Saturday, May 26, 2012

Thursday 5 July 1280, Afternoon (Where There's Smoke)

Seeing the smoke rise above the trees, Gaven is the first to speak:

"Is this enough evidence to send Karnak back to Belloc or should we try to get closer?" Gaven frowns, "As much as I hate goblins, I don't think we can take on a large squad."

"Companions, I am troubled," says Varros. "Unless I am mistaken, that smoke comes directly from the area of Timm's farm." Varros looks grim as we continues, "Gaven, you are right my friend, our chances are slim against a host of goblins." Varros then speaks Karnak's name loudly and firmly and mimics his cry, while readying a reward for the bird. "We must act now, I am sending Karnak as soon as he collects his pay. I trust his instincts in this."

Varros suggest the possibility of backtracking to meet the incoming forces and while doing so making a decision as to either join them or go back to town. He also indicates that a course directly back to the inn overland to warn those within is another option.

"We should definitely keep our distance from the Goblin host," adds Duran. "However, I think it may be wise to at least keep them in sight or just out of sight to monitor their movements. If that is the farm there is nothing we can do to help now. We should be able to move faster then the goblin host if they come our way. When the Captain arrives I have no problem helping out in the battle."

Oloc says: "Friends, I trust your judgement in this matter. Surely with this amount of smoke the fire must be large indeed, which means there is likely little we can do." He looks back to the south. "But should we return to the Willis' farm and inform them?"

The hurried discussion results in several options being laid out. Watching the smoke, and thinking of the other small farms at stake, you know you'll need to make a decision quickly.

OOC: Actions?

Just to sum up:

Varros intends to send Karnak back to Captain Belloc right away. In addition, the following courses of action have been proposed:

1. Stay on the goblin host, to monitor their movements, keeping an eye on them from a safe distance.
2. Backtrack toward Fairbrook to meet the guard as they come north to deal with the goblins.
3. Head back to the Willis farm to warn Ned and Tom.
4. Head back to the Northstar to warn Harlon and anyone else there.

Option 1 would almost certainly exclude the possibility of also doing options 2-4, unless the party is split.
Options 2-4 could be done in succession, (the most "economical" order in terms of time being 3-4-2) though of course doing all of that would take some hours and take you off the Belloc's probable line of march.

And of course you could do some lesser combination of options 2-4 (only two of them, or even only one).


  1. Oloc - Mage

    ooc: I would suggest 3-4-2. We can try and convince Ned and Tom to come with us to the Northstar. Then we can move out to try and intercept Belloc.

  2. Varros - fighter

    I agree with Oloc. We should try to convince everyone to move south to avoid danger and meet Belloc.

  3. Duran - Fighter

    Duran realize they completed the task assigned to them agrees with the others to head back and warn the others.

  4. Gaven - cleric

    Nods in agreement with the rest of the group.

  5. OOC: Professer P, I got Gaven's nod in my email but it's not here. Just thought I'd let you know.

    1. OOC: Copy/Paste from email

      "Gaven - cleric

      Nods in agreement with the rest of the group."