Monday, May 7, 2012

Thursday 5 July 1280, Mid-Morning (Approaching the Inn)

Continuing toward the fork, you are led by the highway past a small field of tall, wild brush, maybe four to five feet high, that reaches right up to the west edge of the road. As you approach it, the brush rustles and sways as if something is moving within. You also hear a sporadic chatter-like clicking sound. Karnak continues to circle above you, either not noticing anything about the field of brush, or else not concerned.

"What in the world is that," Oloc exclaims. He draws his dagger and moves cautiously to the other side of the road. The mage points towards the brush. "Sounds like some overgrown insect - or worse."

Gaven looks with disinterest towards the brush, "There can't be goblins in such brush. We have a mission to complete, let's head to the inn to gather some intelligence."

"Make haste. To the inn. Quickly," says Varros, who positions himself at the rear of the party and readies his new bow, anxious, he faces the brush and protects the group's back as they head toward the inn. As he does this he speaks loudly but firmly, "Karnak...Scout!"

Taking an arrow from his quiver Duran readies his bow while scanning the area around them. He then quickly moves with the others toward the inn.

The raven continues his gentle looping flight above the party's path of advance. Whether he understood Varros' command, or whether this is the raven's manner of scouting, you cannot say. He simply flies as he has done all along.

Whatever was in the brush remains hidden within, and you press toward the inn unmolested. In another five minutes you find yourselves on the porch of a large, two-story brick building with a slate roof. A wooden sign reads "Northstar Inn."

Entering, you find yourself in a cozy, wood-paneled common room. There are five other travelers seated here. Two haflings – one male, one female, sit at a table near a window enjoying the sunshine, and three men speak quietly at a table in a dark, shadowy corner. As you quickly eye the guests, a burly dwarf in an apron comes out of a back room with a large, laden tray. After setting it on the table of the men in the corner, he turns to approach you.

"Good day, good day, gentlemen!" He wipes his hands in his apron. "Welcome to the Northstar Inn. I'm Harlon Blocker, the proprietor. What can I do for you?

OOC: Actions?

As usual, please give me a list of any questions you'd like to ask Harlon or the guests.

If you wish to simply have a drink/light meal, the cost is so small we'll ignore it and just say it's tossed somewhere in there the next time you spend the night somewhere (here or elsewhere) and pay the standard "cost of living."

If you wish to buy a round of drinks, the standard 1 gp for the round applies.


  1. Varros - Fighter

    "Thank you for the warm welcome Harlon. I believe a round of drinks is in order, I myself need one at least as we received quite a scare about a quarter mile back up the road!" Varros goes on to relate the story of the noise and embellishes a bit by also claiming to have seen a lone Goblin on the road earlier in the day. Shuddering he bemoans the fact that the roads are not safe to travel as of late, "Why a well met traveller earlier even told me that there are fantastic ruins near the kings road that are the home of an evil Necromancer and his fiendish retinue!"

    OOC; Varros will do his best to continue to seem a non threatening traveller. He will carefully assess the three male patrons and the halflings attempting to take note of their weapons, armor, and general demeanor. He will also attempt to hear any snippets of conversation. Varros will also stand the room to two additional rounds but will not consume enough himself to become intoxicated. He will maintain his frightened traveller persona unless one of the other party members breaks character.

  2. Duran - Fighter

    Duran follows Varros lead and greets Harlon in turn. "Thank you Harlon I could use something to soothe my parched throat. Any news about the road ahead from fellow travelers?"

    OOC: Taking his drink Duran will settle into a seat with a view of the room and see what he can see and overhear.

  3. Gaven - cleric

    Seeing varros' act, Gaven greets Harlan and asks for some ale and meat. He'll sit quietly and careful to hide his plate while waiting to see how Harlan and the other patrons react.

  4. Oloc - Mage

    Oloc listens on intently as Varros takes the lead in greeting Harlon. Once the time is right, he will try and add a few questions himself.

    Does the proprietor have (or know someone who has):

    - Any word or sign of goblin activity in the area?
    - Any information of the ruins or the dungeons beneath?
    - Know of anyone who has ventured to the ruins (and returned)?