Saturday, May 12, 2012

Speaking discreetly to the party Varros says, "Companions, we all have our goals and to further those I propose we make a name for ourselves, I suggest, The Free Company." Varros looks them each in the eye and continues, "Gaven, trading on our name will only bring further money to the church, as well as renown..." turning and smiling to Olec, Varros continues, "Olec, my friend, many tomes, wands and training are more easily obtained with coin, correct?." Looking to Duran, Varros claps him on the shoulder and with a wink continues, "Duran, brother in arms, I know not your aspirations yet, but I know that gold and experience cannot help but to further them! I may just be able to repay your expertise with the bow, perhaps I can help you to master the elegant dance of the longsword."

"As for myself, revenge can be a powerful motivator..." Varros shrugs, "Trading on a name will most certainly serve all our aims."

"Your suggestion is a fine one," says the Mage in response to Varros' suggestion. "I am with you – even if you still do not know my name," he adds with a wink. "And I agree let us be on our way."

Gaven nods at Varros' words.

Duran replies: "That sounds like a fine name Varros, but then I am not much for making up names. As for me I just want to see the world and hear the whistle of my arrows flying through the air."

With a grin Duran continues:  "I think we should proceed on to the location we were tasked with scouting. If we do not find anything there perhaps we can follow up with this farmer before reporting back to the Captain."

The dark men at the corner table stand up having completed their meal. They drop a few coins on the table, nod at Harlon, then at Varros, and make their way toward the door.

With a smile to the group, Gaven stands up to address the three shady fellows leaving the inn.

"Good morning fellow travelers. Since it is dangerous times, perhaps we can travel together. Which direction are you heading?"

Oloc watches intently as Gaven addresses the fellows heading for the door. They certainly look suspicious to the Mage, and silently he begins to recall in his mind the words which form his spell of charming.

The three men pause, and the one who raised his mug earlier responds to Gaven. "Your offer is generous, but we are in a hurry to get to Fairbrook, and we will no doubt move faster on our own. Good day to you gentlemen."

The group begin to turn to make their way out the door.


OOC: Actions?


  1. Gaven - cleric

    After the three men depart, Gaven turns to the group and says, "Rude, untrustworthy fellows. Normally, I would want to follow them to determine their intentions, but we have a more immediate concern to address."

    Gaven pulls out Belloc's map and goes to Harlon. "Master Harlon, we have a map of the area that is rather lacking. Would you be able to help fill it in? Particularly the farm and ruins you mentioned and any other structures or areas of interest to the locals - settlements, woods, hills, caves, etc. that a group of goblins can set camp." Gaven lays out 2 gold coins to entice Harlon to help.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    OOC: Duran will continue to urge the group to leave to continue their scouting mission and following up with the farmer if they find nothing.

    Also I will have limited computer access until Wed. night so I am not sure when I can post next. If you don't hear from me again then just move on. Duran will do what the majority decides to do. If it comes to combat remember he enjoys using his longbow :)

  3. Varros - Fighter

    "Agreed Gaven. Unsavory indeed and just what I feared, however, only the gods themselves know their motives." Varros looks closely at Harlon when he comes to the table and matches Gaven's three gold and says, "Inkeep Harlon, this could be your lucky day, just between new friends, what do you know of the three gentlemen that just departed, maybe you overheard a snippet or two, or perhaps they are regulars? I'm sure Captain Belloc would like to know of any aid you give us as well. I'm sure that with a kind word he might send a few more patrols this way," Varros pauses, "for a vigilant friend that is..."

    OOC: As Varros talks to Harlon he will drop the traveller guise and assume the mantle of a trained swordsman.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc frowns a bit as the men leave without engaging in conversation. Perhaps they could have shed more light on the ruins. Eager to be on the road again, the mage will wait patiently as Varros converses with Harlon.