives."

Gaven pulls out Belloc's map and goes to Harlon. "Master Harlon, we have a map of the area that is rather lacking. Would you be able to help fill it in? Particularly the farm and ruins you mentioned and any other structures or areas of interest to the locals - settlements, woods, hills, caves, etc. that a group of goblins can set camp." Gaven lays out 2 gold coins to entice Harlon to help.

Varros looks closely at Harlon when he comes to the table and matches Gaven's gold and says, "Inkeep Harlon, this could be your lucky day, just between new friends, what do you know of the three gentlemen that just departed, maybe you overheard a snippet or two, or perhaps they are regulars? I'm sure Captain Belloc would like to know of any aid you give us as well. I'm sure that with a kind word he might send a few more patrols this way," Varros pauses, "for a vigilant friend that is..."

As Varros talks to Harlon he drops the traveller guise and assume the mantle of a trained swordsman.

Filbert and Hazel are a little suprised as it becomes clear that you are not simply fellow travelers at all, but something more. Sensing that something dangerous is afoot, they look simultaneously  impressed and just the tiniest bit nervous.

"Well," says Filbert. "It has been nice chatting but I see you all have very important matters to attend to.

"Yes, says Hazel. "And we must get back on the road to take care of business. Thank you ever so much for the drinks."

The two halflings politely bow and curtsy and, dropping some coins on the table, leave the inn.

With the room now empty, Harlon says "Hmph. I suspected you might not be the simple travelers you said you were. And if you're working for Belloc you're okay in my book. You ought to be careful about suprising folks like that, you know. Most folks are pretty confortable around adventurers. But they often don't take well to surprises."

"Now," he says, scooping up the halflings' – and Gaven's and Varros' – money from the table. "I'll tell you what I know. As for those dark fellows who just left, I hadn't seen them before last evening. Came in just after Mr. Filbert and Ms. Hazel. And they weren't any more talkative then than they were just now. Looked a bit like adventurer types themselves, they did. They might have been to the ruins, I don't know. They had the same quiet quality they all do afterward."

"As for the lay of the land around here," he rummages around behind his counter and locates a scrap of parchment and some red ink. "Let's see what I can do for you."

He quickly begins to draw out a rough map, at a much larger scale and with more detail than the map the captain gave you.

"Myself," he says, "I've only travelled along the main road, I know of some of the main features of the area from things folks have said to me. Now, if I remember... there are woods here, here,   and... here. Then there are some scub covered areas over here, and down here." He traces out each area as he mentions it.

"There are farms dotted all around, but I've only visited two of them myself. One is Ned Willis' farm along the east fork here – Ned was the one who's had the strange happenings. The narrow road runs right up to his farm. Whenever one of Belloc's patrols comes up and down the main road, they make their way up that track as well. I'm guessing they bring back some of old Ned's spirits for the captain."

Then up here is Timm's farm. There's no road to that one, though. I went out there a few years ago for grandfather Timm's hundredth birthday. The old man's gone now of course, as is his son. But his grandson, William Timm, he runs the farm now. He comes in here from time to time, though not near as often as his granfather did, rest his soul."

With that, Harlon announces that that's all he can think of to help you out, and he hopes that you will give his regards to the captain.

Eager to be on the road again, the mage waits patiently through Gaven and Varros' conversation with Harlon.

When Harlon finishes, Duran urges the group to leave to continue their scouting mission and following up with the farmer if they find nothing.

OOC: Actions?


  1. Gaven - cleric

    "Thank you very much for the information Harlon, may the Light shine on you."

    To the Company, Gaven says, "It seems our best lead is the farmer Ned Willis. I say we head to his farm, question him, and if we gain no useful information we can search the woods to the north of his farm. We know the goblins are from Stagwood, and since Stagwood is to the east, it makes sense that they would start in the woods to their west. Plus, no one seems to have seen goblins on the road, so maybe they haven't passed over it yet. Does anyone else have a better idea?"

    1. OOC: Note that Gaven's last line "Does anyone else have a better idea?" was not supposed to come off as a challenge. More like, "I am open to other suggestions."

  2. Varros - Fighter

    "I agree Gaven. That seems to be a sound plan." Varros continues, "If we fail to uncover anything we can head cross country to the second local farm."

    OOC: Once the party leaves, Varros will call to Karnak and feed him some more meat. Varros will also explain the plan to Karnak as he believes the bird to be quite intelligent.

  3. Oloc - Mage

    "I also think it is a sound plan," Oloc adds. "We visit Ned Willis and then make our way north."

    The mage then collects his belongings and prepares for the departure, thanking Harlon again for his help.